25th Jul 2017 by Rightboat

Hanse presents four brand new yachts

The new Hanse 348

The new Hanse 388

The new Hanse 418

The new Hanse 548

Providing you with an insight in Hanse's exciting future, these four new yachts embody Hanse's stance on innovation, style, and luxury. Hanse's huge success over the past 24 years has placed Hanse at the top of the shipyard industry, making them the second biggest Yacht manufacturer in the world. Hanse claims that these new yachts depict a new era for the brand and will pave a new future for Hanse. Faster, more convenient, more luxurious and even easier to use.

Hanse has stated that these new yachts are based around truly being at one with the elements - Fire, water, air, and earth.



The combination of sun and light. These new yachts worship the sun, equipped with large portholes and windows, as well as skylights in the bathrooms, these new yachts give a light and airy feel.


The new Hanse yachts possess perfect hydrodynamics designed by Judel/Vrolijk and co with pre-balanced rudders and slim L-keels for more lift on the upwind course.


Moving air is the element that drives us forward. With higher masts, and larger Sail plans, the new Hanse yachts truly embrace the air element. These factors result in higher speeds and fewer engine hours. In windy conditions, the large sailing area can be easily and swiftly made smaller by one person using the Hanse one-line reefing system.


The earth is our home and never fails to excite with her shapes and colours. Relax with family and friends under the summer sun in an environment with a comfortable, luxurious and modern design. Roseo Design has compiled an even higher quality interior design concept, which ensures more luxury and attractiveness below deck.


The new Hanse yachts at a glance:


Hanse 348

She may be the smallest in the new Hanse fleet, but the Hanse 348 boasts the same luxury and great value as the other three yachts. The clear deck gives the 348 a sporty look. With her horizontally mounted panorama window in the saloon, her outward appearance is stunning.


Hanse 388

Boasting six hull windows on a 38 footer is pretty impressive. With a sailing area of 67.5m², it is both attractive and fast.


Hanse 418

Aside from the exceptionally high rig and the beautifully tailored interior, it is the windows in the rump and glass panels alongside the companionway that make the new Hanse 418 stand out.


Hanse 548

Even before being launched on the water this 55 foot yacht has been nominated for Europe's 2018 yacht of the year and it is easy to see why. Equipped with a tender garage, a T-Top , two forestays and 12 rump windows, the new Hanse 548 embodies luxury. The interior of the 548 is classically Hanse. Exceptionally finished, with a modern lounge character.

Come and see Hanse's four new yachts at their world premiere at the Cannes Yachting Festival this September.

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