Samantha Wilson

Samantha Wilson has spent her entire life on and around boats, from tiny sailing dinghies all the way up to superyachts. She writes for many boating and yachting publications, top charter agencies, and some of the largest travel businesses in the industry, combining her knowledge and passion of boating, travel and writing to create topical, useful and engaging content.

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Thumb sea ray spx 230

21st Feb 2024

Best Lake Boat Brands for Fishing, Cruising, and Watersports

Whether it’s watersports, family days out, fishing, or weekend cruising, there are many different types of lake ...
Thumb axopar 28 cabin

14th Feb 2024

Axopar 28 Cabin Review: A Rugged & Versatile Weekend Cruiser

Axopar likes to stand out from the crowd, and the center console 28 Cabin is no exception.
Thumb boats shows events

11th Mar 2019

The Top 10 Boat Shows to Visit in 2024

With a packed schedule that spans the world’s greatest yachting capitals, there are plenty of shows to visit. He...
Thumb image 1 aluminum welded construction methods. photo credit tampa welding

1st Feb 2024

Aluminum vs Fiberglass Boats: Which is Best and Why?

The discussion of whether aluminum or fiberglass is best for boat building tends to focus on smaller vessels, wh...
Thumb regal 28 express

31st Jan 2024

Regal 28 Express Review, An Elegant and Robust Pocket Sports Cruiser

The first 28 Express was launched by the U.S. brand Regal in 2012 to great acclaim.
Thumb sea ray 230 sundancer credit rightboat seller

18th Jan 2024

Sea Ray 230 Sundancer Review: Features, Performance and Tech Specs

The hugely popular 230 from Sea Ray’s Sundancer range is the epitome of a racy, fun sports cruiser.
Thumb 1. bayliner vr5

17th Jan 2024

Bayliner VR5 Review, A Bigger 20-Footer

If you’re looking for clever use of space in an easily towable bowrider, then Bayliner’s V-hull VR5 should certa...
Thumb image 1 corsair marine  1

18th Dec 2023

Best Trailerable Sailboat Brands to Cruise or Race

Being able to trailer your sailboat opens up many possibilities, from cost-saving boat storage solutions to bein...
Thumb image 2 raider boats 250 searaider  1   1

14th Dec 2023

The Best Pilothouse Power Boat Brands Extend the Boating Season

Pilothouse boats are not a new design, and these sturdy vessels hold their origins in the workhorse fishing boat...
Thumb boat inspection checklist

19th Jan 2024

Boat Inspection Checklist: How to Inspect a Boat Before Buying

Conducting inspections and knowing what to look for when buying a used boat are vital.
Thumb 8 ways to increase your boat value

30th Mar 2021

9 Ways on How to Increase the Value of Your Boat

Let’s take a look at eight creative ways you can bolster your boat’s value, whether it’s a sailboat, motorboat, ...
Thumb mainpic2

15th Nov 2017

How to Prepare My Boat for Sale

When it comes time to sell your boat, a bit of effort in getting it ready goes a really long way towards getting...
Thumb chris craft launch 27

2nd Dec 2023

The Best Boat Brands by Category

From fishing boats to yachts and everything in between, the boating world is one of the largest recreational mar...
Thumb boat mooring

9th Mar 2023

Used Boat Values: A Guide to Pricing Your Boat

If it’s time to sell your boat then the first step in the sales process is to figure out how much it’s worth. Se...
Thumb marina boats

23rd Feb 2023

Best Places to Sell Your Boat: Exploring Your Options

Whatever your reason for selling your boat, you need to figure out the best place to sell a boat. Thankfully the...
Thumb image 2 kawasaki sx r

26th Nov 2023

Best Jet Ski Brands: The Big Three & The Challengers

The unmistakable buzz of a jet ski is something we all recognize on a day out to the beach or lake. They are sta...
Thumb 4. beneteau swift trawler 41

16th Nov 2023

Best Trawler Yacht Brands for Bluewater Adventures

The rise of the trawler yacht is one of the most exciting developments in the boating industry in decades. Here ...
Thumb boston whaler

15th Nov 2023

Best Ocean Boats: Types and Brands to Buy

What makes a good ocean boat? It’s a valid question, commonly asked, but as with many boating questions, there i...
Thumb paperwork

10th Nov 2023

Paperwork and Taxes When Selling a Boat

Selling your boat can be an emotional experience; In this article, we guide you on organizing paperwork and hand...
Thumb monohull vs multihull

19th Jan 2024

Multihull vs Monohull. The Great Debate

It’s one of the greatest debates amongst sailing enthusiasts - multihull or monohull? In recent decades, multihu...
Thumb marine surveys

