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Boatswapping – a great step on your boat buying journey

Boatswapping, a new feature on the Boataffair boat-sharing platform, could really help the process go more smoothly. By using their Boat Swapping Community, boat owners have a chance to experience both different kinds of boats – and new locations, without the commitment that comes with a purchase.  Boatswapping is a trailblazing concept for the sailing world and follows the home swapping model that’s been made popular by platforms like Love Home Swap. 

It works by connecting boat owners with each other – so they can get more value from their boat, as well as experience new marinas, new boats – and even new countries.  And they don’t have to part with the usual rental costs you’d need to do this – all they need to do is own a boat.

The rental experience without the cost

Just like homeswapping, it’s the owners (in this case boatowners, not homeowners) who get to decide who they want to swap with, and also things like whether they want to be on board when their ‘swappers’ are there (swaps don’t have to happen at the same time). And the timing is up to them too, they can swap for a day or an entire holiday. 

One of the things we really like about this at Rightboat is that the Boataffair coin system means boat owners don’t have to swap with each other. So, if you host somebody on your boat, there’s an option to either get hosted in exchange or receive Boataffair coins, which are redeemable against further swaps. 

A chance to share your knowledge

Daniel from Australia swaps his boat on the Boataffair platform. “Many people around the world now have wonderful assets which they have loved nurtured and stamped with their own unique personality. Swapping, be it boat or house, enables people to have authentic and endearing adventures whilst keeping the costs close to travel costs only. And as boat swapping is a cooperative activity, it means that people will come to your home port and you will get to share your knowledge and love of place.”

“Probably the most difficult thing to overcome is trusting people with your beloved boat as boats are so much more individual than cars or houses. But although this is difficult, it also has its upside as this can lead to a deeper relationship with your boat swapper. I guess another challenge is having your boat in tip-top shape and developing a user manual. That does provide the opportunity to do all those pesky little jobs that you have been meaning to do!”

A step on the boat buying journey

Here at Rightboat.com, we love any ideas that help boatowners make the right choice when they’re considering their next boat purchase. So how can you get involved in this swapping scheme? If you sign up on www.boataffair.com in 2018, it’s free and you get an unlimited number of boat swaps. Boataffair already has boat owners in their swapping community in Australia, France, Greece, New Zealand, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the US, and it’s gathering momentum.

Natalya Walker, co-founder and COO of Boataffair explains that it’s a unique opportunity for people who own boats and love them to try out different boats in different locations without the cost of the rental. “Usually, a boat owner is restricted by the location of their boat”, she says. “And when they travel, they don’t usually rent boats out as it can cost prohibitive. But not anymore!” 

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