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The Best Aluminum Bass Boats on the Market Today

Compact, sturdy, flat-bottomed and well-equipped with fishing gear sums up the hugely popular bass boats. Bass boats are a unique style of boat in that they are designed for one very specific use. You guessed it: bass fishing. Most boats being manufactured today are multi-purpose, such as the evolution of sport fishing boats. But bass boats can’t really be used for any other purpose and are instead highly-focused and specifically built to provide the best fishing experience. 


Bass boats are fast, but with their shallow draft they are generally designed for shallow, freshwater use. This is especially the case for the aluminum models versus the fiberglass ones (see our guide to saltwater versus freshwater boats). The idea is to make it to the best fishing spots as quickly as possible and then offer a stable platform from which to reel in a catch. Lightweight and easily trailerable, these are not boats that need a mooring, allowing them to be launched anywhere the fishing is good. See more on: Types of Fishing Boats


bass boat


What Makes a Good Aluminum Bass Boat? 


  • Flat-bottomed: Bass fishing grounds are usually inland in shallow regions and as such bass boats have a very shallow draft allowing them to be maneuvered safely. 
  • Lightweight: Differently to their fiberglass counterparts, aluminum bass boats are extremely lightweight meaning a smaller engine can be used to power them. They’re also easy to launch, trailer and tow. 
  • Plenty of fishing equipment: The whole point of a bass boat is to fish with it and so models will come equipped with a whole range of options including live bait wells, rod holders and storage lockers. 
  • An electric trolling motor: This is key to good, quiet fishing, and aluminum bass boats troll particularly well as they don’t get blown around.
  • Good range of electronics: Bass boats can be equipped with the latest electronics to ensure you get to the best fishing grounds. Equipment includes advanced sonar/FishFinders that offer side vision systems and 3D views of the bottom.
  • Spacious casting platforms: The more deck space the better when it comes to fishing and the best bass boats on the market offer spacious, flat casting platforms with plenty of room (as well as incorporated storage). 
  • A more affordable price tag: Aluminum bass boats tend to be more affordable than fiberglass ones. As an example, a basic aluminum model can be purchased for around $13,000, while a high end fiberglass model can be as much as $100,000. 


The Best Aluminum Bass Boat Brands

Bass boats are a breed of their own and the manufacturers building them are experts in crafting fishing boats that are fast, stable and equipped with everything you could possibly need. There are many excellent brands out there but these are some of the best;



5 of the Best Aluminum Bass Boats 

There are a lot of aluminum bass boats to choose from, testament to the extreme popularity of these speedy fishing boats. New models are launched each year, and here we take a look at some of the best aluminum bass boats on the market (in no particular order). But it’s of course worth remembering that there are thousands of used bass boats for sale too on boat selling marketplaces such as Rightboat. Check out our guide to what to look for when buying a used boat and you could save yourself a huge amount of money. 


1. Alumacraft Classic 165 Sport: This 16 foot model by top manufacturer Alumacraft is one of the best all-round bass boats on the market. With up to 90HP and a flat-bottomed hull, it offers excellent performance as well as a hugely functional and well-thought-out design. A wraparound windshield provides weather protection when underway, and there are three seats as well as a spacious foredeck containing a 34 gallon storage locker. Add to that its single-piece bottom (versus the more common two-piece) and you have one of the sturdiest models out there. Starting at around $13,500 it is also one of the best aluminum bass boats for the money. Equipment-wise it has Hummingbird sonar technology as well as a unique system of lights allowing for night fishing. Able to accommodate up to five people, this is a great family boat.


Alumacraft Classic 165 Sport

Photo credit: Alumacraft


2 Crestliner MX21: This tournament-level aluminum bass boat is one mean machine. As big and as powerful as its fiberglass cousins, the Crestliner MX21 provides a whopping 250HP. It has a huge casting deck, with wraparound access to the water, allowing for easy reeling. And with two huge livewells, a large tackle stowage area in the bow and twin rod boxes you can be fishing all day long. While the hull might be ultra-lightweight aluminum, the MX21 offers the best of both worlds with a fiberglass console with space for 12” flush mounted electronics of your choice. From the recessed foot control for trolling to the racing car control panels, this is a top of the range model and one of the best bass boats for rough waters. 


Crestliner MX21

Photo credit: Crestliner


3. Lowe Skorpion 17: Lowe are one of the best-known manufacturers of bass boats and no list would be complete without one of their many models. We particularly like the Skorpion 17 for its dependability, sturdiness and ruggedness. Plus it’s priced very competitively and offers great value for money starting at $16,500. With a moderated V hull, 20-60 HP range, aerated livewell, hands-free navigation trolling motor, spacious bow and four comfortable seats it has everything you could need for a fun and successful day of fishing. 


Lowe Skorpion 17

Photo credit: Lowe


4. 2075 Lund Pro V Bass XS: If you want a serious contender to a fiberglass bass boat then look no further than the 2075 Pro V Bass XS tournament fishing boat by Lund. Expertly crafted to handle both shallow waters and rough conditions, it also seats four people so is perfect for families or those wanting a bit more space. Features include two wide casting decks with a bow and center rod storage and an aerated livewell, and it can come with a massive 250HP engine. This is a serious fishing boat that is bound to turn heads. Prices start at $62,500. 


2075 Lund Pro V Bass XS

Photo credit: Lund


5. Ranger RT198P: If you’re looking for an affordable bass boat which offers really good value for money then Ranger’s RT198P is a great option at around $39,000. You get the reliability and excellent reputation of Ranger combined with a high-powered yet well-priced boat. The RT198P offers 150HP, a multi-purpose and comfortable fiberglass cockpit with easy access to all the controls, flush mounted electronics and a whole range of fishing equipment. There is tons of clever storage space, and well-thought extras such as a retractable rod strap, cooler and center rod storage on the spacious front casting deck. For a mid-level bass boat this one really turns heads, with its sleek appearance, color-matched trailer and suite of extras. 


Ranger RT198P

Photo credit: Ranger Boats


Written By: Samantha Wilson

Samantha Wilson has spent her entire life on and around boats, from tiny sailing dinghies all the way up to superyachts. She writes for many boating and yachting publications, top charter agencies, and some of the largest travel businesses in the industry, combining her knowledge and passion of boating, travel and writing to create topical, useful and engaging content.

More from: Samantha Wilson

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