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7th Oct 2021 by Rightboat

10 Reasons You Should Buy a Boat

Buying a boat is a big decision, and one that you won’t be heading into lightly. For those of you sitting on the fence, trying to weigh up the pros and cons of buying a boat, or trying to convince your other half that it’s a good idea, we take a look at 10 compelling reasons why boat ownership will enhance your life for the better…and the reasons will surprise you. 


Whether it’s a tiny but feisty Jon boat, a weekend cruiser, or a whopping superyacht, the benefits are the same. You’ll be surprised to discover that it’s not the cost or size of the boat that plays the biggest role in enhancing your happiness, but the act of being on the water, in a space of your own.

So if you find yourself asking ‘why should I buy a boat?’ then this is why;

1. It reduces stress and enhances happiness

Boats allow you to step away from the stresses of everyday life. Work, mobile phones, daily chores, traffic all take a toll on our mental health without us even realising. By spending a few hours, a day, or a whole weekend on your boat, you don’t just remove yourself from those stresses, but replace them with enjoyable, relaxing activities. It might be fishing or water skiing, swimming with the kids, or sitting watching the sunset with a cold beer in your hand. There is a huge body of evidence proving that being on or near the ocean has huge mental health benefits, with evidence from university studies showing that hearing the ocean brings a sense of calm and perspective as it washes away daily stressors. 


2. It provides fresh air and exercise

Boating is joyfully relaxing, but you also need to use a certain amount of muscle to get everything ready for a day on the water. Loading supplies, cleaning, towing, launching can all be quite physical, and that’s ultimately good for you. Whilst out on your boat, you can fine-tune your fitness with water sports or swimming, or hoist the sails of your sailboat and feel the salty fresh air in your lungs. We all know that getting the heart pumping is good for the body and mind, but doing it at sea gives a sense of satisfaction at the same time. 


3. It allows you to learn new skills

Owning your first boat is a steep but enjoyable learning curve, keeping your mind sharp. Every day brings new challenges, from learning knots and mooring skills to navigation and basic maintenance. You’ll enter into a whole new world, where the staff at the local chandlery will be your new best friends, and you’ll get a buzz out of fixing faulty electronics or performing a perfect mooring in tricky conditions. 


4. It offers freedom and adventure in a home from home

The freedom that comes with being able to decide where to go whenever you want to be extremely empowering. To own and captain your own boat raises a sense of self-esteem and provides you with a newfound sense of freedom. Imagine sailing along the coast for a weekend, or spending a day on the lake. Whether you eventually want to sail around the world, or never go more than a few miles from your home port, ultimately the choice is yours. Holidays take on a new guise, with the destination and budget set by you and not the travel companies. You choose your activities, where you eat, and where you anchor.


5. It creates meaningful memories with family and friends

Time spent at sea is time creating special memories and shared experiences with family and friends. Drag the kids away from their gadgets and teach them boating, and you’ll be giving them a new set of life skills as well as spending quality time together. As a family you could learn a new sport, such as stand-up paddleboarding or wakeboarding, or embark on sailing courses and learn together. 


A boat can be a wonderful space to entertain friends, too. On sunny days, crack open a chilled bottle of wine as you enjoy a freshly caught and prepared fish meal on the deck. Or bring along your fishing buddies to go in search of new angling spots not accessible from shore. Whoever you choose to bring with you, give them tasks to do so they feel part of the experience. It increases a sense of trust between you, and you’ll learn new things about each other as you work as a team. 


6. It allows you to discover the world in a new way

There is a certain magic about being on the water which offers experiences unimaginable to land lubbers. The idea of catching your dinner over the side of the boat, of watching dolphins jump as the sun sets, of discovering hidden coves and secret beaches inaccessible from land are all possible. The experiences are more intimate, your senses more heightened, and the memories more profound. 


7. You can make new friends in a whole new community

Yachties and boaters are a unique, carefree, and friendly community of people all with a shared passion for the sea. Being part of this niche community gives you a sense of belonging. You will make new friends, learn from each other, share tips and advice, and socialise. Irrelevant of their profession, financial situation or beliefs, boaters come together to share their love of being on the ocean. After all, who else are you going to debate the pros and cons of displacement, semi-displacement, and planing hull boats?


8. It creates a space for business use

One of the most unappreciated benefits of owning a boat is using it for business purposes. Imagine being able to take potential clients or business associates out on your very own boat instead of to a restaurant or the golf course. Not only does it create a lasting image of you and your business, but it allows for a relaxed and uninterrupted space to conduct business negotiations. Dine together on the deck and enjoy a spot of fishing as you fine-tune business deals. With the calming sea environment and luxury of being aboard a boat, you’ll have them signing on the dotted line in no time. 


9. There is potential for return on investment 

Owning a boat is an investment, and when you factor in purchase costs, running costs and maintenance costs, the numbers can soon add up. But there are ways to off-set these expenses and even see a return on your investment. Whether you want to charter your boat out for a few weeks a year, or think about other boat business ideas – everything from running wildlife watching excursions to operating as a dive boat – there are fun and lucrative ways to off-set your investment and keep costs down. We have over 1000s of boats and yachts available for charter, charter a boat before you buy. Find bareboat charter, skippered charter, crewed charter, superyacht charter and more...


10.  Social distance to your heart’s content

The last couple of years have seen changes to virtually every industry in the world as we grappled with the COVID-19 pandemic, and boating is no exception. Lockdowns saw less boats go up for sale as owners looking to upgrade to new boats wound up in the backlog of delayed new builds. This means there is very limited inventory globally at the moment. The appeal of being away from the masses and out on the water is, however, more appealing than it ever has been, and as we emerge from the pandemic there is a growing demand for both new boats and used boats. With boats being sold before they even come onto the market, be sure to register with websites such as Rightboat.com or local brokers to get in with the best chances of buying the perfect boat to escape the crowds and keep some distance on your holidays.

Rightboat.com has a vast inventory of new and used boats all around the world. So, whether you want a sailing boat, canal boat, RIB or powerboat, you can use the intuitive search options to fine tune exactly what you’re looking for. To help you decide, be sure to peruse our comprehensive library of guides and articles on all things boating.


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