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Starcraft boats consist of passionate anglers who commit superior craftsmanship because of their firsthand knowledge about all the things that create a better fishing experience. It delivers the very best ride and handling in all types of water with better materials, superior construction methods, and innovative hull designs. It also delivers better fishing foundations like more extensive bow platforms, state-of-the-art live-wells, impressive consoles and lots of secure rod storage. And it's topped off with top-quality factory-installed features and an awesome, long-lasting paint finish that's worthy of carrying the Starcfart name. It has an exclusive Performance of the Power-Trac Hull A smoother ride at higher speeds depends on better hull design. Starcraft Power-Trac Hull has a larger angle of deadrise that works in union with the exclusive Torsion Beam Construction (TBC) stringer system to deliver game-changing performance. Longitudinal machine-formed ribs flex with the chop to minimize pounding even in rough water.

Starcraft is built comfortable and strong. All the efficient Starcraft craftsmen start by applying wax to the meticulously cared hull and decks. A 22 ml ISO-NPG high lustre gel coat is applied and then by a blister-guard barrier coat to protect the appearance of the boat and its integrated stringer system provides unmatched strength and longer durability. All unfinished surfaces are coated with Gator Shield protective coating that is anti-shock, reduces noise and protects against rust and water intrusion. Every single hull is measured for quality and thoroughly inspected before it moves on to the assembly process.

Each feature sets the Starcraft boats apart with its meticulous construction and attention to detail. Its cross channel construction provides superior frame strength, rendering the durability needed to handle the high torque of today’s large engines. The exclusive rear camera system enhances safety by providing a view of activity behind the boat during swimming and watersports and eliminating blind spots while docking. Starcraft fibreglass boats are constructed to the most exacting standards. So, select from the many Starcraft boats for sale listed at and step aboard to make lovely memories with your friends and family. And if you have pre-owned Starcraft boats, you can sell your boat online.

The Range

1. Pontoon boats

2. Surf boats

3. Deck boats

4. Runabout

5. Fishing boats

6. Utility boats

7. Jon boats

Popular Models

Starcraft 171 SVX Boat for Sale

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Starcraft 211 MDX E Boat 

Starcraft Aurora 2000 Boat

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Starcraft Islander 191V

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Starcraft Renegade 168 DC

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 1. Which year were Starcraft boats found?

Starcraft boats were founded by Leon Slikkers in the year 1977.


2. Where is the headquarters of Starcraft boats located?

The Starcraft boat headquarters is in Fort Pierce, FL, U.S.A. 


3. What are the special features of Starcraft Pontoon boats?

Pontoon boats 

1. SX series - Starcraft luxury lives in the SX series. The best flagship pontoon boat class is all about satisfying and pampering yourself and your family with luxurious furniture and comfortable carpeting, synthetic teak bow and smart stern flooring and an extended swim platform. 

Models: 25 R DC, 25 Q DC, 25 Q, 25 L, 25 C DC, 25 C, 23 R DC, 23 Q DC, 23 Q, 23 C DC, 25 L DC, 23 R, 23 C

2. MX series - The modern pontoon boat styling of the Starcraft MX Series has been taken to the higher level with black anodized rails and with amazing layouts that include twin rear loungers and bar units. Its optional HMX performance strakes pump up the enthusiasm to ride it on water. 

Models: 25 R DC, 25 R, 25 Q DH, 25 Q DC, 25 Q, 25 L DC, 25 L, 25 C DC, 25 C, 23 R DC, 23 R, 23 Q DH, 23 Q DC, 23 Q, 23 L DC, 23 L, 23 C DC, 23 C 

3. SLS series - The Starcraft SLS series pontoon boat discovery advances with the all-new SLS series, featuring HMX tubes. The HMX tubes deliver more reliable lift, less surface drag, enhanced speed, quicker planing and a sharper turning radius with strategically placed strakes giving you one exciting ride. 

Models: SLS 5 DC, SLS 5, SLS 3 DC, SLS 3, SLS 1

4. CX series - The Starcraft CX pontoon boat series consists of everything that you'd expect from Starcraft. It has countless layouts and options to choose from. Everyone is sure to find the perfect pontoon boat for themselves at an affordable value. 

