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Greenline 33 for sale in Fort Lauderdale, Florida United States of America



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Fort Lauderdale, Florida United States of America




32.74 ft.








Make & Model

Greenline 33

Boat type



32.74 ft.

Fuel Type



Fort Lauderdale, Florida United States of America



11.52 ft.




2.33 ft.


***Photon's recent 27k discount to address cosmetic issues with teak foredeck, cap-rail, and other minor cosmetic blemishes but she remains far and away in the best mechanical condition due to the relentless upgrade schedule of driveline and e-motor components as well as consumable and time-limited diesel elements. The owners felt those far more important on their several-month out-island cruises far from support***

2011 Greenline 33 with a sailboat-like bow of "Super Displacement" hull and lightweight infusion construction - extremely efficient.

Converted to modern technology, long-range, long duration, endurance live-aboard Cruiser.

Better than new as technology has evolved since then and she's been refit for long-distance cruising.

A Bonsai MegaYacht.

The owner just did Miami to Bimini 5-6 knots in rough pounding seas - burned 10 gallons of diesel for 50 miles headwind and opposing waves.

Lived on board for 10 months total time in 3 seasons in the Bahamas as far as Long Island.

No expense was spared on the boat given their long-term reliance.

Being fully independent in the far Bahamas demands that nothing break or fail. Photon has been modified to that outcome.

Energy independent: 1680 watts of new panels on the roof gives plenty of electricity.

Water independent: 10 gallons/hour watermaker gives plenty of freshwater for toilet and showers.

Huge double storage areas for long-term provisions.

Marina stays don't require services. But more importantly, far out-islands at a remote anchorage for weeks where no trace of humans or civilization is anywhere on the horizon in any direction and still enjoy live US TV feeds, ice cream, freshwater showers, and fresh bread from a breadmaker.

Photon is owned by 2 ex-Tesla engineering employees and maintained by a current Tesla mechanic and former VW/Porsche mechanic who is a rare and perfect combination for our VW TDI and electric motor.

The Hybrid electric propulsion systems consist of batteries, photovoltaic panels, and the eMotor - all of which are new.

All forward maintenance has been accomplished on the Diesel.

-Electric drive is new in 2020.

-Batteries all-new 2023.

-Solar panels all-new 2023.

-The entire driveline was replaced in 2017.

-No leaks under the engine bay - no coolant, no oil, no diesel, no salt water. just dust as proof that it hasn't leaked.

Most importantly, just returned from 6 weeks living aboard and a month in the Bahamas with all the gear prepared for the season so she's ready to go now. Other boats have various problems and a new buyer will need to spend time learning and solving these carry-over issues instead of setting off.

This boat is ready to go on the Great Loop or the Bahamas or coastal cruising right now!

Salon and Galley

Step through a sleek sliding glass door from the sun-kissed cockpit, greeted by a warm, inviting salon bathed in natural light. The L-shaped galley stands ready to starboard, equipped with a dual burner induction stove, microwave, stainless steel sink, and ample storage tucked away in cabinets and drawers.

- Keep drinks icy cold in the spacious stand-up refrigerator/freezer. Ample storage in cabinets/ drawers as well as under salon seating ensures everything stays organized and within reach.

- For those moments when you want to truly connect with the open air, the large glass window lifts up seamlessly, blending the galley and cockpit into one breezy expanse.

- The helm seat serves double duty in this space. While underway the seat is in its up position but when it's time to gather around the dining table the seat drops to create an L-shaped seating configuration that seats six comfortably when the drop-leaf table is extended. A creative and practical way to maximize useability in both spaces.

- An upgraded, 32in 4k TV in the salon area combined with diffuse LED spot lighting, new carpet, and cleaned cushions make this a great place for movie nights when the sun has set.

This isn't just a salon; it's the heart of the boat, a space designed for living, for connection, and for creating memories that will last a lifetime.

One of the outstanding features of this design is the galley aft (and at the same level as the deck), this brings the center at meal times to the deck and open outside with the raised glass window aft and open sliding glass door - rather than other designs where the galley is pushed down below and cut off.


The helm is forward of the dinette on the starboard side with a large companion seat, easy access to the controls and electronics as well as 360-degree visibility.

- Raymarine Chart-Plotter with GPS/Depth/Speed. Note: The main chartplotter is the original Raymarine and should be upgraded.

- Raymarine Radar

- Raymarine Auto Pilot

- AIS/VHF Radio

- Side-Power Bow Thruster Control

- Anchor Windless Control


Descend three steps from the vibrant salon and enter the tranquil owner's cabin. This private space promises both comfort and convenient access, making it the perfect escape after a day of adventure on the seas.

- Choose your layout: a classic V-berth configuration for two singles, or push the beds together to create a spacious queen-size haven for couples.

- Stow your belongings with ease in two generous hanging lockers and convenient bedside cabinets.

- Natural Light filters through wrap-around windows giving the cabin ample lighting with curtains for privacy.