19th Jan 2024

Types of Marine Surveys: Pre-Purchase, Condition and Damage Survey

You may have heard of a marine survey being part of the boat buying process. But what does it actually entail?
Thumb tahoe fishing

30th Oct 2023

Best Deck Boat Brands: A Guide to On-Water Adventures

Deck boats are one of the most versatile types of small- to mid-sized boats on the market, offering great fun, p...
Thumb sailing yachts white sails in open sea

22nd Sep 2023

Types of Sailboats: Dive into the World of Sailboats

There are many types of sailboats for sale, so before you venture down the road of buying your first sailboat, i...
Thumb yacht and sailing yachts in saint tropez

27th Oct 2023

The Top 15 Questions You Should Ask When Buying a New or Used Boat

Buying a boat is an exciting time, but it can also feel daunting. How do you know you’re buying the right boat? ...
Thumb yacht maintenance cost

19th Jan 2024

Yacht Maintenance Cost. The Real Costs of Owning a Superyacht

While superyachts were always highly sought after commodities, the idea of escaping the crowds, exploring off-th...
Thumb fountaine pajot

22nd Oct 2023

Best Cruising Catamaran Brands on the Market Today

Today, big, spacious, safe, seaworthy catamarans are gracing the oceans in ever increasing numbers, and their po...
Thumb megayacht

12th Oct 2023

Mega Yacht vs Superyacht: Unraveling the Differences

Superyacht vs. megayacht—the definitions are oft-debated, and industry professionals have yet to fully agree. Bu...
Thumb beneteau first 27

12th Oct 2023

11 Best Small Sailboat Brands: How to Choose Your Next Daysailer or Pocket Cruiser

There are many excellent brands and models of small sailboat, each with their own appeal, and here we narrow dow...
Thumb spx 190

12th Nov 2021

10 of the Best Small Motor Boat Brands

Whether you’re looking for a weekend cruiser, a sporty motorboat, a nifty RIB, or a sturdy fishing boat, differe...
Thumb us uk eu flags

22nd Mar 2021

Importing Used Boats: Taxes, VAT and Everything You Need to Know

If you’re planning on buying a used boat, it’s vital that you understand the boat tax laws that apply to it, bot...
Thumb rib boats

22nd Jan 2024

Best RIB Boats. Explore Our Top Models!

The term RIB or RHIB is simply an acronym for Rigid (Hulled) Inflatable Boat. Many sailors begin their seafaring...
Thumb alex55

20th Mar 2018

9 Best Party Boats to Buy

One of the greatest joys of boat ownership is to gather together your close friends and family and head out to s...
Thumb sailing catamaran anchored caribbean bahamas turquoise water sunset

17th Aug 2023

Why More and More Sailors Choose Catamarans Over Monohulls

Look around most any marina with sailboats and you’ll notice a very different picture to a decade or two back. I...
Thumb boat accident

16th Aug 2023

What Type of Boat Insurance Do I Need?

Boating is a safe and fun activity but, like anything else in life, when things go wrong it’s important that you...
Thumb boat collision

11th Aug 2023

How to Avoid Colliding with Another Boat, Causing Injury, Wrecking Your Boat, an...

Avoiding a collision when boating is among the most important responsibilities as captain of your vessel. So wha...
Thumb houseboats and yachts are moored in goehren lebbin  germany

10th Aug 2023

Living on a Houseboat: Is It Right for Your Family?

A houseboat offers an idyllic lifestyle, where nature is all around, there is deep sense of community, and you f...
Thumb riva aquariva boat

31st Jan 2023

Small Luxury Boats with a Difference

Traditionally, luxury yachts were superyachts, and even when we refer to a ‘small’ superyacht’ we are discussing...
Thumb geirangerfjord

17th Jul 2023

Extraordinary Destinations for Electric Boats Only

From the small fishing lakes that dot the United States, to wildlife refuges, marine sanctuaries, reservoirs, an...
Thumb luxury boats

20th May 2021

How to Choose the Right Boat

Whether you’re buying a used boat or a brand new one, the considerations will be the same, and here we take a lo...
Thumb yacht speed on the water

25th Jul 2023

Boat Speed Limits: How Fast You Should be Going?

Driving a boat and driving a car are very different and the mechanics and skills for driving each vary considera...
Thumb charisma  1

21st Jul 2023

What Is a Good Boat Name? 150 of the Best Boat Names

Naming your boat is one the most fun and enjoyable parts of new boat ownership. Here we have chosen some of our ...
Thumb boston whaler 280 dauntless

26th May 2023

Best Center Console Boat Brands: Top Picks for Midsize Models

Center console boats are by far the top selling boat in the United States, and popular all over the world. Here ...
Thumb yacht

7th Jul 2023

How Much Does a Yacht Cost?

