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Sailfish Boats for Sale - Fishing Boat Sales

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Sailfish boats are expertly engineered and masterfully crafted. They were established in the year 1986 as an individually owned and operated boat manufacturer to craft innovative designs, functional layouts, and user-friendly amenities. It remained independent and dedicated to its goal to produce and sell quality sportfishing boats at an affordable price. Sailfish Boats are manufactured by Seminole Marine Group, which prioritises on quality. Sailfish boats have been produced by anglers for anglers, implemented with more standard features to endure the rigours of inshore and offshore environments.

Sailfish practised the quality principles for which it is known and expanded its line to fishing focused and family-friendly boats so that customers could get more from a single boat. Sailfish boats are with deep-bow seating, deep gunwales, greater overall depths of the entire boat, to keep water out and people in, ensuring complete safety. Sailfish takes the versatility and quality of boats very seriously. Their centre-console boats are fishing boats that are family-friendly and the dual-console models are family boats that are made fishing-friendly. Quality is amongst the company’s key values, but it also advances its focus on delivering perfection in terms of performance, structure, and function. Sailfish takes pride in building sturdy and durable crafts with better performance and functional quality, and hence, it takes several years from design to the introduction before it’s ready to introduce a new model. The company uses feedback from customers and its dealer network to continually enhance and improve every generation of boats. The fishing focused and family-friendly features of boats have earned Sailfish an extraordinary reputation and loyal followers all over the world.

Enthusiasm, love, passion, innovation, and excellence are the words that describe perfectly the creation of every Sailfish boat. Sailfish leads in fishing boats in terms of performance, construction, and function. With models ranging from 19 to 36 feet, you will surely find a Sailfish that will suit your perfect day on the water. So, select from the many Sailfish boats for sale listed at www.rightboat.com and step aboard to make lovely memories with your friends and family. And if you have a pre-owned Sailfish boat, you can sell your boat online through www.rightboat.com where selling boats made easy and fast.

The Range

1. Centre Consoles

2. Dual Consoles

4. Bay

Popular Models

Sailfish 220 CC Boat for Sale

Sailfish 241 CC Boat

Sailfish 242 CC Boat for Sale

Sailfish 270 CC Boat

Sailfish 320 CC Boat for Sale(New)

Sailfish 360 CC Boat for Sale

Sailfish 245 DC Boat for Sale

Sailfish 275 DC Boat

Sailfish 220 WAC Boat for Sale

Sailfish 270 WAC Boat

Sailfish 320 EXP Boat

Sailfish 1900 BB Boat

Sailfish 2100 BB Boat





1. Which year was Sailfish boats found?
Sailfish boats were founded in the year 1986.

2. Where is the headquarters of Sailfish boats located?
The Sailfish boat headquarters is in Cairo, Georgia, U.S.A.

3. What are the special features of Centre consoles of Sailfish boats?

Sailfish center console boats are produced using state-of-the-art technology and excellent engineering to create the industry’s best family-friendly, fishing boats. Each boat is designed with the customer in mind to provide a boat that families will enjoy for years together. Each ride in the center console boats is comfortable and special. The center console is equipped with advanced technology to give an angler the knowledge of the open waters and experience adventure. Amidst a variety of thoughtfully designed and masterfully crafted innovations, center console boats from Sailfish Boats are renowned among anglers, recreational boaters, and families who love to be on board. Sailfish uses high-quality materials to guarantee that your center console boat is capable of handling the toughest offshore conditions while providing the quality, comfort, and functionality that anglers need.

Centre Console models:
220 CC
241 CC
242 CC
270 CC
272 CC
290 CC
320 CC
360 CC

4. What are the special features of Dual consoles of Sailfish boats?

The Sailfish Dual console boats are designed with accuracy and attention to detail. The Sailfish difference means boats that are crafted for anglers and furnished with supreme functionality and ease. The gleaming designs and attractive models are joined with sturdiness and chosen features to create the perfect boat for anglers and their families. Fishing boats are taken to the next level with designs and features unlike any other. The dual console boats are produced to assist all anglers during fishing trips on the lake or out in the ocean by featuring special storage units and specifications to meet their needs. These strong boats are built to power through tough waters to reach an angler’s destination safely and smoothly, making them more adaptable than ordinary fishing boats. Dual Console boats also give better weather shield as the cockpit covers the width of the boat and provides safety from rain and wind.

Dual Consoles:
245 DC (Under Offer)
275 DC
325 DC

5. What are the special features of Walk arounds of Sailfish boats?

Sailfish Walkaround boats are usually considered a hybrid between a center console boat and a walk around cuddy. Due to their unusual design, walkaround boats are the perfect boats for each customer. Sailfish walkaround boats feature specifications to make every use enjoyable and comfortable for you and your family. Right from enjoying family days on the lake to having long fishing excursions, the walkaround boats renders the functionality needed for all circumstances.

Walk around models:
220 WAC
270 WAC
320 EXP

6. What are the special features of Sailfish Bay boats?

Sailfish Bay boats are an outstanding option for those wanting to experience beautiful escapades through calm waters in shallow areas while also adventuring closer to the open waters with unimaginable functionality. The simple boats are great for fishing trips with easy access to every side and angle and also an abundance of storage for an all-day fishing excursion. Bay boats are designed with an angler’s lifestyle in mind, by combining features and options that make fishing comfortable, safe, easy and fun. The bay boats provide incredible comfort whether you wish to fish or venture towards offshore catches.

Bay boat models:
1900 BB
2100 BB