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Boat Knowlege and Advice

Thumb cabin cruiser

18th Mar 2023

Types of Boats With Cabins

Boats with cabins come in many different varieties from large cabin cruisers to smaller boats with pilothouse-type cabins. Finding the right types of boats with cabins for you and your family or friends requires knowing the differences between the various boat styles.
Thumb small boats

14th Mar 2023

Types of Small Boats

There are so many different types of small boats available that you can find one for nearly any water activity. So how can you figure out what type of small boat is right for you? Here is a handy guide that includes everything from types of small sailing boats to types of small boats for lakes. 
Thumb fishing boat 2

14th Mar 2023

Best Fishing Boat Brands

Today, the best fishing boat brands make boats chock full of fishing features in many shapes and sizes, and each year, new designs are being released. We created this handy guide to the best fishing boat brands in various categories.
Thumb yawl

14th Mar 2023

Ketch vs. Yawl

Ketches and yawls are popular types of sailboats helmed by sailors around the world. But how can you tell the difference between a yawl and a ketch? Read on to learn everything you need to know about these types of sailboats.
Thumb port golden hour

11th Mar 2023

Living on a Sailboat: Is it Right for You?

Living on a sailboat full time is a major lifestyle change, but one which can bring untold happiness and adventure. If you’ve done your research and are prepared for the this new lifestyle, here we take a closer look at the nuts, bolts, pros and cons of living on a sailboat. 
Thumb small sailboat

9th Mar 2023

Small sailboat types

Small sailboats have increased in popularity over the last few decades as more people have taken up sailing as a hobby, and today, many types of small sailboats are available for various types of activities. So, what small sailboat types could be right for you?
Thumb yacht cabin

7th Mar 2023

Sleeping on a boat

Sleeping on a boat overnight is a fun and relaxing adventure that every boater should have a chance to experience. Here are some important things to know about sleeping on a boat overnight.
Thumb boat view from above

3rd Mar 2023

The Best Yacht Brands

Yachting is big business, and reports state that in the United States alone the recreational boating industry is worth approximately $170 billion. With boating on the rise all across the world, we take a look at the best boat brands of 2023 in several different categories.