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Ocean Craft Marine Boat - Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats for Sale

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Ocean Craft Marine is a world-leading provider of high-level maritime resolutions for Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats (RHIB) for professional, military and recreational navigators. Each rigid hull inflatable boat is custom built to order acknowledging each owner, organization or agencies specific requirements. They help in building the boat that you have imagined. All RHIBs are proudly constructed in the United States of America. Ocean Craft Marine boats arrive with European CE approval, NMMA, ABYC, USCG Subchapter T, and SOLAS. 

Ocean Craft Marine's are trendsetters, ensuring to give cutting edge modifications and innovations on a yearly basis with their faithfully nurtured unique creativity with the very finest, high-quality RHIB's. Being ISO certified guarantees that each supplier and material utilised is pre-screened and examined. Each crucial team member at Ocean Craft Marine has in-depth information about boats and knows the importance of producing boats with excellence and safety at the forefront of their mind. OCM RIB’s are manufactured utilising the highest quality of material, hardware, fittings, and accessories. All materials are extremely strong, wear-resistant, water-proof and absolutely safe to the dangers of sunlight, fuel, oil, acids, and contaminants.

The Ocean Craft Marine yacht is secure, excellent, economic, lightweight, can be easily launched and retrieved, has exceptional speed, remarkable stability, versatility, an outstanding load carrying capacity and reduced operational cost. The Motto of Ocean Craft Marine is – ‘Delivering Happiness, Delivering Freedom’. Happiness and freedom are the important factors intended to deliver above the rest while developing a boat at Ocean Craft Marine. So, select from the many Ocean Craft Marine boats for sale listed at www.rightboat.com and step aboard to feel free and make lovely memories with your friends and family. And if you have a pre-owned Ocean Craft Marine boat, you can sell your boat online through www.rightboat.com where your selling is made easier and simpler. 

The Range

1.  Military Boats

·     Coast Guard / Navy

·     Riverine Boat

·     Special OPS / Anti Piracy

·     Amphibious

·     Inflatable

·     Customised

2.  Professional Boats

·     Law enforcement / Police

·     Search and rescue

·     Transport and tour

·     Firefighting

·     Marina / Sail support

·     Oil and Gas

·     Solas Rescue boat

·     Diving

·     Beachlander

·     Amphibious

·     Inflatable

·     Customised

3.  Recreational Boats

·     Beachlander

·     Euroline

·     Cabin

·     Yacht tender

·     Amphibious

·     Electric tender

·     Roll-up

·     Bespoke craft

Popular Models


OCM 9.8 AMP Boat

OCM Roll up 4.2

OCM 8.4 AMP Boat

OCM 7.1 AMP Boat 





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1. Who is the founder of Ocean Craft Marine yachts?
Roy Nouhra is the founder of Ocean Craft Marine yachts.

2. Where is the headquarters of Ocean Craft Marine yachts located?
The Ocean Craft Marine yachts headquarters is in Annapolis, Maryland, USA.

3. What are the specialities of Military boats of Ocean Craft Marine yachts?

Military Boats

Coast Guard / Navy – Available size – 9.5m, 8m, 6.5m, 5.1m, 4.1m
Ocean Craft Marine’s Coast guard boats are being built to meet and exceed all requirements of the specific mission profiles of homeland security, harbour defence, harbour patrols, maritime law enforcement patrols, marine environmental security, search and rescue operations.

Riverine Boat - Available size – 12.5m, 12m, 8m
The Ocean Craft Marine’s Riverine boats are quick with excellent maneuverability, produced with shallow draft capabilities planned for the strenuous shoal draft riverine environment to sustain overt dominance of rivers and inland waterways.

Special OPS / Anti Piracy - Available size – 12m, 9.5m, 8m, 6.5m, 4.1m
Ocean Craft Marine’s Special-Ops/ Anti-Piracy boats are particularly masterminded for long-duration missions, high-speed vessel interdiction processes, and non-compliant boarding team operations.

Amphibious - Available size – 9.8m, 9.5m Beachlander, 8.4m, 7.1m
The Ocean Craft Marine’s Amphibious craft provides unmatched fluidity and versatility.

Inflatable - Available size – 2.8m, 3.2m, 3.5m, 4.2m, 4.8m, 5.1m, 6m
The Ocean Craft Marine’s series of military inflatable boats are intentionally produced for the most rigid environments and harshest use, the perfect ones for military missions. It has been survival tested in the harshest conditions of excessive heat, intense humidity and harsh exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

Ocean Craft Marine is a superior maritime solutions giver for licensed customers around the world rendering a fully integrated turnkey solution which is always tailored to meet every customer’s requirements with the most suitable solutions utilising state of the art innovations, top quality goods and the quickest delivery time.

