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Thumb buying a used boat from a private party article

10th Jan 2022

Buying a Used Boat from a Private Seller

To make a good-used boat purchase from a private seller, you have to do your homework and make sure you’ve ticke...
Thumb boat trailer thumb

9th Nov 2022

What you Need to Know When Buying a Boat Trailer

Buying a boat trailer is a bigger decision than most people initially think. With lots of different styles and m...
Thumb kids boating thumb

13th Oct 2022

8 Fun Ways to Get Kids to Love Boating

Buying a boat is an adventure the whole family will be going on, and there’s nothing worse than dragging relucta...
Thumb monaco yacht show 2022 thumb

26th Sep 2022

The Monaco Yacht Show 2022: How to Enjoy it from Home

The Monaco Yacht Show (MYS) is the most hotly anticipated superyacht event of the year, and it gets under way in...
Thumb jeanneau sun odyssey 43 2003 for sale conwy united kingdom 001

13th Sep 2022

How to Prepare for a Day (or Weekend) on Your Boat

Boat ownership is all about the days (or weekends) you spend out on the water, away from the stresses of everyda...
Thumb monaco yacht show 2022 thumb

12th Sep 2022

The Hottest Yachts at the 2022 Monaco Yacht Show

The Monaco Yacht Show is the world’s largest and most prestigious superyacht gathering in the world. Held in Sep...
Thumb fire thumb

26th Aug 2022

How to Keep Your Boat Safe from Fires at Sea

While a fire on a boat that is well maintained is highly unlikely, fires at sea can be devastating and so it’s v...
Thumb wildlife thumb

19th Aug 2022

How to Spot Wildlife from your Boat

To experience wildlife in its natural habitat is one of the most awe-inspiring and exciting activities there is....
Thumb marina thumb

18th Aug 2022

How to Choose the Right Marina

Choosing a marina for your boat is one of your biggest decisions after deciding which boat to buy. Where you kee...
Thumb spirit 36 2000 for sale brouwershaven netherlands 001

29th Jul 2022

Buying a New or Used Boat: Which is Best?

Should I buy a new boat or a used boat? It’s the ultimate question when it comes to your boat buying journey, an...
Thumb boatshowthumb

29th Jul 2022

Some of the Best Boat Shows Coming this Autumn

As the summer season gets into full swing, with boaters and sailors enjoying their vessels on sun-dappled seas, ...
Thumb 20220907 134211

29th Jul 2022

Should I Buy a Boat at a Boat Show?

If you’ve ever thought about buying a boat, whether it’s an inflatable RIB, fun bow rider, weekend sailboat or u...
Thumb princess 58 47 2008 for sale netherlands 001

29th Jul 2022

Top Tips for How to Choose the Right Superyacht

Buying a superyacht for the first time is one of life’s most significant achievements, and the pinnacle of succe...
Thumb living crisis canal boat

27th Jul 2022

Can You Beat the Cost of Living Crisis by Living on a Canal Boat?

Have you ever thought about swapping the solid foundations of a house for life on a canal boat? An estimated 20,...
Thumb when to buy a boat thumb

27th Jul 2022

When is the Best Time to Buy a Boat?

In past guides we’ve explored in depth the process of how to buy a boat, from sea trials to marine mortgages and...
Thumb img 20220510 wa0000

10th May 2022

Some of the Best Superyacht Swimming Pools

Swimming pools on superyachts are becoming ever more popular and it’s not just the largest superyachts which off...
Thumb russian superyacht thumb

7th Apr 2022

How are the Sanctions on Russian Superyachts Impacting the Industry?

The superyacht industry has long prided itself on its discretion. These beautiful, opulent and enormous vessels ...
Thumb 10 unforgettable boating experiences article

15th Feb 2022

10 Unforgettable Boating Experiences

Whether you want to fill your days with fun-filled boating activities, or do absolutely nothing other than soak ...
Thumb do i need a boat survey article

26th Jan 2022

Boat Survey: What It Is, Who Pays, Do I Need to Spend the Money?

Is a boat survey worth it before buying a boat? Do you really need to lay out the extra money for a marine surve...
Thumb yacht charters vs cruises which is best

20th Oct 2021

Yacht Charters Vs Cruises: Which is Best?

A holiday at sea is one of the most rewarding and relaxing ways to unwind. Take a look at yachts versus cruise s...
Thumb where can i go and when yacht charter seasons

14th Jun 2021

Yacht Charter Seasons: Where Can I go and When?

