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Pershing is the embodiment of Italian excellence, style, luxury, comfort, innovation and performance. It was established by three talented Italians who shared a passion for boating and the sea - Tilli Antonelli, Fausto Filippetti and Giulano Onori, in the year 1981. The 45 was the first yacht that Pershing launched, a craft that was as swift as a powerboat and as comfortable and spacious as a motor-yacht. The company’s dedication to innovation led to the increasing interest in a more widespread market, it achieved worldwide popularity and thus they expanded their market to cover not only the Mediterranean countries but the USA and the Far East.

Pershing became part of the Ferretti Group in the year 1998 and increased its presence in the American market, and now produces crafts at its 55,000 square-metre Mondolfo yard. Pershing is one of the world’s leading global brands in the manufacturing of luxurious high-performance motor yachts. Passion, creativity and constant research of innovation have always been the primary values of the Pershing philosophy. Pershing proceeds to develop as a leading brand of high-end motor yachts, producing a taste of Italian indulgence to yacht lovers around the world. Pershing Yachts enjoy a superior reputation for solidly built hulls that can handle the high-performance and offshore-cruising. It is one of the toughest brands in European boatbuilding, and it got that by being completely focused on design, engineering, and performance. Every boat is sure to make your onshore cares disappear, but Pershings achieve it faster than most. Pershing has won several worldwide accolades for performance, design and interior fit-out. 

All the models of the Pershing fleet are uniquely recognizable due to the extraordinary luxury craft and high performance with comfort. If you are looking out for a yacht that combines high-end luxury with serious sporting ability, excellent engineering, drop-dead looks, and uncompromised performance, Pershing is the answer. The high level of personalization and great attention to details are sure to amaze you. So, feel the wind in your hair and a blast of enthusiasm by getting aboard and becoming a part of the Pershing family. Choose from many Pershing yachts for sale listed at www.rightboat.com to experience peace-filled days and destress yourself by making memories with your loved ones. And if you have a pre-owned Pershing yacht, you can sell your yacht online through www.rightboat.com


The Range

The current range consists of luxurious and powerful motor yachts: 

Pershing 62

Pershing 82

Pershing 70

Pershing 74

Pershing 108

Pershing 170

Pershing 5X

Pershing 8X

Pershing 9X

Popular Models

Pershing 43 Yacht 

Pershing 62 Yacht for Sale

Pershing 82 Yacht for Sale

Pershing 70 Yacht for Sale

Pershing 74 

Pershing 108

Pershing 5X

Pershing 8X





1. When did Pershing yachts originate and who are the founders?
Pershing yachts originated in the year 1981, its founders are the Italian entrepreneurs - Tilli Antonelli, Fausto Filippetti, and Giuliano Onori.

2. Where is the headquarters of Pershing yachts located?
The Pershing yachts headquarters is in Forli, Italy.

3. Who owns Pershing yachts and since when?
Ferretti Group owns Pershing yachts since the year 1998.

4. What are the special features of all the Pershing yacht models?

Pershing 62 - 18.94m
The new Pershing 62 is an elegant, safe, high-speed cruising yacht that is technically sophisticated, simple and effortless that you are sure to forget what a challenging technical achievement it is. It is super sporty and of high performance, one among the series that equips you with relaxation.

Pershing 82 - 24.98m
The Pershing 82 is packed with style, beauty, and excellence, providing matchless luxury and Italian class that matches its extraordinary performance capabilities and attention to the finest of details.

Pershing 70 - 21.44m
The Pershing 70 is a delight to drive. It is a fast and fabulous, narrow-beamed, smooth machine that moves with potential power sustaining supreme comfort at high speeds without jeopardising comfort. It is the ideal boat for a weeklong luxury voyage with the near and dear ones.

Pershing 74 - 22.66m
The Pershing 74 can attain a top speed of 44 knots and a cruising speed of 40 knots while maintaining a high level of comfort. It offers unrivalled luxury, Italian class, excellent performance capabilities and attention to the finest of details.

Pershing 108 - 33.23m
The new Pershing 108 merges environmental amiability, unmatched performance, versatility, and forefront technology with first-class elegance. It ploughs the waves as one of the most prestigious representatives of the world yachting industry with its first three-engine model in the fleet that combines outstanding performance with environmental friendliness and very limited fuel consumption. It can reach a maximum speed of over 42 knots in blissful silence. Its interiors can be extensively customized, making the Pershing 108 yacht a true initiator.

Pershing 170 - 51.82m
Pershing 170, largest in this line of superyachts, is the outcome of the joint effort of architect Fulvio De Simoni, the Strategic Product Committee and Ferretti Group Engineering Department. The 170 is Pershing’s latest high-performance flagship with a cutting edge design and construction, a progression of the Pershing 140.

5. What are the special features of the Pershing X Generation range?

The Pershing X generation range includes the subsequent models:

Pershing 5X - 16.51m
According to Pershing’s product manager Marco Plicchi, the Pershing 5X is targeted toward current generation owners. It offers pod-drive technology along with performance, comfort, and speed that reaches 35 knots. It is one of the smallest models of the Pershing family and has Volvo IPS which enables you to manoeuvre more efficiently and easily.

Pershing 8X - 25.55m
The 83-footer Pershing 8X is the masterpiece of the X Generation range rendering comfort and innovation at 48 knots. It’s sleek and sporty lines are amplified by the unique Pershing elements like imposing side wings and the aerodynamic profile of the sundeck. The carbon fibre construction has made it light on her feet and there is more space on-board. The most unique feature on the yacht is the 'music hull'. The Ferretti Group Engineering Department and the Videoworks collaborated and devised a loudspeaker inside the vessel’s hull to provide entertainment for guests.

Pershing 9X - 28.09m
'It’s a huge vessel that appears small, and that’s what makes it fantastic', says Ferretti Group CEO Alberto Galassi. The Pershing 9X has been defined as a fighter jet. It is a stunning superyacht that is sleek and aggressive in water and also gives a guaranteed smoothness of the ride with an extremely fantastic performance. The solarium capacity on the large flybridge and the bow attract all the sun lovers and watersports equipment assists in making provisions for the most active of holidays. Pershing 9X is the result of passion, innovation, and perfection.