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Axopar is a Finnish brand, originated by Jan-Erik Viitala and Sakari Mattila in the year 2014 presenting excellent quality and performance. The name Axopar originates from three brands, Aquador, XO and Paragon. Axopar’s impressive new brand models are exciting to drive, competitively rated and fuel-efficient. The Axopar line is built in Poland with the intention to decrease man-hours in the construction process and mass production, for better pricing. The unique elements of the Axopar boats make it stand out. Its distinguishing axe bow cuts through the water strongly and its advanced hull interjects air into the water flow, creating a cushion of air for less drag, allowing the boat to work extra efficiently. It is speedy, light and great for fishing, day-tripping, skiing or cocktailing. The Axopar range is the outcome of great-time expertise and passion for boating by two enthusiastic boat lovers. It is hard to find any other boat on the market which grants such a great quality ride and features you find on the Axopar because it is created, produced and developed by true boating champions for the quality discerning boater.

Axopar is safe, responsive, exciting, active, sporty with fine-tuned directional stability and fantastic grip during cornering. It has more regulated handling, higher cruising speed, and lower fuel consumption. Best of Boats 2015, Motor Boat Award 2016, European Powerboat Award 2016, Motor Boat of the Year Award in 2017 are the acquired prestigious awards by Axopar. Axopar is unbeatable, a day cruiser reinvented with ice-cool looks, magnificent, easy handling, speedy, enjoyable, capable of handling rough seas, practical and affordable. The idea of rendering well-made, competitively priced boats, that are instantly identified with their refreshing appearance and are fun to drive, has definitely attracted everyone's imagination. Axopar's universal businesses have soared with more than 1,700 boats traded by a network of over 90 sellers, across 6 varied continents. The makers of Axopar created it to help their customers create unparalleled adventures and special memories that will last a lifetime.

Axopar is a boat that flawlessly fits the latest course on the water, letting you carry your adventure equipment with you and makes it easily accessible and stored onboard. Whether you’re a seasoned and skilled boat owner, or you’re thinking of owning an exciting boat for the very first time, there’s an Axopar ideal to suit your cruising requirement. Axopar boats are invented for the class and quality conscious boater and with the size range of 24 to 37-feet and versatile deck arrangements, Axopar boats are the accurate vessel for any nature of boater. So, select from the many Axopar boats for sale listed at www.rightboat.com and step aboard to make lovely memories with your friends and family. And if you have pre-owned Axopar boats, you can sell your boat online through www.rightboat.com where your selling boats is made easier and simpler.

The Range

Axopar 37 XC Cross Cabin

Axopar 37 Sun-Top

Axopar 37 Spyder

Axopar 28 Cabin

Axopar 28 T-Top

Axopar 28 Open

Axopar 24 Open

Axopar 24 T-Top

Axopar Hard Top

Popular Models

Axopar 37 T-Top

Axopar 28 T-Top

Axopar 37 Sports Cabin Boats

Axopar 37 XC Cross Cabin

Axopar 37 Sun-Top Boats

Axopar 37 Spyder Tender Boats

Axopar 28 Cabin Boats

Axopar 28 Cabin Brabus Boats

Axopar 28 T-Top Boats

Axopar 28 Open Boats

Axopar 24 Open

Axopar 24 T-Top 



1. Who introduced Axopar boats and in which year?
Axopar boats were introduced by Jan-Erik Viitala and Sakari Mattila in the year 2014.

2.  Where is the headquarters of Axopar boats located?
The Axopar boat headquarters are in Helsinki, Southern Finland.

3. What are the special features of 37 XC Cross Cabin of Axopar boats?
The 37ft 9in Axopar 37 XC Cross Cabin is the classic platform for every adventure at sea including its newest crossover to all-weather boating with its striking and captivating modern looks. It is regarded to be the Gran Turismo of the seas initiating a world of opportunities for secure, extensive voyages in solace even in an unpredictable climate. The Axopar 37 XC Cross Cabin takes you farther on your journey, be it in the harsh cold, sunny, warm or bustling seas.

