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New and Used Megayachts

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If you are looking to buy a megayacht then you are taking boating to another level. Megayachts are usually privately owned power or sailboats, but predominantly powerboats. A megayacht will require a full-time professional yacht crew and a very full bank account to match.

There are more than 10,000 mega yachts in the world, and unbelievably 100's of new megayachts are delivered each year.

A mega yacht is another name for a privately owned yacht that measures over 24 meters long and carries a professional crew. This is the same definition for a superyacht, and the average price of a second-hand mega yacht for sale is €7.9 million, according to superyacht sales data from 2014.

Are you a superyacht spotter? The largest megayacht to date is the 140 meter 'Azzam' built from the Larsen shipyard. Launched back in 2013. 'Azzam' is yet to be beaten size wise. The brief from the owner was to create and build a voluminous, large yacht which featured a timeless and innovative design with the high-speed capability you would expect, and yet having the inshore capability in warm and shallow seas. Well, if you have that much money to play with, you would want it all wouldn't you? Take a look at these new and used mega-yachts for sale for yourself.

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