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Prout 45 Review

The Prout 45 is a direct descendant of the original Prout designs that pioneered the cruising catamaran. The boat balances luxurious accommodation for longer voyages with outstanding performance and simple short-handed cruising ability. The latest Prout model, now being manufactured in China, the Prout 45s, has a sumptuous and customisable interior offered with different layouts that shared the same main cabin on the upper level, but featured variations such as four staterooms and two heads, or three staterooms and three heads. Buying a second-hand Prout 45 is a sound choice – the award-winning structure ensures peace of mind.

Who and what was this boat designed for?

The Prout 45 is an ocean-cruising catamaran designed to be easily handled by a short-handed crew. The aft stepped mast ensures simple operation of the sail area with the minimum of effort. The boat’s shallow draft makes it equally capable of slipping into a shallow lagoon or settling on a beach.

What commentators say about this boat?

The name Prout is almost synonymous with cruising catamarans.

The first Prout 45 Ocean Ranger was a ground-breaking design, superbly sea-worthy and fast, winning races such as the Crystal Trophy in 1968.

She was one of the very first large glass fibre catamarans built and laid the foundations for the Prout range of 45 and 50 catamarans which proved so successful over the following 30 years.

The focal point of this design is the deck. For entertaining in sunny weather this design has a huge amount of what the Prout people call ‘Beach Deck’. In most harbour gatherings, the Prout 45 would be the designated ‘party boat’.

Model variations

Because the original British firm ceased trading we have found it difficult to get historical information on the Prout 45. We know that the first Prout 45 Ocean Ranger was built in 1965. However we cannot find further data on the model variations. If you know, please get in touch as we'd love to be able to show the full Prout 45 history.


  • Length overall: 45ft 0in (13.7m)
  • Beam overall: 20ft 10in (6.4m)
  • Draft: 3ft 5in (1.04m)
  • Displacement: 10.72 tons (9,730 kgs)
  • Mast above water: 60 ft 6in (18.44 m)
  • Mainsail area: 360 sq ft (23.46 sq m)
  • Genoa area: 582 sq ft (54.09 sq m)
  • Staysail area: 115 sq ft (10.69 sq m)
  • Spinnaker area: 1700 sq ft (158 sq m)
  • Fuel capacity: 85 gallons/102 US gallons (322 litres)
  • Water capacity: 160 gallons/192 US gallons (606 litres)
  • Engines: 2 x 30-hp Volvo Penta

What’s great about the Prout 45?

  • Hull structure integrity – 4500 Prouts with no recorded hull failures.
  • Designed for short-handed cruising with all sail controls led to the cockpit.
  • Excellent all-round visibility from the cockpit.
  • Design features to reduce pitching, improve windward performance and eliminate twists between the hulls.
  • Good access to rudder systems, shaft seals, batteries, engines, plumbing, refrigeration, and other systems.
  • Spacious accommodation, with a choice of four layouts.

What to look out for on a pre-owned Prout 45?

Prout engineers report few problems with this boat. If you have owned a Prout 45 and would like to share things to watch out for and potential faults that might occur on this boat from time to time, please get in touch.

Keeping your Prout 45 in shape

When buying a used Prout 45, regular scheduled servicing and attention to some minor points will keep your craft in top condition.

Regular servicing

Carry out regular engine and drive servicing in line with the manufacturer’s recommended intervals.


Check the hull for possible impact damage or starring. Repair using a gel coat and acrylic paint to prevent the risk of osmosis.

Laying up

We don't currently have any specific information on laying up the Prout 45.

If you have ever owned or worked on a Prout 45 and would like to share your thoughts, then get in touch and we'll add your information to the page.

Model-specific repairs

The Prout 45 is known/not known for needing specific repairs more frequently than other boats.

Why buy a pre-owned Prout 45?

A second-hand Prout 45 is a boat that should be on your list if you’re looking for an ocean-going cruising catamaran that offers good sea-keeping, reliability, and comfort.

Written By: Samantha Wilson

Samantha Wilson has spent her entire life on and around boats, from tiny sailing dinghies all the way up to superyachts. She writes for many boating and yachting publications, top charter agencies, and some of the largest travel businesses in the industry, combining her knowledge and passion of boating, travel and writing to create topical, useful and engaging content.

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