Boat Selling Advice

1st Sep 2023

Used Boat Values: A Guide to Pricing Your Boat

If it’s come time to sell your boat then the first step in the sales process is to figure out how...

29th Aug 2023

How to Prepare My Boat for Sale

Selling your boat is a multi-step process and one that can take time, patience and some knowhow. ...

17th Mar 2023

How to Sell Your Boat: A Detailed Guide

Deciding to sell your boat can seem daunting as there are several steps you need to take to close...

23rd Feb 2023

Where to Sell Your Boat: Exploring Your Options

Whatever your reason for selling your boat, you need to figure out the best place to sell a boat....

6th May 2021

How to Answer Questions on your Boat for Sale

Be prepared to answer questions about your boat for sale when prospective buyers get in touch. He...

30th Mar 2021

8 Ways on How to Increase the Value of Your Boat

In one of our previous articles we looked at How to Price your Boat for Sale, and this factor wil...

26th Oct 2020

How to Take Photos and Videos that Will Sell your Boat

You have a few seconds in which to pique the interest of a prospective buyer as they scan through...

13th Oct 2020

How to Help Professional Brokers to Sell Boats in this Digital Era?

As an industry, boating has a way of sticking to its traditions. has been ahead of ...