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The Pursuits boats are a combination of seaworthiness, performance and the latest fishing experience. The Pursuit’s roots began in the year 1946 when Leon Slikkers began working at Chris Craft in the joiners department making cabin tops. By 1950, Slikkers had initiated his trade on building 14-foot runabouts in his garage after work and four years later he launched his own company from a small factory in Michigan. And then after 6 years, in the year 1956, he began exploring with fibreglass hull construction and discontinued all wooden models by 1961 giving complete attention to production with fibreglass. 

In the year 1964, Slickcraft launched the SS235, his most flourishing boat and a forerunner in the trend for trailerable, Cuddy cabin boats and in 1969, it was traded to AMF. In 1973, Slikkers formed S2 Yachts Inc and in 1977, the Pursuit series of fishing boats were launched. S2 Yachts acquired the Slickcraft brand from AMF in 1983, and a modern 75,000 square foot Florida facility began producing Pursuit models. Success sustained throughout the 1990s with models such as the 1850 Centre Console, 2150 Dual Console, 3070 Offshore, 2470 Centre Console enjoying great progress. The range was hugely developed through the 2000s and Pursuit designs attained several awards including Boating Magazine’s Boat of the Year in 2010. The Pursuit was awarded the prestigious NMMA CSI award for the sixteenth year in a row in 2018 and in the same year Pursuit boats officially joins the Malibu boat family.  

Passion, innovation, and excellence are the words that describe perfectly the creation of every Pursuit boat. They are also synonymous with the Pursuit brand. The Pursuit crew is made up of hard-working individuals who possess exquisite attention to detail and a passion to deliver excellence above anything else, delivering you the best experience on the water. You are sure to feel the timeless style, solid construction, original features and intentional excellence that the craftsmen build into every single one when you walk aboard a Pursuit boat. So, select from the many Pursuit boats for sale listed at www.rightboat.com and step aboard to make lovely memories with your friends and family. And if you have pre-owned Pursuit boats, you can sell your boat online through www.rightboat.com where your selling is made easier and simpler.

The Range

Centre Console

Dual Console



Sports Coupe

1.) The Centre Console series has two models:

C 260

C 238

2.) The Dual Console series has six models:

DC 365

DC 326

DC 325

DC 295

DC 266

DC 235

3.) The Offshore series has three models:

OS 385

OS 355

OS 325

4.) The Centre Console series has two models:

S 408

S 368

S 328

S 288

5.) The Dual Console series has six models:

SC 365i

Popular Models

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1.  Which year was Pursuit boats found?
Pursuit boats were founded by Leon Slikkers in the year 1977.

2.  Where is the headquarters of Pursuit boats located?
The Pursuit boat headquarters is in Fort Pierce, FL, U.S.A.

3. What are the special features of Centre console series of Pursuit boats?

The Centre Console series has 2 models:

C 260 The 25' 10'' Pursuit C 260 highlights an extensive list of standard equipment consistent with the award-winning product Pursuit has introduced in recent years. Yacht-calibre fit and finish, timeless styling and modern appointments set the stage for a new generation of luxurious Pursuit Center Consoles.

C 238 - The 24' 4'' Pursuit C 238 delivers the type of luxury centre console adventure you’ve come to expect from Pursuit. The C 238 comes standard with a fibreglass hardtop, a walk-in console with head and a tempered glass windshield for superior protection and visibility. Pursuit’s timeless design intensifies the luxury experience.

4.  What are the special features of the Dual console series of Pursuit boats?

The Dual Console series has 6 models:

DC 365 – The 37' 11'' Pursuit DC 365 is the new member of the stylish dual-console line that has been improved by Pursuit with more comfort, innovation, and features that have been engineered to bring your sport utility experience to the next level.

DC 326The 34' 6'' Pursuit DC 326 is the latest addition to Pursuit’s innovative and award-winning Dual Console family. It features a fully integrated fibreglass hardtop with tempered glass windshield, thoughtfully designed storage and offers plenty of room for friends, family, and crew who are ready to fish.

DC 325 – The 34' 6'' Pursuit DC 325 dual-console blends central utility, a starboard side helm centre, and tremendous seating functionality into an elegantly styled boat. It features an open bow design with full wrap-around seating and a lot of storage.

DC 295 – The 31' 9'' Pursuit DC 295 builds on an award-winning product design that presents unparalleled style, performance, and amenities in the popular dual console category. Its superior design, engineering, and construction are synonymous with Pursuit.

DC 266 – The 27' 4'' Pursuit DC 266 is of Pursuit’s award-winning dual-console line. The adaptable DC 266 is ideal for any experience on the water, be it family time, cruising or casual fishing.

DC 235 – The 24' 4'' Pursuit DC 235 is fully packed with comfortable seating and storage with classic styling. The amount and affordability of the DC 235 are delivered through a fully appointed boat with popular options.

View all Dual Console Boats for Sale on www.rightboat.com

5.  What are the special features of the Offshore series of Pursuit boats?

The Offshore series has three models:

OS 385 – The 39' 2'' Pursuit OS 385 is the flagship model of the Pursuit fleet of premium offshore boats with all the comforts of home plus a 360-degree water view. The interior is spacious, stylish and inviting and it combines the performance, seaworthiness, and fishability of the world’s top inboard convertible.

OS 355 - The 37' 11'' Pursuit OS 355 is the winning formula to a new level of Pursuit’s exciting array of offshore models. Its single-piece optically clear windshield, new exterior fabrics, and finishes with exciting new seating arrangements give you every reason to dive into a brand new Offshore.

OS 325 – The 34' 6'' Pursuit OS 325 is Pursuit’s award-winning product lineup, delivering innovation and excellence in the perfect sized package with a combination of finely engineered features designed with timeless and elegant, yacht-calibre exterior.

6.  What are the special features of Sports series of Pursuit boats?

The Sports Series has four models:

S 408 – The 42' 10'' Pursuit S 408 beckons big-game fishermen and families alike with a true centre console footprint and the luxury amenities of Pursuit’s Sport Series. A stout helm, rugged hardtop, large cabin space and tremendous seating choices around the cockpit mark the S 408 a leader in her category.

S 368 – The 37' 11'' Pursuit S 368 Sport provides a stunning exterior profile with industry-leading features. It will lure you in with its privileged bloodline and superior ample amenities included.

S 328 The 34' 6'' Pursuit S 328 luxury centre console, lets you enjoy your day fully. Be it fishing, diving or cruising, you can do it all effortlessly. It broadens the range of the Pursuit’s popular Sport Series.

S 288 The 30' 0'' Pursuit S 288 provides a stunning exterior profile, industry-leading features with its compact design and attention to detail. You are sure to have everything you need and nothing you don’t.

7. What is the speciality of Pursuit SC 365i?

Pursuit SC 365i - 41' 2''
The new SC 365i is Pursuit’s Sports Coupe boat that is powered by Yamaha. With an innovative hull featuring a sharp 20-degree deadrise, fully enclosed engines and reverse chines, the SC 365i aims at revolutionizing the way you experience yachting. The innovative hull features a sharp entry in a creative and elegantly simple manner. The result is a head-turner boat delivering efficient performance. Check out all our Sports Fishing Boats for Sale on www.rightboat.com