We hear the question, “How much does a yacht cost?” on a regular basis, and it’s a difficult one to answer. The ...
Thumb ski boat  1   1

22nd Mar 2023

Best Fish and Ski Boats: The Ultimate Guide

Once upon a time, boaters had to choose between a fishing boat that they tried to ski from, or a watersports boa...
Thumb sailboat blue sea

7th Oct 2021

15 Reasons You Should Buy a Boat

Buying a boat is a big and exciting decision, but one that you probably won’t be making lightly. If you are sitt...
Thumb wakeboard boat lake

27th Jun 2023

The Best Wake Boat Brands for the Money

Today’s best wake boat brands work hard to design their boats with extreme precision so they create the perfect ...
Thumb marina boats

23rd Oct 2017

Boat Storage: Ways of Storing Your Boat Year Round

Owning a boat requires decisions, not only at the helm but when planning where to keep the boat all year ‘round....
Thumb fishing sea sunset ocean

14th Jun 2023

The Best Small Fishing Boat Brands

There is a huge selection of small boats for fishing, from paddle-powered kayaks up to small aluminum fishing bo...
Thumb sailing yacht sunset

13th May 2019

Is Living on a Boat Right for You? The Pros and Cons of Living on a Boat

It makes for excellent dinner party conversation when you announce that you live on a boat. You will see people’...
Thumb marlow hunter 18

25th Mar 2023

Choosing the Best Beginner Sailboat

Sailing dates back thousands of years and is still one of the best-loved pastimes across the world. Learning to ...
Thumb starcraft pontoon exs 5

27th May 2023

Best Affordable Pontoon Boat Brands Priced Under $30,000

The trusty float boat is a common feature on the lakes and coasts in summer, and while it’s always been popular,...
Thumb man sailboat laptop

26th May 2023

How Long Can You Finance a Boat?

It’s very common to use a boat loan or marine financing to buy a new or used boat. In this article, we’ll take a...
Thumb bass boat

31st Mar 2023

The Best Aluminum Bass Boats on the Market Today

Compact, sturdy, flat-bottomed and well-equipped with fishing gear sums up the hugely popular bass boats. Bass b...
Thumb mainpic

1st Dec 2017

Marine Insurance Guide: What’s Best for Your Boat

Arranging boat insurance might be one of the least glamorous parts of buying a boat, but it’s vital that you hav...
Thumb kolumbus santa maria

12th Apr 2019

The Top 10 Famous Classic Ships in History

Every ship that travels, has a story to tell. More the people on it, more are the stories and many more are the ...
Thumb 10 creative ways to make money with your boat

2nd Oct 2020

How to Make Money with Your Boat, 10 Creative Ways

There is no getting around the fact that to take care of a boat properly costs money. So what if there was a way...
Thumb paperwork man marina

4th May 2023

Buying a Boat Paperwork and Taxes

Once you’ve chosen your boat and you’re ready to sign on that dotted line, it’s time to arrange the required pap...
Thumb how to create a dazzling boat interior

7th Oct 2020

Boat Interior Restoration: How to Create a Dazzling Boat Interior?

If you’re thinking about Buying a Project Boat, then no doubt you will have started daydreaming about the beauti...
Thumb man on a boat with laptop

27th Apr 2023

How to Finance a Boat, Loan Terms Explained

There are several points to consider before taking out a boat loan—starting with the types of loan available, th...
Thumb boats marina

24th Apr 2023

Types of Boats: A Comprehensive Guide

Navigating the terminology and classification of different types of boats can be tricky, however, and it helps t...
Thumb boat license

17th Apr 2023

How To Get a Boating License? A Guide to Boating Safety Courses and Licenses

Getting a boat license is, in many parts of the world, a legal necessity before you can operate your vessel, and...
Thumb 9 mistakes to avoid when buying a boat

16th Nov 2020

First Time Boat Buyer Mistakes: 9 to Avoid When Buying a Boat

There is no doubt about it that buying a boat is a major purchase, and not something to be rushed into. Talk to ...
Thumb boats to live on pic

21st May 2019

Best Boat for Seniors: A Guide to Retiring on a Boat

Retirement is a time to focus on you. The kids have flown the nest, work is a thing of the past, and you have en...
Thumb caring for wooden boat

2nd Oct 2017

Wooden Boat Care and Maintenance

There are basically three options for care and maintenance: dry dock your boat every winter and have a shipwrigh...
Thumb 30m

4th Apr 2018

3 Simple Ways To Keep Your Boat Looking As Good As New

It’s often said that a bad day on the water is better than a good day in the office, but what about the days whe...
Thumb boat show

20th Mar 2023

The Real Costs of Owning a Boat

If you’re considering buying a boat it’s an exciting time, but you’ll likely have many questions. What kind of b...
Thumb port golden hour

11th Mar 2023

Living on a Sailboat: Is it Right for You?

