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Cobalt Boats for Sale - SpeedBoats - Cruisers - Runabouts

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Cobalt boats were established in Neodesha, Kansas by Pack St. Clair. The boats are an innovation with an eye for detail that began development by producing high-end speedboats, small cruisers, runabouts, sterndrive, large family cruisers from the year 1968. They stabilised a strong status for quality throughout the 1970s with the creation of stylish tri-hull craft. The company places regard on quality over price and all the boats are sleek, comfortable and stylish. Cobalt engaged various manufacturing systems and materials like Kevlar and fibreglass stringers, extending a wide range of trim options and powerplants.

Cobalt boats are created and designed with unyielding quality and innovative ideas for all discerning and ingenious boating families who demand the very best in elegance, luxury, and performance. In the year 2017, Malibu Boats acquired Cobalt, managing and maintaining their production in Neodesha. The boats constructed by Cobalt range from nineteen to forty feet and have Mercury or Volvo sterndrives. Cobalt has assigned a premium on accurate construction, technical perfection and superiority in its designs and built its reputation on excellence and quality. The buyer-satisfaction surveys frequently show the name of Cobalt at the top of the list in all major categories. They have advanced and maintained an in-house design and tooling to achieve excellence. The amount of engines and outdrives available for every model has been characterised as extensive for the powerboat market. Cobalt was manufacturing over 2,000 boats per year in its Neodesha facility by the year 2017. 

Cobalt boats have satisfied the most challenging boaters for generations and have a legacy of iconic products unequalled in the marine industry. It promises hours of enjoyment on the water. So, select from the many Cobalt boats for sale listed at www.rightboat.com and step aboard to make lovely memories with your friends and family. And if you have pre-owned Cobalt boats, you can list your boat online through www.rightboat.com were selling boats are made easier and simpler.

The Range

Surf Class: Surf Series

Sterndrive: R Series

10 Series

A Series

Outboards: SC Series

Popular Models

Cobalt R3 Boat for Sale

Cobalt R5 Boat 

Cobalt R7 Boat 

Cobalt 200S Boat

Cobalt 220S Boat

Cobalt A40 Coupe Boat

Cobalt 25SC Boat

Cobalt A29 Boat

Cobalt A36 Boat






1. Who founded Cobalt and when was it founded?
Cobalt was founded by Paxson St. Clair in the year 1968.

2. Where is the Headquarters of Cobalt located?
The Cobalt headquarters is in Neodesha, Kansas, U.S.A.

3. What is the name of the parent company of Cobalt?
The name of the parent company of Cobalt is Malibu boats.

4. What are the special features of the Cobalt Surf series?

The Cobalt Surf series are for the new generation of fun-seeking families who deserve a new generation of boats. No matter what the conditions, you get the soft, dry ride you anticipate from a Cobalt. You have the best-engineered surf boat with a handcrafted interior where luxury is finely found in every detail. You can experience an unprecedented class and comfort in the Surf series because it is designed to meet the distinct demands of a full day on the water.

Surf Series
CS23 Surf – 23ft 8in
R3 Surf – 23ft 10in
R5 Surf – 25ft 8in
R7 Surf – 27ft 6in

5. What are the special features of the Cobalt R Series?

The Cobalt R series strikes the perfect balance between form and function. It is the perfect combination of excitement and elegance with sportiness and luxury. No matter what you select, R series offers the most diverse line in the market with an ultimate line of sport runabouts, designed with smooth, stylish lines to cast an aggressive stance in the water. It is crafted to stand out and primed to perform without compromising the performance or ride expected from a Cobalt.

R Series
R3 – 23ft 10in
R5 – 25ft 8in
R7 – 27ft 6in
R30 – 30ft 8in
R35 – 34ft 9in

6. What are the special features of the Cobalt 10 Series?

The Cobalt 10 Series radiates performance, comfort, and style with the finely-detailed interior. It grants good looks and convenience no matter how many twists and turns. For those who compromise nothing, it offers an excellent and elegant experience. The 10 Series is a confirmation to the simplistic taste of clean, classic lines and sensitive design.

10 Series
200S – 20ft 10in
220S – 22ft 10in
CS22 – 22ft 6in
CS23 – 23ft 8in

7. What are the special features of the Cobalt A Series?

The Cobalt A-Series stands out from the crowd and it is an ultimate luxury designed for every boat lover who requires the very best with unmatched class, style, and performance. It offers an absolutely perfect boating experience. The handling capabilities of the A-Series are like a 25-foot runabout with the area, beam expanse, and design of a large yacht. It upholds the Cobalt legacy of performance and handling and is exceptionally steady at high speeds, giving extra confidence for drivers and ultimate relaxation for passengers. A-Series is designed to deliver top-line styling, steadiness, and sturdiness. The smooth windshield and integrated top design exhibit a seamless, streamlined look which makes it a perfect home base for water-borne activity.

A Series
A29 – 29ft
A36 – 35ft 6in
A36BR – 35ft 6in
A40 Coupe – 39ft 6in

8. What are the special features of the Cobalt SC Series?

The Cobalt SC Series is the result of the dedication yielded from an exceptional design that heads the responsibility for expanding outboard business. The goal with the SC Series is to produce boats that are comfortable. They are redrawn, reoriented and re-weighted along with the established Cobalt features like performance, luxury, and class. An extremely brand new engine was created to be particularly quiet and smooth for the SC Series. First-class luxury, convenience, and versatility come standard with the SC Series. It’s the perfect blend of classic and contemporary luxury for the whole family.

SC Series
23SC – 23ft 2in
25SC – 24ft 9in
30SC – 29ft 10in