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Oyster Yachts for Sale - Luxury Cruising Sailing Yacht

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Oyster yachts is a British brand of luxury cruising sailing yachts having 45 Years of British yachting expertise. It was established in the year 1973 by Richard Matthews and it is based in Southampton, with offices and shipyards in UK, Spain, and the U.S.A. On 20th March 2018, gaming software entrepreneur Richard Hadida was announced as the new owner of Oyster Yachts.

The Oyster sailing yacht is the world’s most desired one because of the results produced by the team after having a deep understanding of what the owner needs, which is seen in the layouts and fitouts of the luxury sailing yacht produced. Oyster’s yacht design team makes sure that behind the handcrafted furniture and inside the firmly built hull, there lies a consonance of technology, systems, and equipment to deliver a calm, genuine, comfortable home away from home.

Whether you are a day sailor or serious cruiser, the Oyster is designed to thrill you with guaranteed solidity and stability. So, select from the many Oyster boats listed for sale at www.rightboat.com and step aboard make memories in your own unique yacht ensuring the value of your investment, feeling fresher and sportier like never before. Browse for Boats for Sale listed via Categories, Manufacturers, and Locations.

The Range

1. Deck Saloons


Popular Models

Oyster 565

Oyster 595

Oyster 675

Oyster 745

Oyster 885 Series 2

Oyster 1225





1. Who founded Oyster and when was it founded?
Oyster was founded by Richard Matthews in the year 1973.

2. Where is the Headquarters of Oyster located?
The Oyster headquarters is in Southampton, United Kingdom.

3. What are the special features of the Oyster Yacht Deck saloon range?
The Oyster Deck saloon is engineered in style to maximise space, light, performance and provide unparalleled onboard living, designed specially by the sailors for the sailors. All Oyster Deck Saloon Sailboats are elegant and powerful, made for long weekends of easy cruising and elated bluewater sailing.

The Oyster yacht Deck Saloon range models:
Oyster 565 - 59' 3"
Oyster 595 - 62' 6"
Oyster 675 - 69' 2"
Oyster 745 - 74' 7"

4. What are the special features of Oyster Superyacht range?
Oyster Superyacht brings in a wealth of adventure with performance sailing cruiser that is designed to comply with commercial coding. The owner gets an amazing freedom to make it a very personal sailing cruiser with the help of the personalized configurations and also provides a wonderful environment for the owner as well as guests.

The Oyster Superyacht range models:
Oyster 885 Series 2 - 89'
Oyster 1225 - 122' 10"

5. Which are the special Oyster Heritage models?
The Oyster Heritage models are:
Oyster 26
Oyster SJ35
Oyster Mariner 35
Oyster Heritage 37
Oyster 37
Oyster Powerline 390
Oyster Lightwave 395
Oyster 39
Oyster 406
Oyster SJ41
Oyster 42
Oyster SJ43
Oyster LD43/OM43
Oyster 435
Oyster 45
Oyster 475
Oyster 48 Lightwave
Oyster 485
Oyster HP49 Pilot House Boats
Oyster 49
Oyster 53
Oyster 54
Oyster 545
Oyster HP53/55
Oyster 56
Oyster 575
Oyster 61
Oyster 62
Oyster 625
Oyster 655
Oyster 66
Oyster HP68
Oyster 70,
Oyster 72,
Oyster 725
Oyster 80
Oyster 82
Oyster 825
Oyster 885 Series 1
Oyster 100
125 Flybridge Boats