Living on a sailboat full time is a major lifestyle change, but one which can bring untold happiness and adventu...
Thumb boat view from above

3rd Mar 2023

Best Yacht Brands: Discovering the Top Choices Today

Yachting is big business, and reports state that in the United States alone the recreational boating industry is...
Thumb sea ray 240 sundancer sport boat 2008

11th Nov 2015

Sea Ray 240 Sundancer Review

A versatile family bowrider for weekend cruising or water sports that will provide hours and hours of fun.
Thumb houseboat

14th Feb 2023

The Best Boats to Live On Full Time

So what are the options when it comes to living on a boat? From static houseboats to easily movable sailboats an...
Thumb boat on a lake

9th Feb 2023

The Most Popular Types of Lake Boats

The type of lake boat you choose to buy will depend very much on your choice of activity, and the choices are as...
Thumb mainpic

9th Nov 2017

Steps to Buying a Used Boat

It might be logical to assume that buying a boat is not so vastly different to buying a car. Yet the maritime wo...
Thumb beneteau denison

13th Mar 2018

Do You Need a Licence to Sail a Boat in the US?

In previous articles we’ve considered the question do you need a boat licence to sail a boat in the UK and in Eu...
Thumb mainpic

21st Feb 2018

Do You Need a License to Sail a Boat in the UK?  

It’s probably one of the first questions you’ll ask yourself when you’re considering buying a boat. “Do you need...
Thumb sanlorenzo sl106 2017 for sale liguria italy 001

3rd Jun 2019

Top 10 Best Yachts with Helipads

The world’s superyachts are the most opulent, luxurious and downright impressive machines ever built.
Thumb small cruising sailboat

19th Jan 2023

Best Blue Water Sailboats Under 40 Feet

Making long, open sea voyages such as crossing the oceans requires a boat that is solidly-built and can tackle h...
Thumb invincible 42 open fisherman

16th Jan 2023

The Best Luxury Center Console Boats Over 40 Feet

Designed around deep sea fishing, everything about the center console is robust, fast and adventurous, but witho...
Thumb biggest boats in the world 2021

25th Nov 2021

The Biggest Boats in the World

Boats are a fascinating and centuries-old invention. From the smallest RIBS and Jon boats to the very largest su...
Thumb boat engine

13th Jan 2023

How to Winterize a Boat Motor: A Step-by-Step Guide

For many boaters in the northern hemisphere there comes a time in the fall when we have to admit that it’s time ...
Thumb stoarage on a boat

10th Jan 2023

Storage on a Boat: Ways to Stay Organized on Your Boat

Whether you own a wake boat, a houseboat, a fishing boat, or anything in-between, being tidy on your boat is not...
Thumb thumb caring for wooden boat

30th Dec 2022

Types of Classic Wooden Boats

Classic wooden boat ownership trains the soul in a way that no modern craft can. Tolerance, decisiveness and coo...
Thumb freshwater boat

19th Dec 2022

Saltwater vs Freshwater Boats: FAQs

If you’re thinking about buying a boat, you’ll probably have some idea of the places you’ll be using it. You mig...
Thumb historic ship

19th Dec 2022

The UK’s Best Historic Ships to Visit this Winter

With your boat all tucked up for winter it can be a long wait for spring when that boating wanderlust is nigglin...
Thumb beneteau flyer 8 8 sundeck 2017 for sale southampton united kingdom

27th Aug 2019

Best Runabouts to Hit the Water in 2019

Runabout is a humble term for the style of a boat which is anything but simple. It is used to encompass many dif...
Thumb image1edit

13th Mar 2018

Do You Need a Licence to Sail a Boat in Europe?

