Thumb antigua the true gem of yacht chartering in the caribbean

31st Mar 2020

Antigua the True Gem of Yacht Chartering in the Caribbean

Has Antigua become one of the forgotten gems of yacht chartering in the Caribbean?
Thumb an introduction to chartering

19th Mar 2020

Introduction to chartering

New to Chartering or exploring options? Here’s everything you need to know about chartering a boat.
Thumb family time and yachting

17th Mar 2020

What To Know Before Taking Out Recreational Boat Loans and Financing

Imaging being in the middle of the ocean, enjoying the breeze and the views.
Thumb dartmouth

12th Mar 2020

UK Charters

With so much attention focused on chartering in the Mediterranean or Caribbean, have we forgotten how beautiful the south coast of the UK actually is for chartering?
Thumb carpe

6th Mar 2020

What is a Gulet? What is it like to charter one?

A Gulet is a classic wooden motor sailing yacht usually built-in Bodrum or Marmaris on the southwestern coast of Turkey.
Thumb t8 pic p1 3

7th Feb 2020

World premiere of Nimbus T8

A multifunctional, well equipped and fast day boat intended for day-to-day activities and water sports, with overnight accommodation for two.
Thumb c11 9699

6th Feb 2020

The Nimbus C11 The Next Generation Commuter

The C11 is a fast and spacious year-round Commuter designed for long distance transport with high comfort.
Thumb boesch 100

6th Feb 2020


In 2020 Boesch Motorboote AG celebrate their 100th anniversary. On this occasion, boat lovers can look forward to an exceptional special edition: with a limited "Century Edition", the company heralds the next century - and once again sets an example of exclusivity.