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Should I join a Boat or Yacht club?

There are all different types of clubs that can get you absorbed into the exciting world of boating. Coastal, inland and virtual clubs offer everyone a cost-effective way to get afloat and involved.


Any clubs’ main motivator is to introduce as many people as possible to this great sport. Learning and sharing best practices in a safe, fun, high-quality environment to ensure every member is a well-trained, competent ambassador for the sport.


Traditional sailing clubs are mainly found by the sea, check out your local marina or sea-side town for your closest option.  


Interestingly the oldest sailing club in the world, The Royal Cork Yacht Club, was founded in 1720, by King Charles II and can still be found today in Cork, Ireland.  King Charles was one of the first founders of recreational sailing according to Wikipedia.  


The sailing club is usually the pinnacle of marina life, a hub of activity for regular and seasonal members.  More often than not, the Centrepoint is the clubhouse with a bar, cafe or restaurant which offers a pleasant social setting.


Safe anchorages with buoys and/or delimited areas of the beach or river make the area off-limits for swimmers.  


Not only do they offer the chance to hire boats and get yourself out on the water regularly, but you’ll be able to meet like-minded people, enjoy social activities and embrace the sailing lifestyle.


Throughout the year sailing clubs host everything from races to club dinners and family-friendly events, so it’s a wonderful way to get involved in the sailing community. Check out for Racing Boats for Sale


Joining is also a brilliant way to help you decide what kind of boat you want to learn and find a course to take.


There is a membership fee to join the land-based clubs, and family discounts or packages may be offered. If you buy your own boat and want to keep it at the club there will be additional fees, but otherwise, you can hire boats and spend your weekends out on the water – whether that’s at the coast or inland on a lake.


It doesn't just have to be a sailing or marina club you join - there are all types of clubs out there to get you on the water. There are even boat share clubs or shared ownership opportunities - these work just like your gym subscription, paid monthly. You subscribe to your preferred membership plan. Then turn up and your boat is in the water, fueled up, ready to go.

Once you’ve finished hand the boat back, and walk away.  It’s that easy. If that sounds like the type of boating you yearn for, it's hassle-free.


As part of your boat share membership it’s likely that you can get involved in training and events too, so do take advantage of everything on offer.


This option allows you to have all the fun and joys of boating, without the costs of owning, insuring and maintaining a boat. It’s intelligent, effortless boating.


Whether you are considering buying a boat, or a seasoned sailor, virtual boat clubs are becoming more and more popular.


There are 1000’s of Facebook groups such as Boat Owners United, Facebook Yacht Club, Westerly Owners Club, Sunseeker Fan Club, Rightboat Buy n Sell Boaty Bits Group.  These groups offer boat lovers a virtual platform to engage with other individuals sharing a similar interest. The benefits of joining these groups include sharing feedback, advice, reviews, stories, photos and to buy and sell a boat.   


Many of these groups are set up by private individuals, known as ‘Admins’, who will try and ensure that the content is relevant and polite. Usually, they are well subscribed as people feel more comfortable engaging with individuals rather than businesses.


Instagram offers a similar community experience using images and videos as the main driver for members.  


We are sure you will agree that the inspiration and information are out there, you just have to choose the right way of reaching it.


Our team is on hand to answer any questions you may have, so please do get in touch on boats for sale or yachts for charter at any time. Send us an email info@rightboat.com


See you on the water!

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