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A catamaran boat is balanced on two hulls and can be powered by power or sail is often known as a multi-hulled watercraft. Depending on the size of the boat, the space separating the two hulls might be filled by a cockpit, the main cabin, and usually some netting (which can be a great place for relaxing in the sun).

There are many benefits of multihull over monohull boat; including stability, these great catamaran boats rarely heel more than 5 degrees, which means passages are more enjoyable, drink and food stay on the table, and there are no balancing acts on deck, so it is less tiring, The generous saloon area and on-deck space offers 360 degrees visibility.

The shallow draft offers more anchoring possibilities. You can anchor in low tide and even beach it safely and wait for the next tide to sail. Why have one hull when you can have two?.

You can search new and used catamarans for sale include sailing catamarans and power catamarans.

The two hulls can be configured into a multitude of ways depending on the use of the boat. Both catamaran power boats and catamaran sailing boats are deal for bluewater cruising, crossing the Atlantic, chartering, private use.

Searching for multihulls for sale will often find you sailing yacht catamarans for sale, power catamarans for sale, catamaran motor yachts for sale, catamaran sailboats, and the triple hulled trimaran.

Ever dreamed of sailing off into the sunset? Then maybe you should consider one of these catamaran boats, browse more Boats for Sale in your area or near you.

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Lagoon 50 for sale in  for €789,000 (£701,171)

LAGOON 50 for sale,

Year: 2017
Lagoon 50 4+2 cabin version. Delivery summer 2018. Ready to charter price with transport to Croa...
Leopard Leopard 51 for sale in  for $750,000 (£570,672)

LEOPARD Leopard 51 for sale,

Length: 16 m
Year: 2015
The Leopard 51 Powercat brings with it a multitude of exciting features, including a sleek desig...
Houston Pilot Boat for sale in  for P.O.A.

HOUSTON Pilot Boat for sale,

Length: 19 m
Year: 1993
HOUSTON - Pilot Boat   Official NBR/ USCG ID 990189   Built 1993 in San Diego at Swath O...
Bavaria Yachts 33 Sport for sale in Bulgaria for €77,000 (£68,429)

BAVARIA YACHTS 33 Sport for sale, Bulgaria

Length: 10 m
Year: 2008
Location: Sozopol, BULGARIA Little used, well kept, currently winterized and shrink-wrapped out...
Privilege Marine Serie 5 for sale in Martinique for €930,000 (£826,476)

PRIVILEGE MARINE Serie 5 for sale, Martinique

Length: 17 m
Year: 2015
This layout mat oak with grey floor is modern and elegant, her Master cabin is in the middel for...
Fountaine Pajot (FR) Lucia40 for sale in Italy for €360,000 (£319,926)

FOUNTAINE PAJOT (FR) Lucia40 for sale, Italy

Length: 12 m
Year: 2017
Catana Power 45 for sale in Thailand for $299,000 (£227,508)

CATANA Power 45 for sale, Thailand

Length: 14 m
Year: 2006
Please contact Jim Poulsen on +or E
Sunreef Yachts 70 Sailing for sale in France for €1,550,000 (£1,377,459)

SUNREEF YACHTS 70 Sailing for sale, France

Length: 21 m
Year: 2009
A large service is in process and will permit to offer after summer a fully reliable unit. The e...
Privilege Serie 6 for sale in France for €2,190,000 (£1,946,217)

PRIVILEGE Serie 6 for sale, France

Length: 20 m
Year: 2017
£1,946,217Tax paid
The very first unit in this range available on the market today ! The last generation of PRIVILE...
Young Yacht Design LTD Young 65 for sale in Germany for €1,650,000 (£1,466,328)

YOUNG YACHT DESIGN LTD Young 65 for sale, Germany

Length: 19 m
Year: 2017
£1,466,328Tax paid
22 tons ready to sail away will garanty you full sensations, especially in light winds, and the ...
Fountaine Pajot Galathea 65 for sale in  for €1,090,000 (£968,665)

FOUNTAINE PAJOT Galathea 65 for sale,

Length: 20 m
Year: 2009
Strong maintainance with a full devoted and experienced captain. Nothing to compare with other s...
Corsair F-27 Trimaran for sale in United States of America for $39,000 (£29,675)

CORSAIR F-27 Trimaran for sale, United States of America

Length: 8 m
Year: 1993
Excellent Corsair F-27 trimaran, set up for extended overnight cruising! If you are in the marke...
Creative Marine Skimmer 25 for sale in United States of America for $22,000 (£16,740)

CREATIVE MARINE Skimmer 25 for sale, United States of America

Length: 8 m
Year: 1993
This is a high quality, and well cared for sailing work of art! Includes trailer and bimini If y...
Maverick 16 for sale in United States of America for $11,000 (£8,370)

