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It couldn't be simpler to sell your boat on Rightboat. And we're so confident you'll find it quick, easy and effective that we're offering you one month for free. Simply add photos, specifications and information about your boat and create your live listing in minutes. Our verified, genuine buyers are just a click away from contacting you via our secure platform, which is why we're the largest and most trusted global boating marketplace.



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Testimonials for selling with Rightboat


Friendly and helpful service

Rightboat is easy to use, and Nicky provides a friendly and helpful service if we have any issues. Would definitely recommend!


Easy process. Recommended. Thanks to Rightboat team.

I am very pleased with the way my yacht sale advert has been set up on the web site. The whole process was very easy, thanks to the team.


Easy to use. I sold my boat quickly

I listed my Merry Fisher for sale last month and within the first two weeks I had several really good enquiries. The site was really easy to use and I sold my boat from the listing quickly. Recommended.


Excelent site

This is an excellent site keeping me up to speed with sales


Professional site

Very professional and prompt at replying to any questions


Site easy to navigate

The site is easy to navigate and Nick contacted me as soon as was possible and sent more photos with follow up calls


Great customer service

Very easy service to use, and quick to address any problems


Sold my boat within days

Listed our boat on Rightboat and it got plenty of views and sold within days. Cant ask for more than that! Highly recommended


Selling a boat online - FAQs

At Rightboat we believe in total transparency. So if you don't find the answer to your questions here, get in touch and we'll be happy to help!

What is the best place to sell my boat?

You are spoilt for choice when it comes to places to sell your boat. While it's always good to look at sales avenues such as local classified ads, putting notices up in your local marina, or even placing a 'for sale' sign in your driveway, online selling sites such as Rightboat will allow you to showcase your boat to thousands of motivated boat buyers. Boat buyers can have a thorough look at the specifications and photos of your boat from the comfort of home as they create a shortlist of boats. You'll be able to receive secure emails from genuine, verified buyers who are interested in finding out more about your boat.

What is the best way to sell my boat on Rightboat?

When we say that we like to keep things straightforward when it comes to selling boats, we really mean it. We don't believe in offering numerous complicated packages, and have stripped the whole concept of selling boats down to its bare bones. The result is simple and impressively effective. You get an intuitive, innovative and downright easy to use platform, verified and valuable buyer leads, and two clear packages to choose from. In addition, we offer a completely FREE 4 week package so you can list your boat and try out our software for yourself. There really is nothing to lose.

How much does it cost to list on Rightboat?

It's 100% FREE to list your boat on Rightboat. We're so confident that you'll find our selling tools easy, quick and effective to use that we offer 4 weeks for free. After your first month, if you haven't sold your boat, there are two simple packages you can choose from. Find out more about what's included in our packages.

What are the differences between the free and paid packages?

The free package allows you access to our full range of software, allowing you to create a live listing including five photos or videos, specifications and a detailed description. Our paid packages however, will allow you to upload up to 12 photos or videos (standard package) or unlimited images (premium package) and give your listing more visibility on the website. 

How do you make listings appear on top of the results on Rightboat?

Getting your boat listing viewed by as many people as possible is key to selling your boat fast. While our verified buyers will be able to use the detailed search tools to find the boat they're looking for, you can have your boat appear on the top of Rightboat by adding as much information as possible, from a clear title and a detailed description to specifics such as the boat electronics.

Does Rightboat offer any upgrades to make my listing stand out?

Our premium package does just that! Your listing gets 12 weeks on our website with unlimited photos and videos as well as a home page advert to really make it stand out. In addition, we will showcase your boat via email to our huge database of verified buyers. Our research has shown that by increasing exposure, your boat can sell up to twice as fast.

What is the value of my boat?

Ultimately the value of your boat or any other is what those ready to buy boats are willing to pay for it. Getting the price point right can seem daunting – ask too much and you’ll deter those ready to buy, ask too little and they’ll wonder what’s wrong with it. The best way to appraise your boat’s value is to do research. This could involve hiring a yacht broker or other boating industry professional or, at a minimum, studying the competition to see what others are asking for the same model, age and specification boat. Try to be objective about your boat and see it through the eyes of a prospective buyer. Know what the minimum you'll accept for your boat is and price it so that you can still accept offers. For more advice read our guide to How to Price Your Boat for Sale.

