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Chaparral Boats are the top manufacturers of 18-35-foot sterndrive powerboats in the USA and has been building quality family boats since 1965. Chaparral Boats was founded in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; by William “Buck” Pegg and was originally named Fibreglass Fabricators. Its main focus is on meeting the growing needs of discriminating recreational boaters, producing recreational and fishing boats.

The skilled craftsmen building high-quality boats by hand is still a process at Chaparral Boats. At Chaparral, there are many builders who are second and third generation boat builders and they take personal pride in every boat that they build. Chaparral Boats is valued for its versatility and innovation.

Chaparral Boats is the world's leading manufacturer of quality fiberglass boats. It incorporates the design, quality construction, and innovation and couples it with proven performance and gives the ultimate boating experience.

The Range

Chaparral range includes:









Chaparral has put together the knowledge they learned about boat building in the last 50 years into all the boats that they built. And the end result is, a family jet boat that's priced right, built right and is perfect for you. Your weekends on the water will never be the same as Chaparral brings a whole new look with more seating capacity, storage space, luxury, quality, and performance. There are over 100's of  Chaparral boats for sale listed at and own your Chaparral soon.

Popular Models

Chaparral 347 SSX

Chaparral 21 H2O Sport Boat

Chaparral 330 Signature Cruiser

Chaparral 19 H2O Sport Boat

Chaparral 250 SunCoast

Chaparral 287 SSX

Chaparral 257 Surf SSX

Chaparral 243 Vortex Boats

Chaparral 244 Surf Sunesta




1. Who is the founder of Chaparral and when was it founded?

Chaparral was founded by William “Buck” Pegg in the year 1965.

2. Where is the Headquarters of Chaparral located?

The Chaparral headquarters is in Nashville, Georgia, United States of America.

3. What is the Chaparral Vortex range?

The Chaparral Vortex range is unique in every way, a sleek, classy profile with dry-riding freeboard and a whole new level of innovation. It is designed with innovative styling and an unmatched quality. If you are on a long-distance cruise then its enclosed head is a welcome plus.

The Vortex jet boat has eight variants:
203 Vortex VR - 20' 3"
203 Vortex VRX - 20' 3"
223 Vortex VR - 22' 3"
223 Vortex VRX - 22' 3"
243 Vortex VR - 24' 3"
243 Vortex VRX - 24' 3"
2430 Vortex VR - 24' 3"
2430 Vortex VRX - 24' 3"

4. What is the Chaparral H2O range?

The Chaparral H2O range is very exceptional and its value joins quality and style. Specialized craftsmanship, time-tested manufacturing, and detail rigging deliver years of trouble free fun. Chaparral's wildly popular H2O series becomes the talk of the waterways, as it gets bigger and better with each of its amazing variants.

The H2O Line consists of six variants:
19 H2O Sport - 19' 4"
19 H2O Ski & Fish - 19' 4"
21 H2O Sport - 21'
21 H2O Ski & Fish - 21'
21 H2O Sport OB - 21' 6"
21 H2O Ski & Fish OB - 21' 6"

5. What is the Chaparral SSI range?

The Chaparral SSI is the perfect family bowrider. It has engine options from 280 to 350 horsepower that lets the family enjoy the freedom to go-anywhere and do-anything. It is a family bowrider that is responsive and efficient.
246 SSI - 24' 6".

6. What is the Chaparral SSX range?

The Chaparral SSX range packs more elegance, performance, and innovation. SSX is at its very best with the style lines, attention to detail and efficient use of space. SSX is a trendsetter in design, performance, and function as it glides through the water with minimal noise.

The SSX Line has seven variants:
227 SSX - 23'
247 SSX - 25'
257 SSX - 25' 6"
267 SSX - 27' 0"
287 SSX - 29' 0"
307 SSX - 30' 6"
337 SSX - 33' 6"

7. What is the Chaparral Sunesta range?

The Chaparral Sunesta range is best known for its performance and features. It is the perfect mix of innovative styling and performance and is more luxurious than rival deck boats. It is also spacious than its competitive conventional bowriders.

The Sunesta Line consists of three models:
224 Sunesta - 22' 4"
244 Sunesta - 24' 4"
264 Sunesta - 26' 4"

8. What is the Chaparral Signature range?

The Chaparral Signature range has its boats offering crisp acceleration, tracks true and is dry riding in big water. The design excellence shines through with a standard fiberglass hard top that creates a big cruiser feel and protects in all-weather condition. The Chaparral Signature look is bold and innovative.

The Signature Line of stylish cruisers consists of three models:
270 Signature - 27'
310 Signature - 31'
330 Signature - 33' 6"

9. What is the Chaparral SunCoast range?

The Chaparral SunCoast range is a blend of style and quality.

The SunCoast Line breaks down boating to the basics and consists of four models:
191 SunCoast - 20' 0"
210 SunCoast - 20' 10"
23 SunCoast - 22' 10"
250 SunCoast - 24' 10"

10. What is the Chaparral Surf range?

The Chaparral Surf range equals speed, thrills, and excitement. The newest addition delivers adventure in style making wake surfing more thrilling and easy to enjoy than ever.

The Surf Line consists of six variants:
21 H2O Surf - 21'
227 Surf SSX - 23' 0"
257 Surf SSX - 25' 6"
246 Surf SSi - 24' 6"
244 Surf Sunesta - 24' 4"
264 Surf Sunesta - 26' 4"



Chaparral is a well renowned boat manufacturer which crafts a wide range of styles and models of boats including the popular models 240 Signature, 270 Signature and 290 Signature. Their wide range of boats spans multiple categories, including bowrider boats, cabin cruiser and ski and wakeboard boats. Chaparral has been a major player in the marine industry for many years, and as such you’ll find models of their boats dating between 1986 and 2023.

Chaparral offers a wide range of sizes of boats to choose from , with their smallest model measuring 18 feet and their largest 110 feet. This broad range allows their customers the chance find the model that suits them best, while benefiting from Chaparral’s impeccable build quality. With such a large variety, you’ll find Chaparral boats of very different prices, from the most affordable at $6,134 to boats costing upwards of $343,373.

The company pride themselves on building their boats with the highest-quality hull materials, including fiberglass, polyester and grp. Engine power is also a key factor when choosing a boat. Chaparral boats have a range of engine power options with an average horsepower of around 300 hp, capable of reaching a maximum speed of 43 knots, a cruising speed of 26 knots, and offering a range of ssx nautical miles on a full tank. Of course range and speed vary on the engine type, depending on the specific model, as well as several options of world class makes and models of engines.

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