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Nomad Yachts for Sale - Family and Leisure Yacht Sales

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The UAE's pioneering shipyard Gulf Craft, set-up in the year 1982 has captivated the world with the finest, "Made in UAE" luxury yachts and family leisure boats. The growing portfolio features the ultra-luxury series of the ocean-going Nomad Yachts along with its Majesty Yachts, Silvercraft fishing boats, Oryx sport cruisers and the Utility Series of touring, passenger and multipurpose transportation vessels. With a large emphasis on exceptional technology, marine engineering, experimentation and improvement, Gulf Craft builds ocean-going crafts ranging from 31 to 175 feet in length at its shipyards in the UAE. A work ethos of 'innovation with passion' has been prominent in making Gulf Craft as one of the top seven shipyards in the world.

Gulf Craft envisages success not as the prize for its innovation and improvement, but as a motivation to set out on a path of diversity, with dedication and commitment, creating ocean-going masterpieces. In the year 2015 - providing to an evergrowing need and demand for long-range, fuel-efficient yachts, Gulf Craft introduced the Nomad Yachts brand. Nomad yachts are designed and produced for seafarers who relish long-range exploration with friends and family. It has an innovative collection featuring a series of yachts that are leisure destinations within themselves offering premium comfort, safety, and ocean-going capability. Your yachting journey is sure to get transformed into a journey worth indulging in. Nomad yachts are ideal for sea travellers who have a genuine appreciation for spending time on the water.

The Nomad Yachts range travels from strength to strength as the company expands the innovation button with the launch of an extended range of Nomad Yachts at the 2019 Dubai International Boat Show- the SUV Collection. The new Nomad SUV range - Nomad 95 SUV, Nomad 75 SUV & Nomad 65 SUV- was added to the already successful Nomad 55, Nomad 65 and Nomad 75 models which have made ripples in the industry over the last four years. So, select from the many Nomad yachts for sale listed at www.rightboat.com and step aboard to make lovely memories with your friends and family. And if you have a pre-owned Nomad yacht, you can sell your yacht online through www.rightboat.com where your selling is made easier and simpler.

The Range

Fly-bridge Collection

Nomad 75

Nomad 65

Nomad 55

SUV Collection

Nomad 95 SUV

Nomad 75 SUV

Nomad 65 SUV

Popular Models

Nomad 75 Yacht

Nomad 65 Yacht 

Nomad 55 Yacht 

Nomad 95 SUV

Nomad 75 SUV

Nomad 65 SUV





1. Which year was Nomad yachts brand introduced?

Nomad yachts brand was introduced by Gulf Craft in the year 2015.

2. Where is the headquarters located?

The Nomad yachts headquarters is in Ajman, U.A.E.


3. What are the specialties of the Fly-bridge collection of Nomad yachts?

Nomad 75 – 75 ft 4 in
Nomad 75 is the result of extraordinary workmanship and engineering, It depicts the finest design, style, practicality, and ingenuity that a yacht could have.

Nomad 65 – 65 ft 9 in
The Nomad 65 is an exceptional vessel to the fleet of long-range yachts by Gulf Craft which gives boundless possibilities. It is strong, sophisticated, luxurious, relaxed and versatile at every turn.

Nomad 55 – 57 ft 9 in
With the Nomad 55, you can treasure each and every moment on water in comfort and sophisticated style. The renowned British yacht designer Andrew Wolstenholme has designed it to provide a perfect experience for long-distance traveling with an uninterrupted and luxurious cruising activity for boaters.


4. What are the specialties of the SUV collection of Nomad yachts?

Nomad 95 SUV – 100 ft 2 in
The Nomad 95 SUV delivers excellent navigational technology that is generally found on much bigger superyachts. It is built using excellent composite materials like Carbon Fiber and Kevlar.

Nomad 75 SUV – 76 ft 10 in
The Nomad 75 SUV holds a semi-displacement hull with an extensive bilge to enhance fuel-efficiency, endurance, plenty of storage space combined with a more relaxed and pleasant cruise in all sea conditions.

Nomad 65 SUV – 65 ft 9 in
The Nomad 65 SUV grants extra sleeping berths, uses less fuel and few of its accessories are run on solar power. It is built using high-level advanced elements to decrease weight and increase stability.