What details should I include in my boat listing?

The more detailed you can be in your listing the better, as prospective buyers will get a good insight into your boat. Try to include a long, detailed description including the builder's specifications and measurements, what equipment there is on board, the engine hours, accessories, maintenance schedule, tank sizes, or new items that have been installed recently. Be honest but positive. Taking good photos and videos is key to getting attention, so follow our guide How to Take Photos and Videos that Will Help Sell Your Boat Fast to make your boat stand out.

How can I sell my boat fast?

We have tens of thousands of verified, motivated buyers looking for their next boat on Rightboat, and as such boats tend to sell quickly. However there are ways you can speed the process up if you're after a quick sale. Pricing your boat at or below market value will entice more buyers and make your boat more competitive, especially if there are several similar models being listed at the same time. Use dazzling photos and videos as well as a clear and detailed description of your boat to appeal to more prospective buyers and get your boat sold faster.

How long does it take to sell a boat?

We have an impressive success rate in selling new and used boats fast, and about 50% of boats listed on Rightboat sell within 12 weeks. How competitive your price is, how good your photos and videos are, and how detailed your boat description is will play a key role in how quickly it sells. Our advice is to price your boat well and make your listing as appealing as possible.

What is the best time to sell a boat?

It is currently a seller's market, and there is an unprecedentedly high demand for new and used boats, so there is no bad time to sell. The different seasons do offer their pros and cons, with spring and summer considered the high used boat buying season, while autumn and winter are often popular times for buying new boats as they're launched. However, the time of year shouldn't really play a role in deciding when to sell your boat. If it's the right time for you then it's the right time!

What is a bill of sale for a boat?

The bill of sale is the final, signed agreement between the buyer and seller of a boat and legally transfers ownership. Once the boat has been delivered to the buyer, and the buyer has paid for the purchase, both parties (as well as a boat financing lender if one is being used) will sign the document.

Is my boat too big or expensive to list on Rightboat?

Absolutely not! There is no such thing as too big (or too small for that matter) and we list boats from the largest superyachts in the world down to tiny skiffs, and everything in between. We have buyers searching for boats in all price brackets and of all sizes, so you can be confident knowing the right buyer is out there for your boat whatever the size or price point.

How do you buy a boat from a private seller?

Buying a boat from a private seller involves the same process as buying through a dealer or broker, the main difference being that you will negotiate with the owner of the boat. Thousands of used boats change hands every year all over the world and buying from a private seller is commonplace. As most private sales will be on an 'as seen' basis, it's important that you follow the basic boat-buying procedures of conducting a sea trial, getting a marine survey completed (for larger vessels), ensuring all the paperwork is in order and drawing up a purchase agreement or bill of sale. For more detailed information see our guide to Buying a Boat from a Private Seller.

How do you sell a boat with a loan?

It is common for boats to be bought with loans or marine mortgages. In order to sell a boat with a loan you'll first need to contact your bank or lender to request a 10-day payoff quote. If you owe more than the asking price of the boat, you'll have to decide how you are going to pay off the difference. Otherwise you must receive enough funds from the buyer to pay off your existing loan. You'll need to have the ownership documents ready to transfer to the buyer, or have paid off the loan for the lender to transfer the title to the buyer.

What paperwork do you need to sell your boat?

Whether you're selling a small Jon boat or a large superyacht, ultimately there will be some paperwork in the sale of your boat, so it's best to have it altogether before listing your boat. Paperwork will depend on the size and possibly age of your boat but in general you might need the Bill of Sale, any warranty documentation, the boat title (the proof of ownership), maintenance records, an invoice receipt if you purchased it new, a Certificate of Seaworthiness, insurance documentation and boat survey results if you have them. See our guide to How to Sell Your Boat for more information on the step-by-step process.