This is us - the Rightboat dream team!

We love boats, and our established team have years of experience in all aspects of the industry, the best marketing intel, the must-have new tech, and ultimately the latest boats for sale. We’ve put the service, back into customer service. Whether you are buying your first boat, or selling the latest listings, here’s the inside info on our smashing team!

Nicky Tucker – Managing Director
- ’Leader of the good ship Rightboat’

Nicky is our MD at and has been cruising the waves of the marine industry since 1996. In fact, that was the first time she had ever stepped foot on a boat in her life! She has made up for it since however and jumps at any opportunity to get out on the water, whether it’s at a boat show in an exotic location, cruising the Caribbean on a catamaran or zipping around in her family’s 7.5 metre RIB.

Nicky is our digital media guru, and specialises in online classified marketplaces for buying and selling boats. Her personal and professional passion for boating is the driving force behind her success, and she loves nothing more than uniting the perfect boat with the perfect owner. She believes wholeheartedly in customer service, and is a passionate champion of the lifestyle that boating offers.


Lucy Briggs – Account Manager
- ’Product knowledge guru and broker account manager’

Lucy is our chatty, smiling account manager who loves nothing more than meeting and talking to new clients. She feels passionately about getting out from behind her desk and not hiding behind an email address, and enjoys meeting her clients face to face at boat shows and events.

Lucy is easily remembered for her claim to fame as being one of only two people in the world with three front teeth. She shares this proud accolade with Nick Jonas from the Jonas Brothers.

Lucy is a real family girl, doesn’t stop even for a minute, oh and she’s pretty nifty on a jet ski too!


Don Fuller – Chief Technical Officer
- ‘Probably the smiliest CTO you’ll ever meet!’

Don is our tech officer extraordinaire, and we don’t know what we would do without him! Whether it’s managing his team or getting his hands dirty doing the programming himself, Don loves nothing more than solving business problems using computing.

Don is a dedicated yachtsman, and has sailed to the Scilly Isles and cruised as far as South Brittany on his 36 foot yacht.which he also lives on. Talk about taking your work home with you! Like everyone at, Don is passionate about the lifestyle boating offers and he embraces the ocean and great outdoors. SO much so that he once caught some mackerel whilst sailing and prepared them so quickly they were almost still flapping under the grill!


Samantha Wilson – Content Writer
- ‘Keeps the community buzzing with her brilliant, fun articles about boats!’

Sam is a freelance member of our team, popping up in our email inboxes with juicy new content and articles for

As daughter to a boat captain she didn’t really get a choice about a childhood spent boating, and still to this day loves nothing more than bobbing about on the sea. There was also that one season spent working as stewardess on a luxury ice-breaker, but that’s a story for another time!


James Fuller - Customer Service
- ‘Super helpful go-to member of the team, likely he’ll be your first port of call if you call in’

James helps us out with the Customer Service side of our site. He has a good background in yachting having been sailing for many years with his dad in and around the solent. He also spent a summer season down in the South of France working in the superyacht industry.

He joined his dad, our chief technical officer, on adventures to the Scilly Isles on their sailing yacht and he is currently preparing to embark on his first channel crossing to Alderney!


Lumla Thomas – SEO/Digital Marketing Lead
- ‘Using her well honed SEO skills to ensure the right content is in the right place at the right time!’

Lumla joined the team as our digital marketing whizz. Having worked in the business, healthcare and beauty industries she has now taken her boating passion and sailed into the perfect role.

So much so that she claims to “love to sail in search engines to create a best boating experience results and to be a part of floating boating adventure”. Welcome to the team Lumla!


Priyanka Jena – Programmer Extraordinaire
- ‘Equally accomplished at persuading computers to do as they are told as well as humans!’

With a impressive education in all things technical, Priyanka keeps Rightboat at the forefront in our market. Whilst it is true Priyanka doesn't have much experience sailing the ocean blue, she makes up for in navigating arcane aspects of operating systems and programs!

Priyanka has masterminded hundreds of improvements to Rightboat and has been known to action customer requests in a matter of minutes! Much to everyones delight!