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Secret Superyacht Destinations

There are many yacht locations worldwide which sit at the top of the best superyacht destinations list. The French Riviera, Italy’s Amalfi Coast and the Caribbean Islands of ST Barths and the Bahamas have long lured superyachts to their glorious waters. The scenery, beaches, restaurants, marinas, nightlife and social scene are legendary in superyacht circles, and rightly so. The glitz and glamour, rich cultures and staggering natural beauty have lured yachts for decades. Yet for many, discovering new places and experiencing new things is part of the magic of a superyacht holiday. 


With superyachts able to travel to more and more adventurous destinations in the world (and we don’t just mean explorer yachts), the possibilities are truly endless. The Mediterranean and Caribbean still hold plenty of secret treasures, but venture further to Central and South America, Northern Europe, the Indian and Pacific oceans, Australia and New Zealand or Asia to discover a whole new world of cruising grounds. 


Here we take a look at just some of the secret superyacht destinations which will fuel your wanderlust. 


1.   Aldabra Atoll, Seychelles


In the heart of the Indian Ocean, the Aldabra Atoll is comprised of four majestic islands surrounded by a thriving coral reef. In this untouched and highly protected corner of the world some 152,000 giant tortoises exist in peace and tranquillity. Only accessible by boat Aldabra Atoll makes for a unique winter superyacht destination, where you’ll discover some of the most turquoise waters, finest scuba diving opportunities and incredible wildlife experiences. 


2.   Raja Ampat Islands, Indonesia


When it comes to rich marine biodiversity there are is nowhere in the world which can match Indonesia’s Raja Ampat Islands. Beneath the waves whale sharks, manta rays and Leatherback turtles join a melee of tropical fish to create a superyacht destination with a difference. Whether you prefer to snorkel or scuba dive, the picturesque, isolated islands and their marine wildlife make an unforgettable holiday far from the crowds.  


3- Bodrum Peninsula, Turkey


Turkey’s star is most certainly rising within superyacht circles and Bodrum’s super cool vibe and pretty coastline make it one of the top destinations. A seafront promenade lined with restaurants and bars attracts many yachts in the summer season, but head along the coast to resorts such as Türkbükü and Gündoğan for the country’s swankiest nightclubs, bars and social scene. 


4.   Pine Cay, Turks and Caicos


Turks and Caicos is not a new Caribbean superyacht destination, with yachts flocking to its azure waters each winter, but the lesser-known Pine Cay makes for charming secret destination. Some 800 acres of private island are teeming with wildlife, untouched beaches and very few visitors. For those who arrive by superyacht it offers hidden coves and a slice of untouched, pristine Caribbean beauty. 


5- Stockholm Archipelago, Sweden


Until recently Northern Europe hasn’t figured highly on the superyacht circuit radars. However more and more people are discovering the astounding beauty of Sweden’s Stockholm Archipelago with its yachting capital of Sandhamm the jumping off point to the thousands of mostly uninhabited islands and islets. Spend days exploring pine-topped islands, kayaking around rocky coves and stopping on sandy beaches. The midnight sun bathes the region in a golden glow all summer long, making this one of the best places to yacht in Europe. 


6. Svalbard Archipelago, Norway


Venturing even further into the majestic beauty of Scandinavia, Norway’s Svalbard Archipelago is a true wilderness. Half way between Norway and the North Pole it is a remote and far-flung, and best visited on board an explorer superyacht. Home to more polar bears than people, Svalbard offers wildlife-watching on a grand level – beluga whales, walruses and seals are commonly sighted as you cruise through icy waters and past great icebergs. 


7.   Vanuatu, South Pacific


The South Pacific offers a dazzling expanse of navy blue punctuated by coral fringed atolls, golden beaches and tropical perfection. Vanuatu is lesser-known than French Polynesia’s Bora Bora and Tahiti, yet it’s natural treasures are just as alluring. With some of the best diving in the world, incredible hikes up emerald mountains, and untouched beaches galore it is a place for those with adventure in their hearts. 


8. Azores, Portugal


Leaving Europe behind and heading into the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal’s Azores islands are wonderfully unexplored by superyachts. On these beautiful volcanic islands dramatic landscapes, thermal pools, inky seas teeming with whales, and shimmering lakes offer one of the best places to yacht in Europe. 


9.   Cocos (Keeling) Islands, Indian Ocean


Some 27 miniscule coral islands make up this beautiful, remote Australian archipelago in the Indian Ocean 2750 km from Perth, where you’ll discover true tropical perfection. Only two of the islands are inhabited, leaving 25 pristine, untouched islands to explore. Imagine dazzling white sand beaches, swaying palms, and crystal clear waters teeming with iridescent fish best discovered by kayak or by snorkelling.  


10.   Dusky Sound/Tamatea, New Zealand


If you’re in search of dramatic scenery and staggering views then venture on a superyacht holiday along the southwest coast of New Zealand. In the Fiordland National Park, 17 fjords make for spectacular cruising on board a superyacht, with Dusky Sound/Tamatea perhaps the most impressive. Cruise along the 25 mile-long fjord where waterfalls cascade into the still waters and dolphins, seals and whales can be spotted in the chilly seas. 


11.   San Blas Islands, Panama


Panama’s San Blas Islands are a true Caribbean secret. There are some 378, mostly uninhabited islands in the archipelago which are dotted around an area of about 100 square miles. Steeped in traditions and culture, they are as a fascinating as they are beautiful. While away days on uncrowded tropical beaches, snorkel in the warm seas, or watch the water glow with bioluminescence at night. The San Blas Islands make for a low-key, adventure-filled winter superyacht destination. 


12. Gulf Islands, British Columbia, Canada


Canada’s Gulf Islands are one of the country’s most picturesque superyacht destinations. A staggering 40,000 islands and islets stretch down the coast of British Columbia, the pine-topped islands with snow-capped peaks surrounded by clear chilly waters which are home to orcas, seals and otters. The main islands of Salt Spring, Mayne Island, The Pender Islands, Galiano Island and Gabriola Island offer plenty of facilities for visiting superyachts, as well as a lively yet traditional way of life. 


13. Sveti Stefan, Montenegro


Croatia is fast becoming one of the top superyacht destinations in Europe, but the tiny neighbouring country of Montenegro holds its own wealth of appeal too. Sveti Stefan is everything you could want in a superyacht destination; glamorous, sophisticated, beautiful and unspoilt by mass tourism. The pretty little fishing port manages to be both a five-star superyacht resort and charming, traditional town, where white sand beaches, swanky bars and pristine scenery come hand in hand. 


14. Skopelos, Greece


The Greek Islands have long lured superyachts, their hundreds of islands, rich history, incredible food and mix of lively and traditional offering the perfect recipe for a superyacht charter in Europe. For those looking outside the popular islands of Mykonos and Santorini in the southern Cyclades however, the Greek Islands hold plenty of secret spots. Skopelos is one such destination, offering authenticity and natural beauty in abundance. Located in western Aegean Sea, and part of the northern Sporades Islands, it has been made famous as the movie set from Mamma Mia. White-washed buildings dazzle against a blue sea and bluer sky, and there are secret coves to anchor in, quaint tavernas to dine in and plenty of hikes to discover. 


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Written By: Samantha Wilson

Samantha Wilson has spent her entire life on and around boats, from tiny sailing dinghies all the way up to superyachts. She writes for many boating and yachting publications, top charter agencies, and some of the largest travel businesses in the industry, combining her knowledge and passion of boating, travel and writing to create topical, useful and engaging content.

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