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Fountaine Pajot boats for sale

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Fountaine Pajot is a worldwide brand from the French shipyard that manufactures cruising catamarans and has been designers and boat builders since 1976. Their aim is to develop special expertise to create high-performing, seaworthy, comfortable and innovative boats. In the year 2016, they celebrated their 40th anniversary. It began with a humble start of just four staff and is now powered by a dedicated team of 400 highly skilled employees.

Fountaine Pajot was founded in the year 1976 by Jean-François Fountaine, Yves Pajot, Daniel Givon and Rémi Tristan with a common passion for sailing, racing and a dream of creating their own shipyard. The men joined forces to make their mark recognising the dynamic opportunities of marine industry making Fountaine Pajot one of the most respected shipyards in the world. Their dedicated vision and an ongoing commitment to innovation, development and unrivalled service have seen the company attain many industry awards and set the benchmark for cruising catamarans all over the world.

Fountaine Pajot catamarans are designed for optimal fuel efficiency. Featuring autonomous energy and waste management system protecting the environment and making cruising effortless, autonomous and effective. It is committed to ensuring high standards for safety and satisfaction.

Unveiled at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2018, Fountaine Pajot ‘New 45’ stands out as an elegant and incredible new model. The New 45 model will be officially launched in France, in July 2019. But it is already becoming extremely popular throughout the world. Also, see New Fountaine Pajot Boats for Sale.

The Range

1. Sailing Catamarans

2. Motor Yacht Catamaran

3. Day Charter Catamaran

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Popular Models

Fountaine Pajot Lucia 40 catamaran boats
Fountaine Pajot Astrea 42 catamaran boats
Fountaine Pajot Helia 44 catamaran boats
Fountaine Pajot Saona 47 catamaran boats
Fountaine Pajot Saba 50 catamaran boats
Fountaine Pajot New 67 catamaran boats
Fountaine Pajot MY 37 catamaran motor yachts
Fountaine Pajot MY 44 catamaran motor yachts




1. Who founded Fountaine Pajot and when was it founded?
Fountaine Pajot was founded by Jean-François Fountaine, Yves Pajot, Daniel Givon and Rémi Tristan in the year 1976.

2. Where is the Headquarters of Fountaine Pajot located?
The Fountaine Pajot headquarters is in Aigrefeuille-d'Aunis, France.

3. What are the to features of the Fountaine Pajot Sailing catamaran range?
Fountaine Pajot Sailing catamaran range lets you cruise in harmony with the beauty of your surrounding in its spacious, beautifully designed catamaran which delivers a dynamic performance at sea. It is an ideal vessel to share the joy of exploring the most beautiful destinations and experiencing the thrill of high-performance sailing with a luxury catamaran, comfort, and zero compromises.

The Sailing Catamarans has 7 models:
1. Catamaran Lucia 40 Boats - 38ft
2. Catamaran Astrea 42 - 41.3 ft
3. Catamaran Helia 44 Evolution - 43.5 ft
4. Catamaran Saona 47 Boat - 46 ft
5. Catamaran Saba 50 Boat - 49.15 ft
6. Catamaran Ipanema 58 Boat - 58.4 ft
7. Catamaran New 67 Boat - 66.80 ft

4. What are the special features of Fountaine Pajot Motor yacht catamaran range?
Fountaine Pajot Motor yacht catamaran range is spacious and provides an outstanding performance in offshore conditions with an awe-inspiring maneuverability, stability, and unusual fuel consumption rate. It has splendid features, value for money and is meticulously designed to give superior comfort.

Motor Yacht Catamaran has 3 models.
1. MY 37 Catamaran Motor Yacht - 36.1 ft
2. MY 40 Catamaran Motor Yacht - 40ft
3. MY 44 Catamaran Motor Yacht - 44 ft
4. MY 55 Catamaran Motor Yacht - 55 ft

5. What are the special features of Fountaine Pajot Day Charter catamaran range?
Fountaine Pajot manufactures an extraordinary range of professional sail and power catamarans which is designed mainly for the leisure industry. Taiti Day Charter Catamarans are exclusively customised and prominent for their safety, easy manoeuvrability, elegant lines and are designed to provide a very memorable group sailing experiences.

Day Charter Catamaran has one model:
Catamaran Taiti 80 - The 80 ft vessel is specifically designed for commercial operators.