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20th Sep 2023

How to Paint a Fiberglass Boat

If you want to keep your boat looking as good as new but it’s in need of a facelift, few things w...

19th Sep 2023

Renaming a Boat the Proper Way

If you're buying a boat with a name that doesn't suit you or you find that the name of your curre...

31st Aug 2023

How to Drive a Boat with Confidence

Just as you learned to drive a car with time and practice, you can learn to drive a boat just as ...

11th Aug 2023

How to Avoid Colliding with Another Boat, Causing Injury, Wrecking Your Boat, an...

Avoiding a collision when boating is among the most important responsibilities as captain of your...

25th Jul 2023

Boat Speed Limits: How Fast You Should be Going?

Driving a boat and driving a car are very different and the mechanics and skills for driving each...

21st Jul 2023

How to Clean Your Boat and Bilge

Properly maintaining your boat helps you to keep its value high and ensure top performance, and o...

17th Jul 2023

Outboard vs Inboard: Which Engine is Best for You? 

Which is better, an outboard engine or an inboard engine? It’s one of the most debated questions ...

24th Jun 2023

Storing Boats: Ways of Storing Your Boat Year Round

Owning a boat requires decisions, not only at the helm but when planning where to keep the boat a...