No matter how tempting it is just to simply nip over to France for a day trip without any documentation, it is v...
Thumb christmas gift ideas thumb

24th Nov 2022

The Best Christmas Gifts for Boat Owners

Here at we’re passionate about all things boating, and so when it comes time to making our Christm...
Thumb suba diving boat

17th Nov 2022

Scuba Diving from Your Boat: What you Need to Know

There are so many fun activities you can do from your boat, from waterskiing to fishing, snorkelling to scuba di...
Thumb superyacht thumb  2

26th Jul 2022

The Superyacht Industry in 2022

It is now mid-way through the 2022 yachting season and the industry is full speed ahead. With bulging order book...
Thumb sanlorenzo sl96a 2021 for sale singapore 001  1

26th May 2022

Superyachts 101: All Your Questions Answered

There is something fascinating about superyachts. Their size, glamour and innovation pique our curiosity and, fo...
Thumb med superyacht destinations

25th May 2022

The Best Mediterranean Superyacht Itineraries: Part 1

Whether it’s getting-off-the-beaten path and discovering isolated beaches and remote coves, being in the thick o...
Thumb yacht charter thumb

10th May 2022

A Guide to Spotting the World’s Largest and Most Astounding Superyachts

Superyachts are the pinnacle of boat design, and for most boat-lovers, setting eyes on these incredible behemoth...
Thumb secret superyacht destinations

25th Apr 2022

Secret Superyacht Destinations

There are many yacht locations worldwide which sit at the top of the best superyacht destinations list. The Fren...
Thumb eco thumb

17th Mar 2022

Eco-Friendly Superyachts – Oxymoron or Revolutionary Innovation?

The planet is in peril, and superyacht owners are on the frontline in the development of new technologies. Susta...
Thumb rhino main

17th Mar 2022

Meet the Superyachts of Below Deck

The US TV show Below Deck has become a global hit as it follows the crews of superyachts as they navigate the hi...
Thumb how to take your dog boating article

25th Feb 2022

Boating with Dogs: Essential Tips

Dogs are the loved members of the family, so one of the best things in life is dogs and the ocean. In Life, it's...
Thumb boating with kids how to keep them safe article

9th Feb 2022

Boat Safety for Kids: Tips on How to Keep them Safe

Boating is one of the most fun and healthy family activities there is, and all across the world parents and thei...
Thumb boating in mallorca where to go and when article

17th Jan 2022

Boating in Mallorca: Where to go and when

Whether you cruise your own boat to this Mediterranean gem or charter a boat in Mallorca, you’ll be greeted with...
Thumb buying a cheap boat is it a good idea article

4th Jan 2022

Buying a Cheap Boat: Is it a good idea?

Boats are luxury items and anyone making such a major purchase is keen to get the very best price they can. We a...
Thumb the history of recreational boating article

22nd Oct 2021

The History of Boating

Boats have always played an important role in history. The human desire to explore further saw our ancestors bui...
Thumb how much does it cost to charter a boat

12th May 2021

How Much Does it Cost to Charter a Boat

Chartering a boat is a dream holiday. Whether you choose a bareboat sailing vacation, a crewed catamaran or a lu...
Thumb what to expect on your very first yacht charter on a yacht holiday

26th Apr 2021

A Day on a Yacht Holiday: What to Expect on Your Very First Yacht Charter

A Yacht Holiday is the epitome of relaxation, fun, and pampering, with a great dollop of adventure. For first-ti...
Thumb 8 best sailing holiday destinations in the world

6th Apr 2021

8 of the Best Sailing Holiday Destinations in the World

A sailing holiday brings with it endless possibilities and the opportunity to truly get to know a landscape. Fro...
Thumb 10 best usa thumb

26th Feb 2021

Top 10 Best Places for Boating in the United States

There are few countries in the world with the diversity of the United States. Find out the top 10 US destination...
Thumb everything you wanted to know about chartering a yacht

25th Feb 2021

Booking Your Dream Yacht Charter Holidays FAQs

Yacht charter holidays are one of the most unforgettable and special experiences. Setting sail along some of the...
Thumb know how to stop boat from sinking

9th Feb 2021

How to Stop Your Boat from Sinking

When it comes to boat ownership, preventing your boat from sinking is most likely your very top concern.
Thumb get most out of your yacht charter

9th Nov 2020

How to Get the Most Out of Your Yacht Charter

A luxury yacht charter is the pinnacle of vacations. Everything is designed for your comfort and enjoyment, from...
Thumb how to charter

15th Oct 2020

How to Charter a Boat – Your Questions Answered

Could there be anything more relaxing than bobbing on the open ocean (or lake, canal or river) on a beautiful bo...
Thumb how to make your boat pay for you

25th Sep 2020

How to Charter Your Boat and Make Money

Buying a boat is an act of passion. A love for the sea, the sense of freedom you feel when sailing, and the spor...
Thumb transporting a boat from a to b

18th Sep 2020

Boat Transport: A Guide to Getting Your Boat from A to B

How to get a boat from A to B seems like a trick question…don’t we simply sail it there? Of course, the main poi...
Thumb houseboat luxury on the water

11th Sep 2020

Luxury On the Water: The New Breed of Houseboat

Here at we’ve always found it fascinating just what the word ‘leisure boat’ can mean.
Thumb is it worth to buy a project boat

25th Aug 2020

Buying a Project Boat…is it Really Worth it?