Take a look at the seasons and which destinations are best for a family yacht charter to help you choose your ne...
Thumb top tips to lower the cost of boat ownership

23rd Apr 2021

Top Tips to Lower the Cost of Boat Ownership

As a boat owner, you’ll soon get quite familiar with the idea of opening your wallet. While buying a boat is the...
Thumb boats moored in the port

19th Apr 2021

The Best Used Boats That Won’t Break the Bank

If you’re considering buying your very first boat then it makes sense to start off small and work your way up. F...
Thumb tw8wwu1h

8th Feb 2021

Boat Finance in Five Easy Steps

Promarine Finance and Rightboat.com aim to make the process of arranging marine finance for your new boat in the...
Thumb how to take photos videos that will sell your boat fast

26th Oct 2020

How to Take Photos and Videos that Will Sell your Boat

You have a few seconds in which to pique the interest of a prospective buyer as they scan through online listing...
Thumb canal safety navigating locks tunnels adueducts and bridges

2nd Sep 2020

Canal Safety: Navigating Locks, Tunnels, Aqueducts and Bridges

There is nothing more peaceful than leisurely tootling along the canals and inland waterways of Europe, the buco...
Thumb topsail schooner elena maria barbara

23rd Jul 2020

Where did the Elena Maria Barbara topsail schooner originate from?

Rightboat are delighted to be offering the Elena Maria Barbara, the Topsail Schooner Vessel for Sale.
Thumb skiathos island 3 1920

29th May 2020

Beautiful Places to Charter in Greece

Greece is now open and has many regions each containing their own set of islands to cruise around, he we give a ...
Thumb taiwan yachting destinations

18th May 2020

Yachting Around Asia: Must-Visit Destinations

If you want to head east and see what Asia offers for yacht enthusiasts like you, check out our list of yacht-fr...
Thumb rightboat logo

3rd Apr 2020

How to use Rightboat.com during Covid-19 lockdown

Rightboat.com is 100% setup for you to start or continue to enjoy your boat buying journey from the comfort of y...
Thumb rightboat logo

2nd Apr 2020

This is how Rightboat will help you get through lock-down

We are here to get you one step closer to life on the water with more boats and yachts for sale, from RIBS to fi...
Thumb pngkey.com blue circle png 255277

20th Mar 2020

Did you know...

Did you know... You can charter small fly-bridge motor cruisers and powerboats on basic levels of qualification,...
Thumb yoann richomme 01

4th Feb 2020

Yoann Richomme announced as Skipper for Mirpuri Foundation Racing Team’s 2021 Th...

The Mirpuri Foundation Racing Team has today announced that Yoann Richomme will skipper the team’s ‘Racing for t...
Thumb oyster yachts   richard matthews

14th Jan 2020

Richard Matthews Joins Oyster’s Board

Bluewater yacht manufacturer Oyster Yachts is proud to announce that the company’s founder Richard Matthews has ...
Thumb boot2019 mk1410

9th Jan 2020

Guide to the boot Düsseldorf International Boat Show 2020

Come and see the entire guide to the boot Düsseldorf International Boat and Yacht Show 2020, and all about dates...
Thumb photo gallery image 34

9th Jan 2020

Miami International Boat Show

Set on the idyllic Virginia Key in the heart of Biscayne Bay, the Miami International Boat Show brings the pleas...
Thumb summer vs winter cruises

2nd Dec 2019

Summer versus Winter Cruises: Things to Consider before Booking

A simple internet search of cruises reveals a mind-boggling array of choices. From every corner of the globe, to...
Thumb 7 best christmas and new year cruise destinations

22nd Nov 2019

7 of the Best Christmas and New Year Cruise Destinations

If like many of us you’re still deciding where to spend Christmas, who will do the cooking (and the dishes after...
Thumb adrien olichon yxd lhp51og unsplash

12th Nov 2019

A Guide to Canal Boating in Winter

When we think of canal boating we imagine the long, hazy summer days pootling along green-banked waterways, picn...
Thumb artem pochepetsky auhnvwbqqkc unsplash

29th Oct 2019

Why the 3 Top Winter Cruising Destinations are Still the Best

For those of us in the northern hemisphere winter can seem to go on for far too long. Frosty mornings, thick woo...
Thumb photo 46

19th Aug 2019

Guide to the Southampton International Boat Show 2019

The Boat Show is Southampton’s biggest event of the year, with over 110,000 people attending this joyful festiva...
Thumb monaco yacht show

5th Aug 2019

Guide to the Monaco Yacht Show 2019

The Monaco Yacht Show is the glittering, ultra-luxury superyacht event of the year. From all across the globe th...
Thumb jim thirion 5wstd4owpfo unsplash

29th Jul 2019

Guide to the Cannes Yachting Festival 2019

The Cannes Yachting Festival kicks off the boat show season with a bang. In the luxurious surroundings of the Co...
Thumb thumb boats shows events