4. What are the special features of 37 Sun-Top of Axopar boats?
The 37ft 9in Axopar 37 Sun-Top established itself to be a definite blend of open and enclosed boating and is an excellent choice, easily defending its position as a genuine game-changer. The new version, with its full-length shaded roof, is packed with countless innovative functionality and creature-comforts. The elongated roof grants the best shade and weather security possible without negotiating on the expanse and versatility of the aft-deck area and walkaround sides.

5. What are the special features of 37 Spyder of Axopar boats?
The 37ft 9in Axopar 37 Spyder gives a remarkably compliant ride with excellent handling and grip. It is a pacesetter, an impressive dive-excursion boat, a wakeboarding or water-ski boat and your correct companion for blasting offshore by experiencing the user-friendly features and secure, responsive nature. Axopar 37 Spyder is also the perfect choice for use as a tender or chase boat for superyachts. It is fast, safe and fun to drive and easy to dock and store due to its low height and weight compared to the other 37 footers. The Axopar 37 Spyder is a true competitor to RIBs and open speedboats but with more space for socialising, safer passages and extraordinary comfort. The Spyder is a boat that keeps on giving, not just for high-speed pleasure and undiluted fun, but it’s a boat that will satisfy the senses even when lying at anchor.

6. What are the special features of 28 Cabin of Axopar boats?
The 28ft 8in Axopar 28 Cabin is varied by design, less of a sports boat and more Gran Turismo, initiating a world of potentialities for extensive voyages and longer journey times and with the Aft Cabin choice, this is the most prominent selling model. Boating personalities know the weather can be a changeable force and remaining caught in a rainstorm or being struck by the powerful wind for hours on end can be exasperating but with 28 Cabin, they can travel safely. It has the capability of accommodating up to five people within a full weather protected environment, not only a few hours on-board but numerous days and even weeks enjoying the Axopar Cabin version to the fullest.

7. What are the special features of 28 T-Top of Axopar boats?
The 28ft 8in smart-thinking Axopar 28 T-Top looks fashionable and stays cool. Seldom, experiencing too much sun can be as bothersome as not having adequate and Axopar imagined about that while designing the intelligent T-Top with large, canvas roof shade, scaled to a sturdy & durable metal frame. It is a very versatile, multi-purpose, walkaround sports cruiser, strongly keeping the front and rear passengers from the less pleasing impacts of too much sun so that all onboard can now spend more time on the water.

8. What are the special features of 28 Open of Axopar boats?
The 28ft 8in Axopar 28 Open grants all-round clarity and the chance for occupants to be at totality with their surroundings for the lucky ones to enjoy a steady seasonal climate and good year-round boating weather. It is a classic choice for those who have never considered buying an 8m motorboat up until now. The user-friendly features and secure & active nature of the Axopar 28 Open version make it an ideal first-time buy. It is the most adaptable and efficient model within the Axopar range. You can use it either as a family-fun tool for travelling stunning coastlines and navigating undiscovered lagoons, or as an interesting dive-excursion boat, or just for blasting offshore to your personal fishing reef.

9. What are the special features of 24 Open of Axopar boats?
The 24ft 11in Axopar 24 Open grants more style, more ease and better use of inside space than the same length RIB or similar bowrider boat could ever give. It is perfect for those who might be completely new to boating. The Axopar 24 Open is an un-intimidating boat that anyone who has or doesn't have previous boating experience, can jump directly in and drive away, practically as if they were riding a normal family car. Axopar 24 Open is all concerning the good times enjoyed with family and friends.

10. What are the special features of 24 T-Top of Axopar boats?
The 24ft 11in, Axopar 24 T-Top with its modest canvas roof section is the excellent antitoxin to the tiring and infrequently damaging outcomes of too much daytime sun. It is for the ones who love to be out on the water as much as possible with an extra layer of weather protection from the harmful UV rays and also moderate shield from an occasional rain shower. The head-room and visibility of 24 T-Top are excellent.

11. What are the special features of Hard Top of Axopar boats?
The 24ft 11in, Axopar Hard Top is the latest deterrent against the opening of an unpredictable, surprising downpour, spell of harsh-cold and constantly fluctuating weather by making relaxation time more cherished and precious time. Once onboard, you will be more likely to prolong your journey times having more fun discovering new destinations in places that might otherwise have been very far away. The Hard Top guards the two front seats and there’s an additional expansion that stretches out from the trailing edge of the roof, protecting the central table and second-row seats making it boaters choice.