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Westerly Yachts for Sale - Fiberglass Composite Sailboats

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Westerly Yachts are prominent for their strong and well-built construction and were one of Europe's leading production builder of fiberglass composite sailboats. They have manufactured yachts from the mid-1960’s through the 1970’s and 1980’s before it terminated its trading.

Commander Denys Rayner, a popular yacht designer, in the year 1963 designed ‘The Westerly’ - a 22 ft yacht as requested by Hilary Scott who wished to set up a new company. Rayner became the MD of the new company and Scott became one of its non-executive directors. The company was founded in March 1963, and named Westerly Marine Construction Ltd. They won an acclaimed Queens Awards for Export in 1969, 1970 and 1977. By the year 1990, Edwin Paul took over as MD of Westerly Yachts Limited and the parent company changed its name from Centreway Industries plc to Westerly plc. At the end of 1990, due to the recession, the parent company ran into financial trouble.

The company became Westerly Group Limited in the year 1993 and the yachts were presented as three ranges of Westerly, “the Oceans, the Regattas, and the Victorias”. And in the year 1995, Westerly Group was acquired by Tony Davies Bowman Group, the parent company of Rival Bowman and Starlight Yachts. In 1998, Bowman hit financial problems and as a result, the Westerly Group Limited was sold to Marigot Group. In the year 2000, the plant and machinery were sold to US Hunter, who had just started up in the UK as Legend.

The Range

The Westerly Yachts Range consists of three models:

The Oceans

The Regattas

The Victorias

Westerly yachts are easily identifiable as they are a timeless classic and are amazing cruisers with high standards of craftsmanship, performance, impressive designs, style, quality, space, and pace. Spend time with your loved ones onboard your Westerly by selecting from the many Westerly yachts listed for sale at www.rightboat.com and gather memorable trips in your seaworthy yachts that has an amazing sea keeping properties. 

Popular Models

Oceanquest 35 yacht - 35.45'

Oceanlord 41 - 40.50'

Regatta 370 - 37.33'

Regatta 260 - 25.83'

Regatta 330 - 33.17'

Griffon 26 yacht - 26.00'

Fulmar 32 - 31.92'

Merlin 29 Yacht - 29.00'

Tempest 31 - 30.58'

Storm 33 Yacht - 33.17'

Typhoon 37 - 37.33'

Victoria 34 - 34.00'




1. Who founded Westerly and when was it founded?
Westerly was founded by Denys Rayner in the year 1963.

2. Where was the Headquarters of Westerly located?
The Westerly headquarters was in Warsash, Southern Hampshire, England.

3. What are the special features of the Westerly Oceans range?
They are built with amazing accommodation that is well suited to spend more good time in the water and are seaworthy cruisers with high standards of craftsmanship and performance.
The Oceans range has 8 models.
Ocean 43 Yacht - 43.50'
Ocean 33 yachts - 33.33'
Ocean 49 - 48.50'
Oceanquest 35 - 35.45'
Oceanmaster 48 - 48.00'
Oceanranger 38 yacht - 38.00'
Oceanlord 41 - 40.50'
Oceandream 35 - 34.58'

4. What are the special features of Westerly Regattas range?
They are the makeover yachts that has good sea handling characteristics, impressive designs and is good with regards to style, quality, space, and pace.
There are 14 models in the Regattas range.
Regatta 290 - 29.00'
Regatta 370 - 37.33'
Regatta 310 - 30.58'
Regatta 260 - 25.83'
Regatta 330 - 33.17'
Spirit 26- 25.83'
Griffon 26 MK II- 26.00'
Griffon 26 Yachts - 26.00'
Fulmar 32 Yachts - 31.92'
Merlin 29 Yachts - 29.00'
Merlin 28 - 27.08'
Tempest 31 - 30.58'
Storm 33 Yachts - 33.17'
Typhoon 37 - 37.33'

5. What are the special features of the Westerly Victoria range?
The Victorias are listed as the most capable boat by the Westerly owners. They are the seaworthy yachts with an amazing sea keeping properties.
The Victorias consists of 3 models:
Victoria 34 - 34.00'
Victoria 36 - 35.66'
Victoria 38 - 37.40'