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Hatteras Motor Yachts and Sport Fishing Yacht Sales

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Willis Slane visualized a new breed of a fishing boat over 59 years ago and he turned it into a reality. Thus, Hatteras was built, with a might that was strong enough to tame the waves off Cape Hatteras. Knit Wits, the 40-foot fiberglass yacht with convex and modified-V hull revolutionized the boating industry and Hatteras yachts became the standard to which all others were judged, over and under the waterline. Hatteras has furnished a level of craftsmanship that focuses on perfecting every detail and exceeds their customers’ expectations. Hatteras set the benchmark of quality and innovation that many aspire. Hatteras is an uncompromising union of perseverance, inspired design, modernism, and unequalled workmanship.

The Hatteras brand exceeds every expectation and consists of a dauntless spirit that is visible in the work of the people who pour their heart and expertise into building every single legendary vessel, resulting in a long list of patents and accolades. Hatteras’s relationship with customers doesn’t end when the keys are handed over. That’s just the beginning. They are there for their customers always.

Hatteras excels even in the most demanding conditions, cutting confidently through waters that the lesser boats dare not enter. Hatteras is one of the best-known brands in the marine industry with more than 5 decades of innovative boat design and engineering. It has satisfied the most challenging boaters for generations and has a legacy of iconic products unequalled in the marine industry. Select from the many Hatteras yachts for sale at www.rightboat.com and step aboard for an uncompromising ride with a determination to push boundaries and celebrating life without limits.

The Range

Hatteras produce two yacht specifications:

1. Motor Yachts

2. Sportfish Yachts

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Popular Models

Hatteras GT 70  

Hatteras M75  

Hatteras M90  

Hatteras M60   

Hatteras GT 70  

Hatteras GT45X  

Hatteras GT63  

Hatteras GT54  





1. Who founded Hatteras and when was it founded?
Hatteras was founded by Willis Slane in the year 1959.

2. Where is the Headquarters of Hatteras located?
The Hatteras headquarters is in North Carolina, U.S.A.

3. What is the name of the parent company of Hatteras?
The name of the parent company of Hatteras is Brunswick Corporation.

4. What are the special features of the Hatteras Motor yacht range?
Hatteras motor yacht range delivers the promise of life without limits with its innovative design that exceeds expectations. It utilizes a bold form to merge indoor and outdoor spaces for ample entertainment areas.

The motor yacht range has four models.
1.) 100 RPH - 102'0"
Hatteras 100 Raised Pilothouse motor yacht sets a new standard of excellence in its class with its striking combination of innovation, performance, classic style boat and extremely beautiful details.

2.) M75 - 74'6"
Hatteras M75 delivers legendary performance boat. Its quality and craftsmanship meet unmatched sophistication and uncompromising style, delivering a new standard of elegance.

3.) M90 - 91'9"
Hatteras M90 strikes a perfect balance between dramatic form and ingenious smart-ship automation design, resulting in an astounding experience aboard.

4.) M60 - 60'11"
Hatteras M60 is an ideal choice for an owner-operator because of its ease of use. It is sleek, sporty and deceptively spacious.

5. What are the special features of Hatteras Sportfish yacht range?
Hatteras Sportfish yacht range delivers a smooth ride with its perfect balance of weight, speed and hull design resulting in convertibles that are engineered to excel in higher seas at higher speeds.

There are eight models in the sportfish range.
1.) GT70 - 70'6"
Hatteras GT70 excels under tough conditions, offers a host of features and amenities that define the premium sportfish category and is a perfect yacht for a tournament angler who aspires more. It delivers unrivaled muscle, performance, and amenities for a tournament-ready vessel.

2.) GT45X - 44'7"
Hatteras GT45X is both sturdy and agile, intended to inspire confidence in every skipper, giving them an experience that is far beyond expectations. It is engineered with power and performance and is an ideal yacht for an owner-operator.

3.) GT63 - 63'10"
Hatteras GT63 is the definition of craftsmanship which is tailored from helm to cockpit with abundant features. The GT63 is a bold and innovative concept that outshines all other boats in its class with its classic Carolina styling.

4.) GT45X Flybridge - 44'7"
Hatteras GT45X Flybridge Boat is tournament-ready and has professional features that contain a state-of-the-art upper helm, providing an experience like no other Flybridge. It is perfect for the owner-captain to take offshore adventures to newer stretch.

5.) GT59 - 59'9"
Hatteras GT59 is designed with seasoned anglers in mind with the most reliable and comfortable ride under sixty feet. This vessel is a sleek convertible, designed for speed, built for battle with an outstanding seakeeping ability giving the most comfortable ride in its class.

6.) GT45X Tower - 44'7"
Hatteras GT45X Tower is an agile sportfish cruiser and is competition ready that elevates the experience of every angler who demands more. It provides a perfect setup that is expertly crafted for expert anglers, with a supremely comfortable and spacious environment for entertainment.

7.) GT54 - 53'10"
Hatteras GT54 is powerful, furnished with instinctive features and trophy-ready rigging that meets every anglers expectation. It offers comfort, performance, convenience and balances an exceptionally agile responsiveness with an intensely comfortable ride.

8.) GT45X OPEN - 44'7"
Hatteras GT45X Open ensures an ideal experience for anglers as well as cruisers and is the newest model in the Hatteras GT45 Express series. It is sturdy with many features, delivering speed and comfort with a matchless performance for the entire family.