8th Apr 2019

London Yacht Show Rescheduled to 2020

London Yacht Show Rescheduled to 2020
Thumb whales ascending

28th Mar 2019

Immotion releases World first VR experience

Immotion Group releases new live-action VR experience, Swimming with Humpbacks.
Thumb kill cord poster

5th Mar 2019

Family Boating. How to Keep Your Family Safe On Board

Keep your family safe on board at sea with the most important safety gear you should have on your boat for any m...
Thumb london yacht show

18th Jan 2019

London On-Water Boat Show relaunched as London Yacht Show

The London On Water Boat Show has been renamed, rebranded and relaunched as London Yacht Show and will take plac...
Thumb taking photos in good light

21st Sep 2018

Click and Shoot Well.. And See How Fast Your Boats Sell

People cannot touch or feel your boat when you want it to be sold online. So, your words, your photographs, and ...
Thumb easy boat swapping

20th Aug 2018

Boatswapping – a great step on your boat buying journey

Before you buy a new boat, there are lots of practical considerations to make. As well as the sort of boat, you’...
Thumb accounting bill black 53621

21st Jun 2018

10 Top Tips for Doing Business from Your Boat

In today’s connected world, it’s not unthinkable that with the right infrastructure in place, you can work at an...
Thumb return to cushendall

11th Apr 2018

RYA Advanced Pilotage

Lazy days on the water are one of the best things about summer. No one is rushing anywhere, and why would you wa...
Thumb dufour

23rd Mar 2018

How to Get Your Boat Ready For the Summer

The air is getting warmer and the snowmen have melted away. It’s time to get your boat ready for those long summ...
Thumb dinghy show 2018  4

16th Feb 2018

What’s in store at the RYA Dinghy Show 2018

The RYA Dinghy Show presented by Suzuki, in association with Yachts and Yachting and Gill, is the only show in t...
Thumb mainpic

5th Feb 2018

Cabin Cruisers for Sale

As the name suggests, cabin cruisers are the perfect boat to spend weekends cruising with family and friends. A ...
Thumb mainpic

13th Dec 2017

Top Tips to Extend the Life of Your Sails

Follow these simple steps to prolong the life of your sails off and on the water.
Thumb main2

12th Dec 2017

Fire Safety on Boats: What You Need to Know

Fires on boats are thankfully rare occurrences and it is something that the vast majority of boat owners will ne...
Thumb pic3

26th Oct 2017

Winter Is Coming So Make Like Jon Snow and Be Prepared

It’s that time of year when the evenings are drawing in and the boating season is winding down. A time when you ...
Thumb f1 champboat minneapolis 2006

5th Oct 2017

Formula 1 Powerboat Racing - the Ultimate Adrenaline Rush

In June 2018, the city of London will be blasted by the bellowing shrill of up to twenty racing V6 engines revvi...
Thumb top sailing destinations thumb

5th Oct 2017

The Top 10 UK Sailing Location You Must Visit This Year

As the UK is an island steeped in maritime history, we are spoiled for choice for fantastic sailing destinations...
Thumb gabriele teruzzis concept superyacht

29th Sep 2017

This Outlandish Superyacht Reaches for the Heavens

Gabriele Teruzzi’s radical concept takes superyachts to a whole new level! Conceived as the ultimate seagoing st...
Thumb med sea

1st Aug 2017

Top 5 Mediterranean Yacht Charter Destinations 2017

The Mediterranean Sea offers up some of the most idyllic spots for holidaying in the world. Here are our top 5 s...
Thumb luxury yacht

25th Jul 2017

2017's most luxurious superyachts available to charter

2017 has boasted some outstanding superyachts, and here are our top 5.
Thumb winnie

25th Jul 2017

Celebrity Instagram Snaps: Yacht Life

Beautiful people on beautiful boats, making your summer look boring.
Thumb hanse press release

25th Jul 2017

Hanse presents four brand new yachts

Breaking Rules. Setting Trends. Hanse release four new yachts as of July 2017:
Thumb cannes yachting festival

24th Jul 2017

Cannes Yachting Festival

Back for its 40th Anniversary, Cannes Yachting Festival is one of the top yachting festivals around, offering th...
Thumb southampton international

24th Jul 2017

Southampton International Boat Show

Thousands of the best British and international brands and suppliers gather together for a spectacular show, spr...
Thumb genoa boat show

24th Jul 2017

Genoa International Boat Show 2017

Thursday 21st - Tuesday 26th September 2017 See the latest international yachting previews at the 57th annua...
Thumb freeman23

26th Nov 2015

Freeman 23 Review

A well-fitted reliable river cruiser with high-quality interior which can accommodate four in comfort.