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Air Boats for sale

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An airboat is a flat-bottomed watercraft which is ideal for shallow water transportation. It is also known as fanboat. This boat is usually propelled by a giant fan at the back which propels the boat forward instead of using a motor. With a flat hull, it means the boat can navigate very easily in shallow areas where a boat with a propeller would struggle, meaning there are no operating parts below the waterline. The commercial airboats generally sail at speeds of around 35 miles per hour (30 kn) and modified airboats or custom airboats can go as fast as 135 miles per hour (117 kn) too.

These Airboats are very popular means of transportation in marshy, shallow and icy winter environment or areas, it comes with either inboard or outboard engine. These air boats or fan boats are very fast over the water compared to similar sized boats and can be used in rivers, canals, swamps, and lakes for fishing, bowfishing, hunting, and ecotourism.

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