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Pans Marine P355 Leisure for sale in Shepperton United Kingdom


Thames Boat House Ltd


Shepperton United Kingdom




11.65 ft.






Make & Model

Pans Marine P355 Leisure

Boat type



11.65 ft.


Shepperton United Kingdom

Tax status




5.51 ft.




Pan's Marine P355

Cat C safety or utility boat for rescue, club safety, flood relief or leisure use. Stronger, longer lasting and great, safe alternative to a RIB. Virtually maintenance free with great environmental credentials.

The P355 is produced in mono-block form from polyethylene with rotation moulding technique. It's designed to offer comfortable and safe cruising pleasure while having a large interior volume to provide maximum usage and safe storage space. It has 100% UV additive and is not affected by seawater, algae. osmosis and corrosion, it is long-lasting and ergonomic. It does not need anti-fouling.

Available with either electric or four stroke outboard max 20hp.

Arriving mid February 2023

Details & Inventory

  1. Towing eye: Manufactured from 316 chromium. The inner reel is polyethylene. With 3 inserts placed in the polyethylene body, to increase the strength 5 times.
  2. Cleats (3 Pieces): Manufactured from 316 chromium, it has a special design that maximizes durability. The base of the design is 3mm, the reel is 22mm and the top is 4mm. With extra inserts placed in the polyethylene body, the strength has been increased 5 times.
  3. Chrome railing (2 Pieces): Made of 316 quality chrome with a diameter of 26mm.
  4. Storage box (1 Piece): Integrated with the body. It has a volume of 55 litres. The lid is made of polyethylene. It has 2 hinges. Hinges are 316 quality chromium.
  5. Wall cap (2 Pieces): Suitable to use as an extra storage area. It can be used to access the area between the walls.
  6. Seat (1 Piece): Reinforced with the skeleton placed inside and designed as an addition to the body. It can be removed and installed as desired.
  7. Seat (1 Piece): Reinforced with the skeleton placed inside and designed as an addition to the body. It can be removed and installed as desired.
  8. Rowlocks (2 pieces): These are not fixed and can be added by the client if required.
  9. Water evacuation stopper (2 Pieces): Allows the water on the boat to be discharged out of the drain channels when desired.
  10. Engine transom (1 Piece): 18mm plywood is fixed into the rotational polyethylene. By preventing direct contact with the water it becomes equally lasting with the polyethylene body.
  11. Chrome transom plate (1 Piece): Made of 3mm 316 quality chrome. A ridged surface has been created to prevent the engine from sliding.

Electric Outboard Motor (Additional Option)

Epropulsion - Spirit 1.0 Plus Electric Outboard Short Shaft - Tiller Steer (£1,800.00 Inc Vat)

Trailer (Additional Option)

Extreme Trailers

EXT500 BUNK - £1,323.00 Inc Vat

Extreme 500kg Bunked Galvanised Boat Trailer.

Suitable for -

  • Dinghies up to 15' (with overhang)

  • Hard Boats up to 12'

  • Ribs up to 4.3m

With a trailer weight of 125kg it can take a boat weight up to 375kg.

Designed and manufactured in the UK.

Standard features include:

  • Heavy duty frame

  • Waterproof sealed bearings

  • 1.6m bunks

  • Heavy duty height keel rollers

  • Fixed height winch post

  • 10" wheels

  • 48mm jockey wheel

  • 1000lb winch

  • Light board on extendable bars

Overall length: 4.20m

Overall width:  1.55m



Hull Material



Dry Weight

120 kilograms