There is something so alluring about the idea of bringing an old, tired second hand boat back to its former glory.
Thumb british virgin islands chartering attractions

19th Jun 2020

Must Visit Islands When Chartering In The BVI

Bordering the aquamarine waters of the broad Sir Francis Drake Channel, the British Virgin Islands are made up o...
Thumb 10 greek islands to explore article

10th Jun 2020

10 Greek Islands to Explore after Lockdown

We hope that from early July travel restrictions will have been lifted and you'll no longer have to quarantine o...
Thumb discover cuba the untouched carribbean

15th May 2020

Discover CUBA! The untouched Caribbean

Located only 90 miles from Key west Florida, Cuba is the westernmost island of the Greater Antilles and is the b...
Thumb boating in the uk is back in business

14th May 2020

Boating in the UK is back in Business! At last some positive news!

When you decide to make the trip to your beloved motorboat, sailing yacht or catamaran, here’s a handy checklist...
Thumb must visit croatian destinations article

1st May 2020

Must Visit Croatian Destinations

A small insight into some of the destinations that make the Dalmatian coast and it's famous islands Croatia's mo...
Thumb the greek isles amer ica 10 days chartering itinerary

17th Apr 2020

Luxury 92ft Motor Yacht 'AMER-ICA' 10 Day Suggested Itinerary 

Rightboat has put together a taster of some of the amazing experiences a 10-day charter would include aboard one...
Thumb yacht club thumb

17th Apr 2020

Should I join a Boat or Yacht club?

There are all different types of clubs that can get you absorbed into the exciting world of boating.
Thumb first time boater thumb

14th Apr 2020

I’m a first time boater - what qualifications do I need?

Undertaking sailing courses is a great way to build confidence, spend time on the water with an experienced inst...
Thumb antigua the true gem of yacht chartering in the caribbean

31st Mar 2020

Antigua the True Gem of Yacht Chartering in the Caribbean

Has Antigua become one of the forgotten gems of yacht chartering in the Caribbean?
Thumb an introduction to chartering

19th Mar 2020

Introduction to chartering

New to Chartering or exploring options? Here’s everything you need to know about chartering a boat.
Thumb dartmouth

12th Mar 2020

UK Charters - Where to Charter in the UK?

With so much attention focused on chartering in the Mediterranean or Caribbean, have we forgotten how beautiful ...
Thumb carpe

6th Mar 2020

What is a Gulet? What is it like to charter one?

A Gulet is a classic wooden motor sailing yacht usually built-in Bodrum or Marmaris on the southwestern coast of...
Thumb t8 pic p1 3

7th Feb 2020

World premiere of Nimbus T8

A multifunctional, well equipped and fast day boat intended for day-to-day activities and water sports, with ove...
Thumb boesch 100

6th Feb 2020


In 2020 Boesch Motorboote AG celebrate their 100th anniversary. On this occasion, boat lovers can look forward t...
Thumb why winter is a great time to buy

5th Dec 2019

What's the best time to buy a boat? Buying a boat in winter

When it comes to buying a boat, whether new or used, the warmer spring and summer months are the most popular ti...
Thumb bian ye nvgen21pruk unsplash

7th Nov 2019

Winter Sailing Gear: What to Wear to Keep Warm

The winter stretches out for months in many parts of the world, and that’s a whole lot of time to have your boat...
Thumb annie spratt tr bv5llxty unsplash

24th Oct 2019

Best 15 Winter Boating Tips

Winter cruising is hugely rewarding, the low sun, flat sparkling seas and deserted cruising grounds opening up t...
Thumb cash coins currency 40140

3rd Oct 2019

Why Are Boats So Expensive?

Anyone who has ever thought of buying a boat has experienced the inevitable sharp intake of breath when they fir...
Thumb bow river canada forest 219972

17th Jul 2019

8 of the Best River Journeys in the USA

The rivers of the United States have always held a certain romance about them. Mark Twain once wrote about the m...
Thumb businessmen collaboration cooperation 886465

3rd Jul 2019

How to Negotiate a New Boat Price

Buying a boat is the start of an exciting journey. Once you’ve made the decision to buy – whether new or used – ...
Thumb nomad article 2 thumb

18th Jun 2019


Nomad 75 SUV, Dubai Moon has arrived in Cyprus, completing its epic voyage all the way from Dubai.
Thumb nomad 2

14th May 2019


As part of his summer cruise up to and around the Mediterranean, one of our long standing owners has completed t...
Thumb oyster 565 2

