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Hanse Yachts is a German yacht manufacturer, the second largest builder of sailing yachts globally, headquartered in the city of Greifswald, Germany. Beginning in an old-established shipyard for workboats, Hanse was founded in the year 1990 by Michael Schmidt. It has its main building site in Greifswald and in Goleniów, Poland, it has a subsidiary for hull production and pre-assembly. It produces monohull sailboats under the Hanse, Dehler and Moody brands and catamarans under Privilège brand. The Hanse 291 was the first Hanse model, launched in the year 1993. Hanse began operating in collaboration with yacht designers Jude/Vrolijk and Co and by 2003, they were producing a range of eight models. The company’s extension continued through the early 2000s with the addition of Norwegian powerboat builder Fjord Boats AS and the English built brand named Moody.

In 2017, Hanse started trading luxury catamarans produced by its French sister company Privilege Marine SAS. Hanse includes an extensive range of models, from the effective and innovative Hanse 315 to the luxurious and affluent Hanse 675. Hanse yachts assure a high level of entertainment and speed. It has been a leader in simplifying sailing and making it faster, innovative design and continuous development of cruising sailboats. Hanse models can be sailed easily with a small crew or if you feel like it, you can sail it all by yourself. Along with great sailing performance, Hanse places a high emphasis on simplified handling of their yachts. They call this idea as 'Easy Sailing' and Hanse is way ahead of the competition in this aspect of sailing.

Hanse yachts is an innovative boatyard, setting high standards for “comfort at sea” and growth of fast yachts with an excellent price and performance ratio. As one of the largest builders of production yachts in Europe, Hanse blends the tradition of excellent craftsmanship with advanced techniques and materials. Vinyl ester resin in production boat building is one of Hanse’s most exceptional discoveries. Created and hand-built on the Baltic coast of Germany, Hanse Yachts are notable for high standards in engineering and fine finish with German excellence which has resulted in yachts that bring unique performance. Come aboard and revel in the beauty by choosing from many Hanse yachts for sale listed at (boats for sale) to make memories with your near and dear ones. And if you have a pre-owned Hanse yacht, you can List your yacht online easy and fast worldwide through Rightboat @BoatsMarketplace.

The Range

Hanse 315 – 9.62 m

Hanse 348 – 10.40 m 

Hanse 388 – 11.40 m

Hanse 418 – 12.40 m

Hanse 458 – 14.04 m

Hanse 508 – 15.55 m

Hanse 548 – 16.22 m

Hanse 588 – 17.20 m

Hanse 675 – 21.10 m

Popular Models

Hanse 385 Yacht
Hanse 418 Yacht
Hanse 455 Yacht
Hanse 508 Yacht
Hanse 545 Yacht
Hanse 588 Yacht
Hanse 630 Yacht
Hanse 675 Yacht



1. When was Hanse yachts found?
Hanse yachts was founded in the year 1990.

2. Who is the founder of Hanse yachts?
Michael Schmidt is the founder of Hanse yachts.

3. Where is the headquarters of Hanse yachts located?
Hanse yachts headquarters is in Greifswald, Germany.

4. What are the special features of the Hanse 315 model?
The 9.62m Hanse 315 is the smallest yacht from Hanse with a lot of style and elegance. It is fast, easy, and safe to sail in any weather in comfort. The 315 aims to deliver easy sailing, speed, and comfort of a larger boat to a craft under ten-meters. The Hanse 315 is the smallest model in the range, yet, it grants many of the benefits of a larger boat and similar standards in safety and quality as found throughout the Hanse family. It is a fast cruising yacht that offers exceptional levels of comfort, style, and safety, making it an ideal choice. The yacht's sporty performance is best for both performance sailing as well as for a chilled-out family cruise.

5. What are the special features of the Hanse 348 model?
The 10 m Hanse 348 has an increased rig size that provides more sail area and enhances steadiness. Hanse 348 benefits from all of the engineering and build quality discoveries emphasized on the larger models. It is packed with tremendous performance to give maximum speed without jeopardizing the smooth sailing experience and handling in any environment.

6. What are the special features of the Hanse 388 model?
The 11.40m new Hanse 388 initiates an interesting world of opportunities. The powerful rig blended with the fast hull design from Judel/Vrolijk & co guarantees that you experience awesome sailing pleasure in any condition. The clever use of space and light everywhere in Hanse 388 must be seen to be convinced. It offers a lot for a 38-foot yacht which sets the Hanse 388 apart from the rest.