- Ventilation is crucial for tropical cruising. Many boats are closed and require constant air conditioning which keeps their owners in marinas. Photon is always cool with forward scoop hatch and center opening windscreen hatch which immediately equalize outdoor and indoor temps. With continuing ventilation and thermal barrier curtains, keeping cool and away from Marinas and shore power is easy. Still, there is an AC as well which cools the boat down in minutes and keeps everything dry throughout the night.

Imagine waking up to the gentle rocking of the waves, sunlight streaming through the windows, and the vast expanse of the ocean just a step away.


The head offers dual access either from the companionway or from the owner's cabin.

The head has an electric flush toilet, a stainless sink, H&C shower, and ample storage cabinets.  New teak floor plate. New electric flush head.

Engine Compartment

This clean engine room is more than just a functional space; it's a testament to the thoughtful care and continuous maintenance of a meticulous owner.

No leaks under the engine in the drip tray.

- A large hatch in the main cabin sole grants unimpeded access to the engine and surrounding components. No more contorting your body to reach that elusive part– you can now maneuver around the engine with ease.

- Second Access Point:behind the stairs to the companionway there is an alternative entry point to the engine room. This added flexibility ensures you can approach the engine and other components from

whichever angle best suits the task at hand.

- Sound Shielding: The engine is nestled within an acoustically shielded box,

significantly reducing noise while underway.

Deck and Hull

Step aboard and embrace the feeling of complete security and confident movement that defines this vessel's deck and cockpit. Designed for both relaxation and adventure.

- Enjoy peace of mind knowing you can navigate anywhere on deck with ease. The walk-around side deck, coupled with high gunnels and a sturdy stainless steel grab rail, provides a stable and secure platform for every stride. Whether tending lines, sunbathing, or simply enjoying the fresh air, you'll always feel confident and in control.

- Unwind or entertain in style within the cockpit. Two built-in seats with discreet storage compartments offer comfortable seating, while two large cockpit lockers provide ample space for all your gear. Add some folding teak director chairs to complete the area or use it as a tender space while underway.

- Expand the cockpit with ease, simply press a button and watch the transom electronically lower, expanding your cockpit space by an impressive 4 feet. Prepare for unforgettable moments with friends and family in this versatile outdoor oasis.

- Anchoring is a breeze thanks to the electric windlass and remote located on deck as well as the helm.

- Keep your gear and surfaces clean with the freshwater washdown system integrated into the bow lockers.

- Transform your bow into a private sundeck oasis, perfect for basking in the sun and savoring the stunning seascapes.

This deck and cockpit aren't just functional spaces; they're an invitation to experience the joys of life on the water with confidence and comfort. Imagine casting a line from the secure perch within the gunwales, hosting laughter-filled evenings in the cockpit, or basking in the sun on your private bow sundeck. This is where memories are made, and Photon is ready to take you there.



- New 40mm drive Shaft

- New Thrust Bearings

- New Shaft Seal

- New Cutlass bearing

- New Flex coupler

- The above completes 100% replacement of the entire driveline to the transmission (except prop)

- Prop-reconditioned

- New Thermal barrier-coated window curtains

- New Spectra 150 (now upgraded to 200) Watermaker with MPC automated control panel installed in the cabin

- New MPPT solar controller

- Modified original double-inverter design - removed one-off 120v-220v inverter for EU-specific fridge

- New 120V Liebherr Fridge/Freezer/icemaker - super low energy consumption (0-50watts)

- New Rocna 10kg/33lb anchor (still have original stainless fluke anchor)

- New eMotor Clutch for bell housing connection to diesel drive

- New charts for Raymarine plotter/AIS receiver

- New folding transom "tailgate" mount installed for compact barrel gas BBQ, properly distant from fuel sources.

- All-new LED interior/exterior lighting

- Added custom teak on head floor

- Extra Rocna anchor and warp

- Extra Mantus anchor and warp

- Installed dual-racor fuel filter for easy lever change for fresh filter

- Installed AXI Fuel conditioner

- New washdown self-coiling hose

- New induction 2 burner cooktop

- New Breville Microwave


- New eMotor seawater cooling pump

- New eMotor (latest design with 2 sets of shaft bearings- earlier ones had single and that would fail)

- Hybrid Control Unit (HCU) sent to Mahle for bench test and repair (I have docs)

- Timing belt changed on the diesel

- All belts and most hoses changed.

- New TDI Turbo

- New ultra-efficient 4K smartTV perfectly sized for cabin

Oct-November 2023

- New BLO-280 watt (1.68 KW) Photovoltaic panels 25-year warranty

- New LiFePO4 batteries. (unlike LiPo, does not combust with time, temp or damage and has internal modern BMS for under and over temps/volts/amps. This along with the protections in the e-motor generator and adjustable settings in the Victron inverter/shorepower charger and Solar charger means an end to battery fire risk).

- 2 x Fortress eFlex 5.4KwH Lithium= 10.8KWh 48v drive and house bank.

- 2 x Dakota Lithium 12v 60Ah HP (high power capable of 600 CCA each) house and house/Bowthruster joined with a switch as a single 120AH bank that can be joined to start bank if needed.

