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The Best Luxury Center Console Boats Over 40 Feet

The luxury center console boat has risen in popularity over the years to become one of the best loved and best-selling powerboats in the US. Designed around saltwater fishing, everything about the center console is robust, fast and adventurous, but without sacrificing on comfort. With a centrally positioned helm and open passageway on either side – as well as spacious, open decks at the stern and bow – they have plenty of space for casting and catching. With a hull designed to handle some seriously rough waters, high-performance outboard engines and, in the 40 foot range, even a cozy cabin, it is no wonder they are some of the best sport fishing boats on the market.

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In this article we’re going to take a look at:


The top manufacturers in the industry offer many models in varying sizes with a range of built-in fishing equipment and technology onboard. Here we’re going to focus on the luxury center console boats in the 40 foot plus range, looking at functionality, aesthetics, performance, comfort and builder reputation. With an average price of around $1 million, average cruising speeds of 35 mph, ranges of around 400 miles and a full 360-degree access to the water around the boat for reeling in that big one, they truly have it all. 


HCB Yachts

Photo credit: HCB Yachts


How to Choose the Best Luxury Center Console Boat

Buying a luxury center console boat – or any boat for that matter - is no small decision. It’s a huge investment that needs careful consideration to ensure it’s the right fit for your needs. Whether you choose to buy a new or used boat, the decision-making process will be the same. While it’s likely you won’t be new to boating if you’re investing in a center console boat over 40 feet, these are some things to consider when choosing your next boat.


Where and how do you plan to use your center console boat?

Center console boats are designed for serious fishing, but fishing isn’t the only use for your boat. Consider whether you want to entertain family and friends or enjoy overnight or weekend trips to help you decide on the size you’ll need. At this point also consider where you’ll be storing your boat both during the season and over the winter. Make sure your local marina has space for the size of the boat you want to buy.


What features and amenities are on your must-have list?

If you don’t have that list yet, then now is the time to make it. From the fishing equipment to the electronics and the size of the engines, every center console boat has a different list of specifications, and new boats can be tailored to suit your needs. It’s the perfect way to narrow down your choices. You’ll want to consider engine power and top speeds, technology and electronics, fuel capacity and range, features such as coolers, LED lighting, head facilities, speakers, wraparound seating, fishing holders and storage capacity. While you might have to make some compromises, it helps you know what is most important to you. 


What is your budget for buying a center console?

A 40 foot plus center console boat is a luxury purchase, and the price tags will vary depending on the specification and size you opt for, as well as the manufacturer. Before you even start searching, work out your realistic budget including all the costs associated with boat ownership, and get confirmation of financing contracts first (check out our guide to boat financing). There’s nothing worse than seeing your dream boat and then figuring out that it’s just outside of your budget. 


6 of the Best Luxury Center Console Boats Over 40 Feet in 2023

There are some incredible options out there when it comes to center console boats, from the most respected manufacturers in the business to some new-kids-on-the-block boat builders who are making waves with new technology and new designs. It’s difficult to make that choice so we’ve compiled a few of our favorite center consoles over 40 feet to get you started on your search.

In no particular order here are six of the best center console boats: 


Invincible 42 Open Fisherman

This beauty is one of the serious contenders for best center console boats over 40 feet in the past few years. With massive triple or quad Yamaha outboards offering top speeds in excess of 65 mph, a 600 gallon fuel capacity, and 360 degrees of unobstructed fishing space, the Invincible 42 Open Fisherman is the ultimate ocean-going sport fishing vessel. It’s packed with fishing amenities, from a 53-gallon transom live well to a 64 gallon live well under the aft cockpit, to five fish lockers and five vertical rod holders. A cabin, head with shower, dinette and L-shaped galley allow for weekend trips in ultra-comfort. Choose from a range of extras including a hard top and dive door to customize it.

Invincible boats for sale

Invincible 42 Open Fisherman
Photo credit: Invincible Boats


Scout 425 LXF

This sleek model by top manufacturer Scout is certainly eye-catching, with a silhouette more reminiscent of a sports boat than the traditional center console look. But don’t be fooled, center console it most certainly is, with Scout describing it as being in the upper echelon of their sport fishing boat lineup. Measuring 42 feet in length and over 13 feet at the beam, the Scout 425 LXF is the perfect choice for families or groups who want to fish together in comfort. As with their entire S-Class range of elite boats, luxury and high quality materials have been used throughout, with sophisticated engineering used to create the deep V double stepped hull, as well as a wealth of state-of-the-art technology and quad Yamaha engines. If you’re looking for a luxury center console of exceptionally high quality then this should be high on your list. 

Scout boats for sale

Scout 425 LXF
Photo credit: Scout


Valhalla V-46

A step up in size from the popular V-41, the Valhalla V-46 is one of the premier performance luxury center consoles in its substantial size range. So what do you get for the extra length? Accommodation is the most notable addition, with a spacious cabin, galley and head, but out on deck you’ll also find a whole host of fishing extras including a double row of helm chairs under the hardtop as well as plenty of livewells. In terms of performance, you get everything you’d expect from a manufacturer like Valhalla, with the Michael Peters SVVT twin-step hull, a 700-gallon fuel tank and choice of triple or quad Mercury 600 hp V12 Mercury Verado engines (for speeds of 60-plus knots).

Valhalla Boatworks for sale

Valhalla V-46
Photo credit: Valhalla Boatworks


Boston Whaler 420 Outrage

The flagship 420 Outrage exemplifies everything that Boston Whaler does so perfectly, with no detail left unconsidered. With a large cabin, galley and head, convertible helm and cockpit areas with seating to accommodate six people, and a perfect layout that incorporates all the fishing space you could ever need with storage and entertaining zones, it is much more than a fishing boat. The attention to detail is staggering, from the bait prep station complete with electric grill, sink and refrigerator/freezer to the two enormous livewells and even a dive door for safe and easy access. Choose from quad Mercury Verado 400s and Triple Mercury 600 V12's teamed with Joystick Piloting for incredible power and precision.

Boston Whaler boats for sale

Boston Whaler 420 Outrage
Photo credit: Boston Whaler


Everglades 455CC

If you’re searching for fishability twinned with ultra-luxury then the Everglades 455CC should be high on your list. This is the longest and widest boat they’ve ever built, combining two decades of craftsmanship into this flagship vessel. With a huge helm station featuring three Garmin touchscreen monitors which provide continuous access to a full array of information and control features, it also has an impressive list of fishing equipment, including plenty of fish-fighting space. Impress your guests with the luxury finishes, including exotic woods, or head off for a weekend thanks to the spacious and comfortable cabin and enclosed head. 

Everglades boats for sale

Everglades 455CC
Photo credit: Everglades Boats


Grady-White Canyon 456

Sleek, fast and beautiful, this Grady-White creation is the largest boat they’ve ever built and is packed with attention to detail and luxury additions. Let’s start with the four Yamaha F450 engines which give a top speed of a whopping 58 mph and a brisk cruising speed of 43 mph at 4500 rpm. Then there’s the full cabin with queen berth, a full galley and an enclosed head and shower. Built on Grady’s trademark SeaV²® hull and with the Seakeeper gyro-stabilization system, it offers one of the smoothest rides of any center console boat on the market. With countless fish boxes and livewells, a suite of electronics, comfortable port and starboard seating, and a huge amount of 360 degree deck space it is no wonder Grady-White hasC made this their flagship boat. 

Grady-White boats for sale

Grady-White Canyon 456
Photo credit: Grady-White




Written By: Samantha Wilson

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