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Boats and Yachts for Sale in Cuba

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Located only 90 miles from Key West Florida, Cuba is the westernmost island of the Greater Antilles. Upon discovering the Island in 1492 Christopher Columbus described it as “The most beautiful land one has ever seen.” Cuba is the largest country in the Caribbean, it’s archipelago consists of over 4,000 stunning cays and islet’s surrounding the main island. Although Cuba is synonymous with the recognisable Royal Palm tree, one its most amazing features is the density of flora and fauna that thrive in its tropical climate, according to experts the density of Cuba’s flora is 7 times higher than that of Spain, 36 times higher than in India and China and 45 times higher than Australia.

Are you considering sailing in Cuba? Guess what - you’ve chosen the right destination! This amazing Caribbean island is often described as ‘stuck in a timewarp’. You may feel as if you’ve traveled back to the 1960s, between fading colonial buildings, vintage American cars and bands strumming on sun-drenched porticos. Yet, the flipside is that traveling overland around Cuba is a real nightmare, with roads and signals in terrible conditions. The solution? Sailing Cuba! You’ll be able to wake every day in a new, stunning location on your own newly bought boat- one day you’ll explore mysterious Havana, the following day you’ll pay your respects to Che Guevara at his grave in Santa Clara or get lost in the narrow streets of Trinidad. If you’re after nature, fear not - Cuba is one of the top places in the Caribbean in terms of marine biodiversity, making it a top diving and snorkeling destination. There are also wonderful beaches, chances to go birdwatching and explore national parks - and sailing is the best way to do it all.

Search for boats in Cuba. Download full specs and find a great deal for your next right boat. Popular listings in Cuba are Bali Catamarans.

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