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10 Unforgettable Boating Experiences

It’s impossible to be bored on a boat. Whether you want to fill your days with fun-filled boating activities, or do absolutely nothing other than soak up the atmosphere and relax, the time will whizz by, and you’ll be longing for your next day out. There are so many family boat ideas to make each and every trip out memorable, from pirate-themed adventures to stargazing and camping on deck with the kids. The Benefits of boating are undeniable for children, and they will remember these moments for the rest of their lives (read our article on keeping children safe on a boat). If you’re boating without kids, the possibilities too are endless – we’re talking casino nights and parties, yoga and relaxation.


For some inspiration, here are 10 unforgettable ideas for what to do on a boat all day. 

1. Create an Open Air Cinema

There isn’t a more atmospheric place for an open air cinema than on your boat. If your boat has enough power, set up a projector screen or large television on the deck (or inside if the weather isn’t favourable), plug in the speakers and snuggle up to watch a movie under the stars. The gentle sway of the boat, the fresh air and the lack of distractions will make it an evening that everyone in the family will remember. Don’t forget the popcorn, hot chocolate and blankets. 


2. Have a Party

If your boat is big enough, then invite friends on board for a party with a difference. You could go for a casual beers and chips evening, or get dressed up and crack out the champagne glasses for a swanky soirée. If you’re hitting the water in a more compact sized boat, then join up with fellow boating friends and go boatgating. Join the boats, spend time together, play music, pass the snacks around, head to the beach, enjoy some water sports and hear the laughter and enjoyment waft across the water. 


3. Go Stargazing

Free from the light pollution of land, the ocean or wide lakes offer some of the darkest skies imaginable in which to go stargazing. Stargazing is amazing from a boat, and you can make it into a family boating adventure the kids will love. Download a stargazing app or bring along a book, and while telescopes don’t really work on a moving surface, you will be able to spot constellations, spy satellites, see the moon’s craters and keep a look-out for shooting stars. Charter a boat to your favourite places in the world with Rightboat charters!


4. Read a Book

Sometimes the joy of boating is in its sheer simplicity. The tranquillity of being away from the stresses of life and the bombardment of the everyday pressures is in itself a tonic for the soul. Bring along a book and lose yourself in another world where you can be completely uninterrupted. On a nice day, lounge on deck in a shady spot, or hunker down with a blanket and cup of tea inside if the weather is chillier. There are some fascinating books on sailing and boating, from stories of the past to modern day adventurers. 


5. Practice Yoga

If you want to perfect your yoga poses and improve your core strength, try doing them on a gently swaying boat. The gentle whisper of the wind and the slap of the water against the hull are meditational in themselves, and you can be fully mindful whilst on your boat. Feel the harmony with nature as you focus on you and improve your mind and body. Find a safe spot, start off slow and spend a therapeutic session breathing deeply and feeling invigorated.


6. Have an Evening on the Dock

Just because you don’t even cast off from the dock doesn’t mean you can’t have an enjoyable evening on your boat. Change the view on an evening after work and head down to the boat with a take away and some beers. Spending time on your boat, even if you’re not venturing out to sea, if fun in itself and you and friends or family can enjoy a meal to the sounds and smells of marina life buzzing around you. Grab a cheap and cheerful Chinese take away, or treat yourself to a date night sushi or freshly prepared lobster – you can make it as fancy as you like!


7. Have a Pirate-Themed Day

Delight the children with a swashbuckling, pirate-themed day at sea. Get dressed up in your finest pirate gear, practice your best ‘aarrgh’s’ and ‘shiver me timbers’ and set off on a treasure hunt. Create lists of objects for children to find as you cruise along – everything from floating pieces of wood to seagulls to different types of boats – and then head ashore to see if you can find X marks the spot. Hide a treasure – either in the boat or on a beach somewhere when the kids aren’t looking – and let them enjoy the thrill of finding it. Geocaching is a global treasure hunting game that you could easily incorporate into your adventure. Simply pick a treasure on the app, raise the Jolly Roger and set off to find it. 


8. Have a BBQ

We don’t have to tell seasoned sailors that boating and barbecue’s go together, but no list of fun things to do on a boat would be complete without mentioning the time-honoured barbecue. Try your hand at fishing and catch your dinner fresh from the ocean, or bring along your favourite burgers or steaks and get grilling. Open some beers or a bottle of wine, set up a small grill on the deck, or head ashore and enjoy a sunset barbecue from your own little secluded beach or cove. Make sure you practice fire safety when using a grill and have fire extinguishers on board. 


9. Host a Casino (or Board Game) Night

Depending on the age of your boating companions, you could set up a fun-filled casino or board game evening. For an adults-only event, turn your boat into a casino with simple table games, plenty of chips, some Martinis and a bottomless supply of nibbles. Whether it’s a guy or girl's only evening, or a mixed affair, you’ll have fun getting dressed up and socialising over a few light-hearted games of poker and 21. If kids are involved gather up your favourite board games – we love the classics like Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit and Scrabble but choose your family’s favourites or try something new. In fact, having a selection of board games are always fun things to have on a boat for when the weather turns or the kids need some downtime. 


10. Camp Out on Deck

The kids will love a night of camping on deck, so take along your sleeping bags and pillows and get snuggly on deck under the starry night sky. It’s the perfect environment for spooky stories, s’mores, reading by torchlight and star gazing as you all enjoy a night in the fresh air. Wake up in the morning to the sound of gulls squawking and the dawn sun rising above the horizon, and enjoy a hearty breakfast on deck. It’s camping with a twist, away from the hubbub of daily life and a delightful back-to-nature experience. 


Discover your perfect boat at Rightboat.com and start planning all the incredible ways you can enjoy it with friends and family. The team are on hand to help you start making memories, whether you’re in the market for a sailboat, motorboat, fishing boat, RIB or canal boat



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