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Finnmaster Boats for Sale - Fibreglass & Aluminium Boat Sales

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Finnmaster, from the country of the midnight sun, has been manufacturing fibreglass boats with designs of vision and beauty for almost 25 years. Each boat that exits the boatyard is built and designed with decades of experience, mastery, innovation and with a clear imagination because Finnmaster refuses in making any compromise when they build a boat for you and your family and so it undergoes rigorous testing in real marine environments before it reaches you. The Finnmaster boats are beautiful, marvellous, full of freedom, passion and tradition. But above all, it’s a lifestyle, much more than a means of transport.

The boat building heritage is passed on from one generation to another and with each passing year knowledge is passed on to each and every boat that is designed and built at the Finnmaster boatyard in Kokkola, Finland. Modernisation has revamped the entire Finnmaster range, updating it with excellent driving features, high-quality materials, beautiful mattresses, stylish hull graphics and modern black windshield frames; so that you, your family and friends experience total comfort onboard. Finnmaster boats are safe, stylish and durable and it makes boating both fun and safe in any weather conditions for years together.

Finnmaster has been building the safest boats with the smartest solution without compromising on modern design for more than 25 years, making your life at sea easier no matter what you use your boat for. With Finnmaster, the skilled captain, as well as the curious novice, can both enjoy wonderful experiences at sea, thus attaining a good position among the boat manufacturers. So, select from the many Finnmaster boats for sale listed at www.rightboat.com and step aboard to make memories with your near and dear ones. And if you have a pre-owned Finnmaster boat, you can sell a boat online through www.rightboat.com where your selling is made easier and simpler.

The Range

Finnmaster builds boats utilising two materials: Aluminium and GRP.

The Aluminium boats:

The Bowriders (five variants)

Husky R5

Husky R6

Husky R7

Husky R8

Husky R8S

The GRP line


Pilot 6

Pilot 7


Pilot 8

Day Cruiser

62 DC




52 SC



55 BR

62 BR

Popular Models

Finnmaster Husky R6

Finnmaster Husky R7

Finnmaster 62 DC Boats for Sale

Finnmaster T7 Boat for Sale

Finnmaster T8 Boat for Sale

Finnmaster 52 SC Boat for Sale

Finnmaster S6  Boat for Sale

Finnmaster Pilot 8 Boat for Sale





1. Which year was Finnmaster found?
Finnmaster was founded in the year 1973.

2. Where is the headquarters of Finnmaster boats located?
The Finnmaster boats headquarters is in Kokkola, Finland.

3. Who bought Finnmaster boats and when?
The Finnmaster boats is owned by the Terra Patris Group since the year 2015.

4. What are the special features of the Finnmaster Aluminium bowrider boats?

The year 2018 introduced Finnmaster Husky aluminium boats with black graphics in Finnmaster R8, R7, R6 and R5, giving it more attitude and character. The bowrider boat models have various characteristics. They are genuine, safe, tough and durable. The Husky design is sturdy with a perfect foredeck, smart storage spaces, world-class cockpit that lets you experience life at sea in an entirely new way. It runs perfectly in both calm and rough sea and you gather memories filled with unforgettable experiences.
The models are:
HUSKY R5 - 5.46m
HUSKY R6 - 6.00m
HUSKY R7 - 6.54m
HUSKY R8 - 7.60m
HUSKY R8S - 7.60m

5. What are the special features of the Finnmaster GRP Cabin boats?

The Finnmaster GRP cabin series features a roomy aft deck and large cabin space accommodating all your near and dear ones with plenty of room to move around freely and safely on board. It is your home away from home where you will not need to pull on several layers of clothes to take a trip across the bay. Freedom takes the central stage in the Finnmaster GRP cabin boats and it offers you and your family all the experiences you long for onboard.
The models are:
P6 - 6.35m
P7 - 6.90m
P7W - 7.20m
P8 - 8.40m

6. What are the special features of the Finnmaster GRP Day cruiser boats?

The Finnmaster GRP day cruiser boats won’t put you in a dilemma of choosing between a sporty or a comfortable boat because it blends them all; sportiness, comfort and innovation. All the models in the series can be handled easily and are stable and comfortable in their driving characteristics. The cabin on the Finnmaster T7 and the Finnmaster T8 has well designed natural lighting with plenty of space making it an unrivalled family boat.
The models are:
62 DC - 6.30m
T7 - 7.10m
T8 - 8.10m

7. What are the special features of the Finnmaster GRP Console boats?

The Finnmaster GRP console boat models are flexible and versatile boats, perfect for transporting and unplanned fishing trips or for a day out enjoying the sea and the sun. All models make ideal fishing boats and has ample space, permitting you to take with you everything the whole family needs for new experiences in the sea with total comfort.
The models are:
55 SC - 5.60m
S6 - 6.39m

8. What are the special features of the Finnmaster GRP Bow rider boats?

The Finnmaster bow rider boats are built with a less is more philosophy in mind giving importance to comfort and storage. It satisfies the dream of the perfect leisure boat which includes everything that is needed for a perfect day at sea. The boats guarantee a comfortable trip in any weather that you choose to be on water. The decks are designed with smart features and you can easily get in and out of the boat.
The models are:
55 BR - 5.60m
62 BR - 6.30m