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Chris-Craft Boats for Sale - Recreational Powerboats

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“Our mission is a form of nautical art, delivering an exceptional boating experience that simply cannot be rivaled.”

Chris-Craft is an American cultural icon with nearly 150 years of heritage. 13 year-old Christopher Columbus Smith built his first boat in 1874, in Algonac, Michigan. He referred to his boats as “punts” or “skiffs” which quickly earned him a reputation as a master boat builder and the demand for his boats grew. As a result, Chris joined forces with his brother, Hank, and the boat production began full-time, which laid the groundwork for their future as builders of “standardized” runabouts.

The Smith Ryan Boat Company was formed which focused on building fast, economically priced runabout boats for the masses in the year 1910. In 1922, the Smith Ryan Boat Company changed its name and Chris Smith & Sons Boat Company was formed. Jay Smith, Chris’s son, was designated the President and General Manager of Chris-Craft in 1927. Under his leadership, Chris-Craft became known as the world’s largest builder of mahogany powerboats.

Chris-Craft, the name has always been synonymous with quality because it is crafted with painstaking detail by the most skilled carpenters, cabinet makers, joiners and artisans in the business. Chris-Craft continue their tradition to produce some of the finest pleasure craft on the market and ensures that your boat is perfect on the water.

The entirely new design from Chris-Craft was showcased at a press conference on 15 February 2018 at Miami International Boat Show. One of the most distinguishing features of the new Launch 28 GT is the elegantly styled folding tower that provides shade for the cockpit and can be used for watersports. When not in use, the electric tower folds forward for towing. The Launch 28 GT is a new hull and an entirely new design for Chris-Craft.

We specify only the highest quality materials, like our hand-selected teak – to differentiate a Chris-Craft from every other boat on the market.  – Chris-Craft designers.

The Range

Chris-Craft range consists of seven series.

1. The Capri: 21 and 27

2. The Carina Boat Series: 21

3. The Calypso Boat: 26 and 30

4. The Catalina: 26, 30 and 34

5. The Corsair Series: 27, 30 and 34

6. The Launch Series: 23, 27, 30, 34 and 38

7. The Commander

Get ready and prepare for an adventure on a grand scale buying your own Chris-Craft, it’s the ultimate cruiser for making ultimate memories. A Chris-Craft is made of the highest quality material to differentiate from every other boat. There are over 100's of Chris-Craft boats for sale on www.rightboat.com for you to select, buy and start creating endless, unforgettable adventures.

Popular Models

Chris-Craft Catalina 29
Chris-Craft Launch 25
Chris-Craft Corsair 36
Chris-Craft Capri 21
Chris-Craft Corsair 22 
Chris Craft Corsair 34
Chris-Craft Launch 38



1. Who is the founder of Chris-Craft and when was it founded?

Chris-Craft was founded by Christopher Columbus Smith in the year 1874.


2. Where is the Headquarters of Chris-Craft located?

The Chris-Craft headquarters is in Sarasota, Florida, USA.


3. What is the Chris-Craft Capri Series?

The Chris-Craft Capri Series is a modern interpretation of the 1930’s runabout with which Chris-Craft first established their reputation. The Capri Series is instantly recognizable from every angle with its beautiful teak, classic shape and iconic vertical bow.

The two ranges of Capri Series are:

Capri 21 – 21'2"
Capri 27 – 26'27"


4. What is the Chris-Craft Carina Series?

The Chris-Craft Carina Series is an open bowrider sports boat ideal for splashing around the bay. It is an elegant bowrider for those who ride a different wave and and nothing else looks like it. The Chris-Craft Carina 21 is 21'2".


5. What is the Chris-Craft Corsair Series?

The Chris-Craft Corsair Series has a style that’s crowd-pleasing. The Corsair perfectly balances beauty, comfort and performance. The long, low, covered foredeck enhances the driver’s vision, while providing a spacious, bright berth tucked below. The Corsair easily accommodates 10 people for day trips or weekend adventures. It arrives in sophisticated style with an exhilarating horsepower.

The three ranges of Corsair Series are:

Corsair 27 – 26'8"
Corsair 30 – 29'8"
Corsair 34 - 34'3"


6. What is the Chris-Craft Launch Series?

The Chris-Craft Launch series is the perfect sportsman always ready for any seaside watersporting adventure. It allows you to take control and lets you feel the position of power. It invites you to settle in, collect your thoughts and make unforgettable memories with your entire family with its classic design and impeccable detailing.

The five ranges of Launch Series are:

Launch 23 - 23'5"
Launch 27 – 26'8"
Launch 30 - 29'8"
Launch 34 - 34'3"
Launch 38 - 38'2"


7. What is the Chris-Craft Calypso Series?

The Chris-Craft Calypso Series is the most luxurious do-it-all boat made to accommodate practically anything you do onboard and it’s perfect for sporting or lounging. It is perfectly prepped for a day of watersports or longer excursions with friends and family.

The two ranges of Calypso Series are:

Calypso 26 – 26'6"
Calypso 30 – 30' 6"


8. What is the Chris-Craft Catalina Series?

The Chris-Craft Catalina Series is a combination of elegance and comfort making it a perfect watercraft for your ultimate boating experience. It’s fully prepped for the perfect escape when you choose to getaway.

The three ranges of Catalina Series are:

Catalina 26 – 26'6"
Catalina 30 – 30'6"
Catalina 34 – 34'


9. What is the Chris-Craft Commander Series?

The Chris-Craft Commander Series welcomes you to step inside lavish luxury. The sensuous curves of the Commander 44 stands out with its signature detail proudly declaring the lineage. It is certain to give you many entertaining and memorable weekends on the water. With the gleaming stainless steel, the distinctive teak, the cockpit areas and private cabin, every inch of Commander 44 is pure Chris-Craft. Vacationing and entertaining come naturally with the 43'7" Commander 44.