MAVERICK 16 for sale, United States of America

Length: 5 m
Year: 1998
Beautiful Maverick! Great Condition! Low Price! If you are in the market for a flats boat, look ...
Seawind 31 for sale in United States of America for $19,900 (£15,142)

SEAWIND 31 for sale, United States of America

Length: 9 m
Year: 1981
New Yanmar diesel engine, .6 liters per hour at 2800 rpm, newer fuel tank with new fuel lines an...
Bluewater Yachts Ingrid 38 for sale in United States of America for $34,950 (£26,593)

BLUEWATER YACHTS Ingrid 38 for sale, United States of America

Length: 12 m
Year: 1980
Recently revarnished and painted interior. Cushion foam, in process of being cut. Boat has circu...
Corsair F-24 for sale in United States of America for $27,800 (£21,153)

CORSAIR F-24 for sale, United States of America

Length: 7 m
Year: 1993
This vessel was SOLD on September 4. If you are in the market for a trimaran, look no further th...
Lagoon 380 for sale in France for €297,000 (£263,939)

LAGOON 380 for sale, France

Length: 12 m
Year: 2017
£263,939Tax paid
Lagoon 380 S2 pre-owned, few engine hours, Owner's version with 3 cabins, 2 heads. The owner nee...
Lagoon 450F for sale in Spain for €450,000 (£399,908)

LAGOON 450F for sale, Spain

Length: 14 m
Year: 2012
£399,908Tax paid
CHARTER (4 cabins, 4 heads), 2 x 40 HP (Yanmar 3JH5CE) COMFORT EQUIPMENT (4 cab 4 heads, 220V, P...
Atlantis 50x4 for sale in France for €350,000 (£311,039)

ATLANTIS 50x4 for sale, France

Length: 14 m
Year: 2010
£311,039Tax paid
Bow thruster Side Power 100/185T 8hp Trim tabs Bennett incl. Indicateurs Anchor 30 Kg galva Elec...
Catana 52 for sale in Spain for €520,000 (£462,115)

CATANA 52 for sale, Spain

Length: 19 m
Year: 2002
£462,115Tax paid
Tank / Fuel tank cpty: 1200 l and 400 l for the generator Water-maker 90 l / h Ecosystem 24 v a ...
Leopard Open 27M for sale in United States of America for $1,399,000 (£1,064,494)

LEOPARD Open 27M for sale, United States of America

Length: 27 m
Year: 2006
Available now
Robertson and Caine Leopard 47 XL for sale in  for €225,000 (£199,954)

ROBERTSON AND CAINE Leopard 47 XL for sale,

Length: 15 m
Year: 2001
£199,954Tax paid
Fixtures & Cabin Layout: Aft cabin, Bow cabin, Owner's cabin, Guest cabin, Salon, Marine WC +...
Admiral 38 for sale in Puerto Rico for $199,900 (£152,103)

ADMIRAL 38 for sale, Puerto Rico

Length: 12 m
Year: 2000
Catalyst rode out hurricanes Irma and Maria in Puerto Rico with not a scratch and has...
Jaguar 24m Sport for sale in France for €680,000 (£604,305)

JAGUAR 24m Sport for sale, France

Length: 24 m
Year: 2003
£604,305Tax paid
Jaguar Sport 24m 2003/2004 with hard top, powered by 2 diesel engines a Man 1550Hp, 4 double cab...
Atlantis 425sc HT for sale in Croatia for €169,000 (£150,188)

ATLANTIS 425sc HT for sale, Croatia

Length: 14 m
Year: 2009
£150,188Tax paid
Atlantis 425 sc Hard Top in very good condition, production year 2009, visible in Croatia. Compl...
Lagoon 450 for sale in Greece for €390,000 (£346,587)

LAGOON 450 for sale, Greece

Length: 14 m
Year: 2011
This is an owners edition that has been used as pleasure only A beautifully maintained yach...
Fountaine Pajot Queensland 55 for sale in France for €790,000 (£702,060)

FOUNTAINE PAJOT Queensland 55 for sale, France

Length: 17 m
Year: 2010
Electric Windlass Life Raft VHF Radar Air conditioning Watermaker 220 L/H Refrigerator x 3 Freez...
Fountaine Pajot Galathea 65 for sale in France for €1,250,000 (£1,110,854)

FOUNTAINE PAJOT Galathea 65 for sale, France

Length: 20 m
Year: 2012
Mainsail cart Track Mainsail sheet Winch 3 Manuel pied de mât + arrière droit et gauche - HARKEN...