7. What are the special features of the Hanse 418 model?
The motto of the 12.40m Hanse 418 model is – ‘Breaking rules and setting trends’ and it definitely lives up to this commitment. The light inside the 418 is breathtaking due to its large hull windows. The quality of construction and design of Hanse 418 does not disappoint. It is roomy and a very easy boat to handle when out on the water especially when short-handed. It is strongly built and can be easily sailed. The new Hanse 418 emits a clear, strong personality that makes this Hanse yacht perfect for a genuine sailing experience that is fast, safe, and comfortable gliding through the water. The Hanse 418 is setting a new example in its class by providing an actual sailing adventure.

8. What are the special features of the Hanse 458 model?
The 14.04m new Hanse 458 is the newest inclusion to the 8 Series that incorporates comfort, quality, and performance like no other sailing yacht series. Hanse 458 provides all that one would demand from the Hanse yard. It is the leading competitor in her size range because of her large and stylish interiors, joined with a luxury of sophisticated and ingenious features. It provides exceptional living space for a yacht of this size and has been based on the award-winning Hanse 455 which has been a successful model within the Hanse range.

9. What are the special features of the Hanse 508 model?
The 15.55m popular Hanse 508 is the latest addition to the Hanse range which is designed for long-distance and blue water sailing, delivering the explicit luxury and sailing performance demanded from any Hanse model. The Hanse 508 proves to be a true bluewater yacht for long-distance sailing and surprises with its unique features and an elegantly designed interior. It is the sole new Hanse yacht that has a longitudinal galley in the saloon and can be furnished with up to five cabins and an additional skipper's cabin.

10. What are the special features of the Hanse 548 model?
The 16.22m classic and notable lines of Hanse 548 is unique and it is an exceptional boat that offers a matchless level of comfort, space, and quality for a yacht of this size. It gives a new level of spaciousness and carries on the tradition ideally, connecting a confident style with sporty grace and an optional T-Top. You can choose from ten various layouts below deck and no matter what you opt for, exceptional sailing performance and handling are delivered.

11. What are the special features of the Hanse 588 model?
The award-winning 17.20m Hanse 588 is an extraordinary yacht, constructed with the purpose of delivering the equivalent feeling of space of a larger boat in a shorter craft. It comes with hallmarks that you will be sure to profit from and it can even be navigated single-handed and will gladly take on all oceans. It combines sailing performance with comfort and enthusiasm. It includes all of Hanse trademarks like short-handed sailing, a self-tacking jib, the famous German build and construction, space, and quality to take on the world's oceans in comfort. It is the first yacht in the Hanse line that comes with a tender garage and the cockpit has options like a sleek T-top and a BBQ bar. One of the most vital additions is the Silent Master Cabin, which gives the owner a unique feeling of tranquillity and rest.

12. What are the special features of the Hanse 675 model?
The 21.10m Hanse 675 is the flagship of the Hanse range that sets new trends for the future with a superyacht feature that enables you to feel at home on the high seas. Whatever may be your demands and dreams, Hanse 675 can be fully customized accordingly. Whether you are looking for a fully crewed boat with dedicated crew accommodation or additional space for family and friends, the 675 can be tailored. It has a panoramic sunroof that allows unparalleled levels of light into the saloon with a spacious cockpit that gives matchless comfort and safety for all onboard. The touch-button sailing, combined with all lines leads aft to the cockpit allowing the helmsman to sail the 675 single-handed, whilst guests relax undisturbed.



Hanse is a well renowned boat manufacturer which crafts a wide range of styles and models of boats including the popular models 315, 588 and 388. Their wide range of boats spans multiple categories, including monohull boats, cabin cruiser and sailing yachts. Hanse has been a major player in the marine industry for many years, and as such you’ll find models of their boats dating between 1996 and 2025.

Hanse offers a wide range of sizes of boats to choose from , with their smallest model measuring 29 feet and their largest 69 feet. This broad range allows their customers the chance find the model that suits them best, while benefiting from Hanse’s impeccable build quality. With such a large variety, you’ll find Hanse boats of very different prices, from the most affordable at $24,434 to boats costing upwards of $917,256.

The company pride themselves on building their boats with the highest-quality hull materials, including fiberglass, polyester and composite. Engine power is also a key factor when choosing a boat. Hanse boats have a range of engine power options with an average horsepower of around 40 hp, capable of reaching a maximum speed of 8 knots, a cruising speed of 7 knots knots, and offering a range of 120 nautical miles on a full tank. Of course range and speed vary on the engine type, depending on the specific model, as well as several options of world class makes and models of engines.

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