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Dufour new boats for sale

Dufour Performance

The ultimate pleasure of being in control of your race.

Performance 36
Performance 36 - Refined, Warm, Extremely Comfortable. A 36-foot racing yacht equipped with a hull of excellent quality and a powerful sail plan. Its speed guarantees sailing thrills without compromising on comfort and elegance. With a clear deck for optimum comfort, and a spacious living area, the Dufour 36 is ideal for relaxing and enjoying the water. The interior is simple yet sophisticated, adding to the 36's sleek and sporty profile.
Performance 40E - A success on all levels. A well-known name on the competitive scene, Italian naval architect and sailor Umberto Felci worked with the Dufour Yachts' Design Office to achieve the ambitious goal of bettering the Dufour 40. Goal achieved! The Dufour 40E Performance, ultra fast at all points of sail, has sleek lines worthy of its optimum performance. Its user-friendly equipment and ease of handling make this model an outstanding cruise yacht.
Performance 40E

Dufour Exclusive

Redefining the boundaries of what is possible.

Exclusive 56
Exclusive 56 - Designed for Comfort and Performance. The flagship of the new Exclusive range, the Dufour Exclusive 56 is synonymous with luxury and comfort and is a stunning yacht that meets the most stringent requirements. This elegant, modern 17-meter sailing yacht with its dynamic lines epitomises luxury.
Exclusive 63 -This magnificent 63-foot yacht offers all the comfort of luxury equipment, combined with innovative cutting-edge functionalities. Never before has cruising been so synonymous with pleasure and relaxation.
Exclusive 63

Dufour Grand Large

Sail away. Leave the world behind.

Grand 382
Grand large 382 - The Champion of Versatility. With a spacious cockpit, clean deck and a versatile interior, the 11 metre Grand large 382 appeals to all tastes and offers a perfect setting day and night.The interior blends into the exterior beautifully, with clean and stylish furnishings. The Grand large 382 has been designed to cater for all your needs. Enjoy the water your way.
Grand large 460 - An Architectural Masterpiece. The result of an intense collaboration between architect Umberto Felci and the Dufour Yachts' Design Office, the Dufour Grand Large 460 is an exceptional cruising yacht. It succeeds in seducing sailing enthusiasts who want a model with three or four cabins and also affirms itself as a new reference in the 45-foot yacht category. Deserving its status as the latest member of the range, this yacht combines exceptional performance and pure comfort.
Grand Large 460