Boat Buying Advice

16th Aug 2023

What Type of Boat Insurance Do I Need?

Boating is a safe and fun activity but, like anything else in life, when things go wrong it’s imp...

12th Jul 2023

Buying a Sailboat: What You Need to Consider

You may have been dreaming of owning a sailboat all of your life. And now is the time to go for i...

11th Jul 2023

How Much Does a Yacht Cost?

We hear the question, “How much does a yacht cost?” on a regular basis, and it’s a difficult one ...

30th Jun 2023

15 Reasons You Should Buy a Boat

Buying a boat is a big and exciting decision, but one that you probably won’t be making lightly. ...

26th May 2023

How Long Can You Finance a Boat?

It’s very common to use a boat loan or marine financing to buy a new or used boat. In this articl...

21st May 2023

Marine Insurance Guide: What’s Best for Your Boat

Arranging boat insurance might be one of the least glamorous parts of buying a boat, but it’s vit...

4th May 2023

Paperwork and Taxes When Buying a Boat

Once you’ve chosen your boat and you’re ready to sign on that dotted line, it’s time to arrange t...

3rd May 2023

How to Buy a Boat: The Ultimate Guide

So you’ve decided to buy a boat! Whether small or large, power or sail, we know how good it can f...