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3rd Apr 2020 by Rightboat

How to use Rightboat.com during Covid-19 lockdown?

Rightboat is 100% setup for you to start or continue to enjoy your boat buying journey from the comfort of your own home 24/7 through these troubled times.    What’s more, it’s a FREE activity that will put a smile on your face, give you something to look forward to and inspire you for the future. (Disclaimer: It is free BUT only until you are completely hooked into the boating lifestyle and decide to part with your hard-earned cash and buy or charter a boat!).  Great use of your time however you choose to use it! 


The team here at Rightboat has over 135 years of experience in the industry.  Between us, we’ve owned powerboats, RIBS, jet-skis, sailing yachts, and far too many boats to list!  We’ve sailed over 40,000 nm across the Atlantic (and back - several times), worked on 50m superyachts in the Med, chartered boats in the Caribbean and experienced everything this amazing lifestyle has to offer.  It’s not just a job it’s a life choice as well.


FUN FACT:  Between us, we have spent over 950 days working at boat shows around the world! Wow!  


What we’re saying is that we know our stuff, and between us, we have an ever-growing network of global contacts, so, IF (and it’s a big IF) you can find a question that we don’t know the answer to, we’re pretty sure we’ll know someone who will. A lot of you reading this will be planning for a future sale, purchase or considering chartering a boat, so it’s important to know that you’re dealing with experts. You’re in the right place, let’s hope it’s at the right time.

The boat stock we list on behalf of the 100’s of yacht brokers and private sellers all over the world is at the heart of our business.  


You can explore our ‘online showroom’ with 10’s or 1000’s of the latest boats for sale and yachts for charter from sellers all over the world.  RIBS, motor yachts, speed boats, trawlers, catamarans, trimarans and more.


Begin by checking out our boat articles, find out about the different types of boat, how to get started, finance, insurance, boat reviews, where to charter your next boat and much more. 


Rightboat’s presentation of the boats for sale is a game-changer for buyers, sellers, and charterers alike.  Unlimited images, videos, and well-presented specifications help you to make an informed decision as to whether this boat is an option for you. Request a charter quote, arrange a viewing, download details or start a conversation, simple, concise calls to action.


We are the only classified market in the industry to verify member's details BEFORE they enquire on a boat.  Some may find this a bind, but we do this with the right intention, that is to ensure our sellers are protected and as importantly to help them qualify the enquiries they receive. We believe it’s really important for sellers to know a potential buyer's intent and if you’re planning to charter, it’s the information we need to know to place you on the right boat. We are all busy people.  So, be honest, if you’re just looking, then pop a message in the comments box and say, just browsing. That way the seller will know that you’ll be in touch if you need any more information when that day comes.


The same applies to you, as a user or member of the site, rest assured that all of our brokers are verified too.  The boats you see are for sale or charter - all genuine listings.


The pandemic has seen a huge shift in our lifestyles, the way we have adjusted already is mind-blowing on a global scale.  The way we live our lives has changed forever as it has the way we communicate, work, teach even how we buy and sell.


The reality is that the internet can and will keep us all connected and as we can no longer jump on a plane and go and view boats for sale, that doesn’t stop us from taking full advantage of great technology and using new options available to us to reach our goals. We’ve excitedly watched how our valued broker-sellers have embraced the innovative ways to keep their businesses alive and all of our dreams fulfilled. You can still buy, sell or charter a boat


More great video content is available online, messaging over Whatsapp, a Facebook messenger from a seller to buyer is becoming more popular, enhanced photographs to create better image carousels. Drone footage is also becoming a ‘go to’ sales tool, perfect for setting that scene in running shots. All of this helps you believe in the products you see. Don't miss to see our Rightboat YouTube Channel.


Major brands are using virtual reality as a sales tool, following in the footsteps of the automotive market. Really putting the buying power into their audience’s hands: allowing users to change the boat’s hull colour, explore its panoramic interior, rotate the deck layers, or move around the space to view the vessel from any angle. With unrivaled image quality and selection available, a brilliant sales tool for their dealer network.


Video networking sites such as Youtube are commonly used by manufacturers, dealers and boat fans alike.   


Popular channels like ‘Boat Life’ that follows a young couple on their day by day cruising life on a catamaran receive millions of followers as does Nick Burnham and his fab channel Aquaholic. Real lifeboat reviews. Huge audiences and engagement and so much more to explore and absorb yourselves in over the coming weeks and months at home. Boating is an achievable lifestyle. 


Facebook groups with 100’s of 1’000s of members allow you to get involved with others that have a common interest, great for expressing opinions (politely), offering advice and sharing experiences. It’s wonderful to see people coming together for a common cause, activity or issue. Check out our Rightboat Facebook Network.


Facebook Owners Clubs are great places for testimonials and advice on specific boat brands you are interested in, the Rightboat buying and selling boaty bits group is a fab platform to list all that old boating stuff you’ve just cleared out of the garage. Sharing is caring, living the dream online until we are all able to get back out in the big blue and feel the wind in our sails once again.


Take a tour around the site for yourself, sign in, sign up and take advantage of everything we have to offer.  See you online!


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1. How Rightboat.com will help you get through lock-down?



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