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18th Oct 2017

A Buyer’s Guide to Fishing Boats

When it comes to choosing a fishing boat the sailor is faced with a plethora of choices which may seem bewilderi...
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16th Oct 2017

The Long Awaited Trader 42: Now available for viewing in the UK

The Trader 42 Signature is a landmark model in the 35 year history of the Trader brand and has become one of the...
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13th Oct 2017

13 Great Sailing Apps to Download Today

Whether you’re a day cruiser or hard-core racer, there’s an app out there that could help make your sailing life...
Thumb sunseeker history

5th Oct 2017

How Sunseeker Became the UK’s Premier Luxury Yacht Maker

Ask the average Joe on the street to name a luxury motor yacht manufacturer and the chance are they’ll pick Suns...
Thumb f1 champboat minneapolis 2006

5th Oct 2017

Formula 1 Powerboat Racing - the Ultimate Adrenaline Rush

In June 2018, the city of London will be blasted by the bellowing shrill of up to twenty racing V6 engines revvi...
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5th Oct 2017

The Top 10 UK Sailing Location You Must Visit This Year

As the UK is an island steeped in maritime history, we are spoiled for choice for fantastic sailing destinations...
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5th Oct 2017

Multihull - The Great Debate, One or Two Hulls?

It’s one of the greatest debates amongst sailing enthusiasts - multihull or monohull? In recent decades, multihu...
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3rd Oct 2017

Azimut 43 Review

A flybridge yacht with comfortable twin-cabin accommodation for party cruising.