Models: 25RP, 25RL, 25RE, 25R, 25Q, 25E, 25DL Bar, 23RP, 23RL, 23RE, 23R, 23Q, 23DL Bar, 23DL, 23CP, 23C, 21DL, 21C, 25DL, 23E, 21R

5. CX Fish series - The CX Fish pontoon series of Starcraft boats blends the exhilaration of fishing with the convenience and comfort of pontoon living. You can relax and be assured that you're equipped with the best in fishing and pontoon amenities with the facilities like aerated live-well, lockable rod storage, and a rear fishing station.

Models: 23 FD4, 23 FD, 21 FD4, 21 FD

6. EX series - If you wish to experience great pontoon boat adventures, step inside the quality and comfort of a Starcraft EX series. It offers spacious 8' widths and five adaptable and versatile layouts that include cruise and fish models. The EX pontoon boat series is turning heads with its great standard features, options upgrades and unbeatable value.

Models: EX 24 R, EX 24 Q, EX 22 R, EX 22 Q, EX 22 C SG , EX 22 C, EX 20 R, EX 20 C, EX 18 C

7. EXS series - The Starcraft's EXS series puts third tube performance within the reach of everyone giving their freedom on the water. It is loaded with premium amenities.  

Models: EXS 5, EXS 1, EXS 3

8. EX Fish Series - With the Starcraft EX fish series everyone can discover the ease of pontoon fishing. They are affordable pontoons combined with serious fishing amenities with upscale characteristics that surpass the rest among its class. 

Models: EX 22 FD4, EX 22 FD, EX 20 FD, EX 20 F4, EX 20 CF, EX 18 F, EX 22 F4, EX 22 CF, EX 20 FD4

9. LX series - The Starcraft LX series comprises all versatile and affordable pontoons accessible in floorplans from 16' to 22' LX cruising models. You can enjoy the sea with the upgraded sea weave flooring, a custom-moulded console and a bimini top for shelter from the sun.

Models: 22R, 22F, 20R, 20F, 18R, 18F, 16R


4. What are the special features of Starcraft Surf boats? 

 Surf boats

1. MDX Surf series - The Starcraft MDX surf series has surfable deckboat features, Volvo Penta's forward drive system, and its unparalleled forward-facing propellers for improved handling, fuel economy, and safety. With the MDX Surf boat series, you will be able to take your wake to wake transfers to the next level.  

Models: 201 I/O Surf, 231 I/O Surf

2. SCX Surf series - The Starcraft SCX Surf edition deckboat lets you have a powerful smooth ride. It has a roomy swim deck and deep spacious seating where your buddies can enjoy the day comfortably. 

Models: SCX 231 I/O Surf, SCX 211 I/O Surf


5. What are the special features of Starcraft Deck boats?

Deck boats 

1. SVX series - The Starcraft SVX series shows that entertainment and fun on the water don't have to be with a big price tag. The SVX series has models ranging from 17' to 23'. It comes packed with value and excellence, including characteristics like a four-speaker stereo, a bimini top for sun protection and EVA soft-touch traction mat flooring in the bow and stern-all standard.  

Models: 231 OB, 211, 191, 171

2. Star Step 10 series - The Starcraft has launched a new level of enthusiasm with its Star Step 10 series. It highlights creative and an innovative cutaway design and longer running surface for quick planing and an unmatched boat ride. 

Models: 221 I/O, 201 E I/O, 220 I/O

3. MDX 10 series - The Starcraft MDX 10 series is specially equipped for a full range of water activities. The new MDX IO boats give serious fun for everyone along with stability and rugged, water carving performance. It has a walk-through transom and roomy bow platform with a boarding ladder that allows for easy water access and all-day entertainment.

Models: 201 I/O, 201 E I/O, 200 I/O

4. MDX OB series - The Starcraft MDX OB big water fun boat series is rigged for full days out in a wide range of situations. It guarantees a smooth, steady, dry, sleek and stable ride due to the extended-depth Modified Dihedral V-hull. 