4. What are the specialities of Professional boats of Ocean Craft Marine yachts?

Professional Boats

Law enforcement / Police - Available size – 9.5m, 8m
Ocean Craft Marine has particularly masterminded law enforcement vessels to be multi-mission competent, extremely customizable, mission-specific configurable because of the mission-success and mission-survivability fall greatly on the durability, stoutness, and performance of their embarked rescue craft. It is built with safety, performance, and quality.

Search and rescue - Available size – 9.5m, 8m, 7.2m, 6.5m, 5.5m
Ocean Craft Marine’s RHIB for search and rescue have an excellent hull performance blending safety and stability with ease and speed. They are produced for “no failure” zone applications.

Transport and tour - Available size – 12m, 9.5m, 8m
Be it eco-tourism, whale-watching, resort guest sightseeing, resort diving excursions or transporting work personnel to and from offshore facilities Ocean Craft Marine is the master in providing RHIB boats for commercial passenger transport.

Firefighting - Available size – 8m, 6.5m
Ocean Craft Marine builds rigid hull inflatable boats that can exceed all operational elements for fire and rescue missions and is fully customizable as per the need of the mission for protecting lives.

Marina / Sail support - Available size – 12m, 9.5m, 8m, 6.5m, 5.5m
Ocean Craft Marine’s sail support vessels with their inflatable and raised fendering are ideally revised for personnel transfers underway and man-overboard recoveries. Whether for a yacht club or a marina, a reliable and heavy-duty marina operations support, the boat is a must.

Oil and Gas - Available size – 9.5m, 8m, 7.2m, 6.5m, 5.5m
The Ocean Craft Marine has a broad experience in handling advanced designs for catering to the challenges faced by the Oil and Gas industry with the specific work environment.

Solas Rescue boat – Available size – 6.5m with 4 points lifting system, 6.5m with single point lifting frame
Consumers rely on the Ocean Craft Marine Solas fast rescue boats in important and life-safety conditions for rescue operations on commercial ships. They appreciate its steadiness, shock absorption, speed, exceptionally high load carrying capacity and ease of control.

Diving – Available size – 9.5m, 8m
Celebrated for its exceptional seaworthy capabilities, the OCM Diving boat is ideal to take out in any circumstances whether for a dive rescue mission or for a leisurely scuba-diving day with outstanding diving experience.

Amphibious – Available size – 9.8m, 9.5m Beachlander, 8.4m, 8.4m Flat bottom, 7.1m
The Ocean Craft Marine’s Amphibious boat grants unmatched mobility and versatility with unprecedented land accessibility to areas of operations that were previously inaccessible.

The Ocean Craft Marine’s heavy-duty inflatable boat is produced deliberately for the most rigorous professional use to serve as work-boats, survey-boats and rescue-boats.

Ocean Craft Marine is an advanced maritime solutions provider providing a fully integrated service that is uniquely tailored to meet every customer’s needs all around the world.


5. What are the specialities of Recreational boats of Ocean Craft Marine yachts?

Recreational Boats

Beachlander – Available size - 8.75m
Ocean Craft Marine’s Beachlander has made certain that boating is for everyone. It is designed for endurance and high performance in all sea conditions joining security, stability, comfort and speed.

Euroline - Available size – 8m, 6.5m, 5.1m
The Ocean Craft Marine’s Euroline RHIBs are the best-handling boat in the market, designed for the sophisticated boating lover who is seeking style, design, as well as performance, safety and great performance in the heaviest seas.

Cabin - Available size – 10m
The Ocean Craft Marine’s Cabin RHIB can reach high speeds up to 65mph and is lighter than other Cabin boats making it a very attractive option.

Yacht tender - Available size – 12m, 9.5m, 8m, 7.2m, 6.5m, 5.5m, 5.1m, 4.1m, 3.5m, 3.2m, 2.8m
Each Ocean Craft Marine’s Yacht tender is constructed using first-class materials with the maximum attention to details and can be customized to cater to the needs of different yacht types.

Amphibious - Available size – 9.8m, 9.5m Beachlander, 8.4m, 7.1m
The Ocean Craft Marine’s Amphibious boat grants you the future of boating, making your life around boating easier with a faster launch time and broader reach.

Electric tender - Available size – 8m, 6.5m, 5.5m, 4.2m, 3.2m
The Ocean Craft Marine’s Electric tender is on the top 3 list of the most innovative boat products. It is an environmentally friendly, quiet and clean electric boat for the luxury relaxation portion letting you experience a serene sea ride with only the sound of the waves and wind.

Roll-up - Available size – 2.8m, 3.2m, 3.5m, 4.2m
Ocean Craft Marine’s roll up is fully inflatable, compressed, inexpensive, light and easy to assemble and disassemble. These portable boats guarantee years of enjoyment with quality performance delivery.

Bespoke craft
Ocean Craft Marine’s team of experts assists you in building your dream tender with their vast experience, giving you a perfect custom solution with plenty of designs, equipment and accessories, as per your specifications.