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Boat Buying Advice

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29th Jul 2022

Buying a New or Used Boat: Which is Best?

Should I buy a new boat or a used boat? It’s the ultimate question when it comes to your boat buying journey, and not one that’s easy to answer. There is no right or wrong decision when it comes to new or used, and what’s right for you will depend on many things, from your financial position to y...
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29th Jul 2022

Should I Buy a Boat at a Boat Show?

If you’ve ever thought about buying a boat, whether it’s an inflatable RIB, fun bow rider, weekend sailboat or ultra-fast sports boat, you’ll also have asked yourself, ‘where is the best place to buy a boat?’ Boat shows are one of the industry’s top events, whether they’re a small local affair or...
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29th Jul 2022

Top Tips for How to Choose the Right Super...

Buying a superyacht for the first time is one of life’s most significant achievements, and the pinnacle of success. But superyacht ownership is no small undertaking and there is a lot of thought and decision-making which goes into choosing the perfect one for you and your family. ???
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29th Jul 2022

Do I Need a Sea Trial?

The easy answer to the often asked question ‘Do I need a sea trial?” is yes. You wouldn’t even buy a bicycle without first giving it a ride, so buying something like a boat requires a thorough test drive. A sea trial test is your way to get a feel for the boat and to find out more about the way i...
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27th Jul 2022

When is the Best Time to Buy a Boat?

In past guides we’ve explored in depth the process of how to buy a boat, from sea trials to marine mortgages and insurance. But the question of when to buy a boat is a very different matter. Truth be told, there is no bad time to buy a boat if it feels like the right time for you and you’re ready...
Thumb buying a used boat from a private party article

10th Jan 2022

Buying a Used Boat from a Private Seller

To make a good-used boat purchase from a private seller, you have to do your homework and make sure you’ve ticked all the boxes. Use our Buying a Used Boat Checklist and consider the following key points to help you on your way.
Thumb buying a cheap boat is it a good idea article

4th Jan 2022

Buying a Cheap Boat: Is it a good idea?

Boats are luxury items and anyone making such a major purchase is keen to get the very best price they can. We all love a bargain, and why would anyone want to pay more than they have to when buying a boat?
Thumb 10 best small motor boat brands as of 2021

12th Nov 2021

10 of the Best Small Motor Boat Brands in ...

Whether you’re looking for a weekend cruiser, a sporty motorboat, a nifty RIB, or a sturdy fishing boat, different boat manufacturers will pop up on your radar and appeal to you. Take a look at smaller-sized motorboats which fit within the categories here ... Read more...