8th May 2019

Oyster Yachts celebrates its return to glory with the launch of the Oyster 565

Thursday 10 May 2019 – LONDON – This evening, iconic blue-water yacht manufacturer Oyster Yachts will launch its...
Thumb bank banking blue 50987

29th Apr 2019

Best ways to finance a boat today

The way people are buying luxury items is changing. Gone are the days of needing the cash to buy dream cars, fan...
Thumb ferretti yachts 450 ds 45923 opt

25th Apr 2019

Ferretti 450 at UK shows in May

The remarkable Ferretti 450 45ft 3-cabin at Jersey and Ocean Village Boat Shows, May 2019
Thumb boat daylight greece 42112

23rd Apr 2019

How to Get into Sailing: A Beginner’s Guide

A beginner's guide on how to get into sailing is well explained here. Take a look at how you can embark on a new...
Thumb beach blue sky boat 533595

10th Apr 2019

Top 10 Innovations That Changed the Boating World

A man has always wanted to conquer the seas, to explore beyond the horizon. Yet dangers and hardships awaited th...
Thumb architecture boat bridge 227517

1st Apr 2019

The World’s Best Canal and River Boating Destinations

Cruising slowly along the inland waterways is one of the most magical ways to travel. Get the best World's canal...
Thumb kraken yachts 66 2017 for sale hamble and hong kong 001

22nd Mar 2019

Sailing Around the World: The Nuts and Bolts of Making the Dream a Reality

Sailing around the world is indeed more doable than many believed. It’s a dream so many of us ocean lovers hold....
Thumb legacy yachts 36 running

15th Mar 2019

Legacy Yachts: A Gentleman’s Cruising Boat

The classic Downeast-style boat has been a favorite among seasoned boaters since they were first introduced as a...
Thumb miami yacht show 2019 events

29th Jan 2019

New Expectations For The 2019 Miami Yacht Show

February 14th through the 18th - Miami Yacht Show (not to be confused with the Miami Boat Show at the Miami Mari...
Thumb schooner ship

13th Dec 2018

Prince Madoc - The 65ft custom-built schooner review

The Prince Madoc, a beautiful 65ft now available for purchase by auction in January 2019.
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1st May 2018

11 Best European Marinas

There’s no shortage of marinas in Europe and many, if not most are perfectly charming and worthwhile places to v...
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1st May 2018

Top 6 Sailing Safety Tips

We all love sailing. It’s challenging, exhilarating and relaxing. Nothing beats the spray in your face and the w...
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25th Apr 2018

Push The Boat Out This May

There’s something for everyone as RYA Push the Boat Out gives you the chance to try sailing and windsurfing for ...
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30th Jan 2018

Sailing at Night: Top Tips

The stillness of a star-lit sea on a cloudless night can be a contemplative adventure that distills the very ess...
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24th Jan 2018

Lagoon Catamarans - 2018 top Quality Cruising Catamarans

Lagoon - creating top quality cruising catamarans since 1984, with elegance, conviviality and safety at the hear...
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18th Dec 2017

Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBS) are they right for you?

The mighty RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) is a true power horse. Their strength and robustness has made them an inv...
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15th Dec 2017

Best of Boating in Mallorca

Mallorca has long been one of the yachting hubs of the Mediterranean. The largest of the four Balearics, Mallorc...
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14th Dec 2017

All About Princess Yachts

Princess Yachts - one of the leading and most highly esteemed manufacturers in the industry.
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8th Dec 2017

Top 21 Awesome Christmas Gifts for Sailors

Pens at the ready, it’s time to start writing those letters to Santa! Here’s our pick of the 21 best sailing pre...
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7th Dec 2017

Pre-Purchase Surveys: What You Need to Know

The question many new prospective boat buyers ask themselves in whether they need a pre-purchase survey. The ans...
Thumb manhattan4

5th Dec 2017

Sunseeker Range and Evolution

If ever there was a pioneer of the pleasure boat, then Sunseeker must be that icon. With their characteristic sl...
Thumb riva1

30th Nov 2017

Riva- The Ferrari of the Seas

The Riva Aquarama is arguably the most iconic boat in history. The luxurious Italian runabout simply oozes class...
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24th Nov 2017

The Greatest Ever Yacht Race- 1969 Sunday Times Golden Globe Race

Nine Would Leave, Eight Would Return, One Would Never Be Seen Again.
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20th Nov 2017

Top 5 Best Sailing Movies to Help Get You Through the Winter Lay-off

With the holiday season approaching and many sailors land-locked, why not curl up in front of the TV with a bag ...
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2nd Nov 2017