- 1 x 12v 100AH Relion Lithium HP (highpower) starter bank capable ofCCA.

- NO LEAD ACID or combustible LiPo batteries - all batteries are NEW modern LithiumIronPhosphate which is the safest chemistry paired with internal BMS protections. The boat can be switched off entirely for dry storage with no need for trickle chargers. 48v batteries have power-on buttons to simply switch off and they will remain charged for years. The 12V batteries can be switched to isolate from batteries monitors and any parasitic drains and will also maintain charge for extended months/years. When splashing the boat for a new season, just turn on the batteries and the solar charge controller will begin to bring them up to bulk voltage setpoints - all configured to exact manufacturing setpoints.

- New Victron 12V charger bluetooth

- New Victron Battery Monitor Bluetooth

- New Victron MPPT solar charge controller bluetooth

- New Multiplus II inverter charger for 48 bank and shorepower with bluetooth dongle - super efficient now 26 watts overhead Inverted and all standby loads (26+ 0...50 watts -for fridge freezer - overnight - amazingly low draw - this averages 50 wattsx12 hours dark = .6KwHs overnight and 1.2KwHs for 24-hour base load. About 20% of battery capacity or 5 days endurance with no sunlight. On a sunny day the panels should produce 8.4 KWHours or almost a full charge from the depleted bank.)

- New 30-amp-50Amp shorepower adapter (all 3 adapters now onboard 120v, 30amp and 50Amp)

- New SiMarine shunts and displays for both 12v and 48v banks

- New anchor light - low rise - compatible with Starlink

- New Starlink mount

- New Spectra Ventura 200 MPC watermaker core clark pump (10gallons/hour output)

- New watermaker bladder diaphragm for buffering pressure

- New watermaker feed pump

- Pex water plumbing to modify Saltwater washdown converted to freshwater which is vast improvement to remove salt from windows and solar panels after crossings in wind and waves.

- New Electric head - same model as original - original still worked fine - just preventative maintenance.

- New aft deck freshwater shower

- New Highfield tender 17.5" Big tubes, dry aluminum floor - lightest we could find 77 pounds.

- New dinghy chaps

- New Suzuki 15HP Fuel injected pull-start engine with planing Fins installed.

- Overhaul on saltwater engine impeller assembly - new bearings and seals and impeller.

- New motor mounts - hardware and rubber isolation feet

- Re-routed desalinator to top of water tank to improve any back pressure issue

- New instant water heater with no reservoir - saves space and 70 pounds of needless weight.

- Removed heat exchanger hoses which could be a point of failure for engine cooling.

- New shureflow freshwater accumulator tank

- New center windscreen opening hatch assembly

- Computer tuned engine timing adjustments

- Changed prop from 17r15 to 17r14 for better efficiency

- New softer LED main cabin lighting

- All upholstery was removed and washed

- New organic/no chemicals Queen futon on top of existing double berths

- New interior carpet

- 2 new aft bilge cocks/outlets replacing cracked ones

- All new fuel filters (4) for this season, just changed oil (Liquimoly) and filter.

- New freshwater pump

Notes from the owner

Most cruising gear is on board and included with the sale.

Also includes the Main cabin table, stateroom door, thousands of dollars in engine spares and hoses, and assorted boat stuff in storage.

Teak decks forward need repair or removal for flexi-teak or other non-skid (maintaining teak on the foredeck is an issue due to sun exposure). Side and aft teak is fine and should be retained.

The e-motor potentiometer setting is finicky in electric drive.

The water heater works but the circuit breaker/connection is not good - have a new breaker - has not been installed yet.

Time to re-caulk some areas where the caulk has degraded.

Not included in sale but negotiable:

Starlink Gen2 dish/router

YellowBrick satellite communicator and tracker

Additional Units Included

  • 2023 RIB


The Company offers the details of this vessel in good faith but cannot guarantee or warrant the accuracy of this information nor warrant the condition of the vessel. A buyer should instruct his agents, or his surveyors, to investigate such details as the buyer desires validated. This vessel is offered subject to prior sale, price change, or withdrawal without notice.


Cruising Speed

6 Knots

Engine Count


Engine Horse Power


Engine Hours


Engine Location


Max Speed Knots




Hull Material


Hull Shape

Semi Displacement


Air Conditioning


Bow Thruster



Bridge Clearance Meters




Displacement Type


Dry Weight


Engine Year


Engine Type


Fuel Capacity Gal


Fuel Tanks Capacity

499.67 liters

No of Heads


Holding Tank Gal


Holding Tanks Capacity

64.35 liters

Num Sleeps


Water Capacity Gal


Water Tanks Capacity

302.83 liters


The Greenline 33 is a 33 feet long that boasts a 12 feet beam. and can hold up to 132 gallons of fuel.and 80 gallons of water.This 2011 diesel Greenline 33 is powered by a Volkswagen TDI 165-5, with 165.00 horsepower, capable of reaching a maximum speed of 10 knots and a cruising speed of 6 Knots. The Greenline 33 is made of fiberglass. comes equipped with air conditioning, bow thruster.

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