Models: 231 OB, 231 E OB, 230 DH OB, 211 OB, 211 E OB, 210 OB, 191 OB, 191 E OB, 190 OB

5. Limited 10 series - The Starcraft Limited 10 series is the fun side of freedom. You can do what excites you, be it riding, swimming, sitting by the shoreline or cutting through the wake. You get the most from your day. 

Model: 2000 I/O

6. MDX OB Centre Console - The Starcraft MDX OB centre console is certain to dazzle everyone with its modified di-hedral V-hull with combined interlocking stringer system. It delivers good stability in rugged water with carving performance. It has a centre console with a massive head unit, LED lighted interior and live-wells, plus in-floor storage.  

Models: 231 MDX OB CC, 211 MDX OB CC


6. What are the special features of Starcraft Runabout boats?

Runabout - Limited Runabout - With the Starcraft Limited Runabout, every ride makes a statement and you feel the excitement loud and clear. Exactly like the way, you’re in your element while skiing or wakeboarding, the Limited Sport runabout boats from Starcraft are the same. 

Models: 2321 RE I/O, 2119 RE I/O, 1918 RE I/O, 172 OB Sport


7. What are the special features of Starcraft Fishing boats? 

Fishing boats 

1. Fishmaster series - The Starcraft Fishmaster series is the ultimate big water aluminium fishing boat that gives you the safety and control that's a need in the roughest conditions on the water. 

Models: 210, 196 

2. STX series - The Starcraft STX fishing boat series is built to out-fish. 

Model: 2050 

3. Superfisherman series - The Starcraft Superfisherman series has a versatile deep V-hull and comes with zero compromises. 

Model: 186 

4. Titan series - The Starcraft Titan series is certain to keep you excited with its smooth handling, making it a pure joy to take out on the water. 

Models: 186, 176 

5. Renegade series - The Starcraft Renegade series features brand new graphics and stunning colors. It is sure to turn heads with its features at an incredible value. 

Models: 188 DC, 178 SC, 178 DC, 168 SC, 168 DC 

6. Delta series - The Starcraft Delta series has everything you require in a fishing boat. 

Models: 188 T, 188 FXS, 188 DC, 178 DC, 168 T, 168 SC, 178 FXS 

7. Stealth series - The Starcraft Stealth series comes with incredible value and with all the features you need in a quality fishing boat.

Models: 166 Tiller, 166 SC, 166 DC 


8. What are the special features of Starcraft Utility boats?

  Utility boats: 

1. Patriot series - Models: 16 TL, 16 SC, 16 DLX TL, 16 DLX SC, 14 TL

2. Freedom series - Models: 160 Freedom TL, 180 Freedom TL, 180 Freedom SC 

3. SF DLX series - Models: 16 SF DLX, 14 SF DLX

4. SF series - Models: 16, 14

5. SL series - Models: 14, 12 

6. Alaskan series - Models: 15 DLX, 13 DLX 


9. What are the special features of Starcraft Jon boats?

Starcraft Jon boats are truly an investment that will be fun for generations.   

Models: 1648, 1448, 1436, 1232, 1032


Starcraft is a well renowned boat manufacturer which crafts a wide range of styles and models of boats including the popular models SVX 191 OB, SVX 171 OB and EXS-3. Their wide range of boats spans multiple categories, including bowrider boats and aluminium boats. Starcraft has been a major player in the marine industry for many years, and as such you’ll find models of their boats dating between 1993 and 2023.

Starcraft offers a wide range of sizes of boats to choose from , with their smallest model measuring 13 feet and their largest 27 feet. This broad range allows their customers the chance find the model that suits them best, while benefiting from Starcraft’s impeccable build quality. With such a large variety, you’ll find Starcraft boats of very different prices, from the most affordable at $18,053 to boats costing upwards of $309,765.

The company pride themselves on building their boats with the highest-quality hull materials, including fiberglass, aluminum and grp. Engine power is also a key factor when choosing a boat. Starcraft boats have a range of engine power options with an average horsepower of around 150.0 hp, capable of reaching a maximum speed of 35 knots, a cruising speed of 22 knots, Of course range and speed vary on the engine type, depending on the specific model, as well as several options of world class makes and models of engines.

At Rightboat you'll find 198 used and 0 new boats available, offering you a broad range to choose from that fits your budget and requirements.