Greatest Sailors of All-time

Sure, everyone’s familiar with the Columbus, Sir Francis Drake and Captain Cook but when it comes to sailors of ...
Thumb transas isailor

13th Oct 2017

Top 13 Best Sailing Apps to Download Today

Whether you’re a day cruiser or hard-core racer, there’s an app out there that could help make your sailing life...
Thumb sunseeker history

5th Oct 2017

How Sunseeker Became the UK’s Premier Luxury Yacht Maker

Ask the average Joe on the street to name a luxury motor yacht manufacturer and the chance are they’ll pick Suns...
Thumb azimut 43

3rd Oct 2017

Azimut 43 Review

A flybridge yacht with comfortable twin-cabin accommodation for party cruising.
Thumb antifouling a boat made easy thumbnail

3rd Oct 2017

How to Antifoul a Boat: Step-By-Step Guide

Antifouling is simply an underwater hull paint applied to the outboard layer of a boat. Its purpose is to slow d...
Thumb mark williams

25th Jul 2017

Interview with Head of Global Sales at Kraken Yachts, Mark Williams

We caught up with Mark Williams, Head of Global Sales for Kraken Yachts at his newly opened office in Swanwick, ...
Thumb targa38 2b

1st Dec 2015

Fairline Targa 38 Review

Luxury power cruiser with sparkling performance, clean contemporary styling and elegant accommodation.
Thumb phantom 40 th2

1st Dec 2015

Fairline Phantom 40 Review

A spacious flybridge cruiser that combines performance and luxury in a family boat.
Thumb windy 37 grand mistral

1st Dec 2015

Windy 37 Grand Mistral Review

Versatile sports cruiser with legendary sea-keeping ability, combining traditional Norwegian craftsmanship with ...
Thumb familyfour1

1st Dec 2015

Shetland Family 4 Review

Compact, affordable family cruiser for rivers, canals, estuaries and inshore sailing.
Thumb broadblue 385

1st Dec 2015

Broadblue Voyager385 Review

Long distance cruiser offering ease of handling, absolute reliability and superb performance.
Thumb prout 45

26th Nov 2015

Prout 45 Review

Cruising catamaran balancing outstanding performance and simple short-handed cruising ability with luxury accomm...
Thumb sun od 45.2

26th Nov 2015

Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 45.2 Review

A luxury cruising yacht with a strong pedigree as a fast, comfortable boat for any conditions.
Thumb pandora mk1

26th Nov 2015

Pandora Mk1 Review

Small classic yacht from a master designer that offers sailing performance and comfort.
Thumb pegasus 700

26th Nov 2015

Pegasus 700 - Review

Safe, stable and spacious family yacht for inland waterways or coastal cruising.
Thumb jeaneau nc11 beauty

26th Nov 2015

Jeanneau NC11 Review

An innovative sports cruiser offering spacious accommodation that can be re-arranged to suit conditions.
Thumb jeanneau merry fisher 925

26th Nov 2015

Jeanneau Merry Fisher 925 Review

A versatile boat that makes a comfortable family cruiser, as well as an excellent fishing vessel.
Thumb beneteau antares 9.80

26th Nov 2015

Beneteau Antares 9.80 Review

A compact family flybridge cruiser that accommodates up to six people in style.
Thumb fairline squadron 58

26th Nov 2015

Fairline Squadron 58 Review

A luxurious flybridge cruiser offering reliable performance, comfort and sophisticated engineering.
Thumb sea ray sundeck 240

11th Nov 2015

Sea Ray 240 Sundeck Review

A spacious high-performance deck boat for cruising or water sports.
Thumb bavaria 38

11th Nov 2015

Bavaria 38 Review

Comfortable and strong cruising yacht with far better than average accommodation.
Thumb sunseeker manhattan 50

10th Nov 2015

Sunseeker Manhattan 50 Review

A luxury motor yacht built to an extremely high specification.
Thumb chris craft   corsair 28

9th Nov 2015

Chris-Craft Corsair 28 Review

A 2-person cuddy cabin boat that combines great looks with exciting performance and a solid build.
Thumb sessa c52

9th Nov 2015

Sessa C52 Review

A luxury hard-top cruiser offering spacious accommodation in three cabins.
Thumb cranchi 34

3rd Nov 2015

Cranchi Zaffiro 34 Review

A stylish Italian sports cruiser offering exciting performance, spacious accommodation and excellent seakeeping.
Thumb sunseekerportofino46.04

3rd Nov 2015

Sunseeker Portofino 46 Review

An express cruiser designed for comfort and speed with accommodation for six.
Thumb sealine s38 1573 p

28th Oct 2015

Sealine S38 Review

A sports cruiser offering great performance and spacious family accommodation.