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Four Winns Boats for Sale - Runabouts, Bowriders, Cruiser Yachts and Tow Sport Boat

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Four members of the Winn family joined together in the year 1975 to acquire a boating company and thus the Four Winns name came into existence. Initially, the company was found in 1962 at Cadillac, Michigan, and was called Safe-T-Mate Boat Company. It merged with Outboard Marine Corporation (OMC) in the year 1987 and has expanded significantly becoming one of the leaders in stern-drive ski-boat design. OMC also owns many other lines of boats, for example, Chris-Craft Boats, Lowe Boats, SeaSwirl Boats, Stratos Boats, and Javelin Boats.

In the year 2014, the company was sold to one of the world’s number one yacht builders, the Beneteau Group. Four Winns has built a world-renowned position around extravagant, highly-customized open motor boats for more than 6 decades. Four Winns reflects a vision of beauty, comfort, and performance boat through a refined American-style from sports to cruising. Four Winns stands for timeless, elegant recreational boating by focussing on detailed attention and an outstanding finish.

The Range

Four Winns have four lines of boats:


Deck Boats

Surf Series


‘Four Winns is a luxury you can afford’, is the tagline that expresses the wide disposition of recreational power boats available from Four Winns and the Four Winns' philosophy, “Life should be a beautiful ride because that's what you deserve”; makes it a thoughtful and life-affirming design from Michigan. So, select from the many Four Winns boats listed for sale at www.rightboat.com and step aboard to experience home away from home in your own beautiful and classy boat.


Popular Models

HD 180 Boat

HD 200 Boat

Horizon 230 Boat

Horizon 260 Boat

HD 220 Boat

HD 240 Boat

TS 242 Boat

Vista 255 Boat

Vista 375 Boat




1. Who founded Four Winns and when was it founded?
Four Winns was founded by Bill Winn Sr. and his three sons - John, Bill Jr., and Charlie, the four members of the Winn family in the year 1962.

2. Where is the Headquarters of Four Winns located?
The Four Winns headquarters is in Cadillac, Michigan, U.S.A.

3. What is the name of the parent company of Four Winns?
The name of the parent company of Four Winns is Beneteau Boat Group.

4. What are the special features of the Four Winns Bowrider range?
The Bowriders fall into two categories:
1.) Sterndrive
The bowrider sterndrive line has a sporty look and refined details with contemporary styling, sleek color options and an upgraded interior with exceptional comforts, storage, and exterior stylings making it a fan favorite. It gives access to more space, more fun and more luxury, redefining a sport boat. It boasts style, class, and performance making it a home away from home.
The bowrider sterndrive line has 8 models:
Horizon 180 - 18'
Horizon 190 - 19'
Horizon 200 - 20' 1"
Horizon 210 - 21' 7"
Horizon 230 - 23' 7"
Horizon 260 - 26' 3"
Horizon 290 - 30' 1"
Horizon 350 - 35'

2.) Outboard
The bowrider outboard line has class and is luxurious, gives a stylish and comfortable feel, provides a tremendous amount of storage possibility beneath the cockpit and a two-tiered swim platform that allows boaters to get closer to the water.
The bowrider outboard line has 2 models:
Horizon 290 OB - 30' 1"
Horizon 350 OB - 35'

5. What are the special features of the Four Winns Deck boat range?

The deck boat range falls into 2 categories:
1.) Sterndrive
The deck boat sterndrive line merits celebration with its stylish lines and comfortable seating needing a family and a captain. It’s a combination of luxury, class, style, elegant features, interior comforts that brags prestige and promises venture and fun.
The deck boat sterndrive line has 5 models:
HD 180 - 18' 7"
HD 200 - 20' 1"
HD 220 - 22' 1"
HD 240 - 24' 5"
HD 270 - 26' 6"

2.) Outboard

The deckboat outboard line displays a collection of family-inspired comfortable components for extraordinary boating. It is the perfect combination of elegance, space, and versatility that is tailored to meet everyone’s desires.
The deck boat outboard line has 5 models:
HD 180 OB - 18' 6"
HD 200 OB - 20' 1"
HD 220 OB - 22' 1"
HD 240 OB Boat - 24' 4"
HD 270 OB - 26' 5"

6. What are the special features of the Four Winns Surf series range?

The Four Winns Surf series range consists of boats that are worthy of versatility and exhilaration and it gives the luxury performance with comfort combined with a high level of elegance, welcoming all types of riders and surfers.
The Surf Series has six models:
HD 200 Surf - 20' 1"
HD 220 Surf - 22' 1"
HD 240 Surf - 24' 5"
HD 270 Surf - 26' 6"
TS 222 - 22' 7"
TS 242 - 24' 5"

7. What are the special features of Four Winns Cruiser range?

The Cruiser range is divided between sterndrive and outboard.
1.) Sterndrive
It pays tribute to taste and sophistication and also features an innovative cockpit, spacious and well-appointed cabin; making it a great all-around Express Cruiser, ensuring pleasant excursions and an amiable all day entertaining.

The Cruiser sterndrive line has 4 models:
Vista 255 Boats - 25' 2"
Vista 275 - 28'
Vista 355 - 35'
Vista 375 - 37'

2.) Outboard
The V255 OB is created to provide families with several options as to where they can boat and how they boat. They can go for a day cruise as well as a long weekend. It has plenty of cruising amenities.

The Cruiser outboard line has 1 model:
Vista 255 OB - 25' 2"