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Charles Carter and George Verhagen combined the first three letters of their surnames to form the Carver Boat Company. The two hobbyist builders founded Carver Yachts in the year 1954 based from a Milwaukee garage which soon grew into a dedicated facility in Wisconsin, staffed by a highly skilled workforce. Mahogany runabout boats and cabin cruisers were produced by the company throughout the 1960’s. They switched to fiberglass production in the 1970’s and utilized technological advances such as twin inboard power units to produce the successful 33 Mariner.

Carver yachts are proud to have achieved seven decades of boat building with excellence and luxury. The true measure of a boat is when you actually get out on the water. Carver designs their boats for maximum cruising enjoyment, regardless of sea conditions. The design process also ensures that every part is system matched for maximum performance and reliability. Carver Yachts continues to lead the industry in creating spacious, highly functional, and dependable world-class cruising vessels. Carver Command Bridge and Coupe models are setting new standards for design and performance with their yachts ranging from 34’ to 50’.

Toyota Motor Corporation’s Marine Department was directed by Lexus to create a concept yacht to explore what a Lexus boat could be, Lexus designers in Toyota City sketched the blueprint. And when they needed a builder to execute their concept, after evaluating several boat builders, Toyota Marine chose Carver Yachts because of its impressive in-house capabilities, the craftsmanship of its boat builders and the quality processes to bring the boats to market.

The Range

The Carver Yachts range consists of seven series.

1. C34 Coupe

2. C37 Coupe

3. C43 Coupe

4. C52 Coupe

5. C36 Command Bridge

6. C40 Command Bridge

7. C52 Command Bridge

The result was a unique 42’ carbon fiber composite sports yacht, powered by two high-performance Lexus V8s, tested to exacting Lexus standards. You can be sure Toyota Marine made the very best choice with Carver Yachts as it made its debut around the world to the thrill of Lexus fans and the boating press. Carver hull designs let you go further, faster and with more comfort. And these are some of the reasons you should choose Carver for your next boat. There are over one hundreds of Carver Boats for Sale listed for you to choose from and over 100's of boat manufacturers listed at www.rightboat.com.

Popular Models

Carver C40 Command Bridge

Carver C36 Command Bridge

Carver C37 Coupe

Carver C52 Command Bridge

Carver C43 Coupe




1. Who is the founder of Carver Yachts?
Charles Carter and George Verhagen are the founders of Carver Yachts.

2. Which year was Carver Yachts founded?
Carver Yachts was founded in the year 1954.

3. Where is the Carver Yachts headquarter located?
Carver Yachts headquarter is located in Wisconsin, U.S.

4. What is the specialty of C34 Coupe in the Carver range?
C34 Coupe - 34' 0"
The new C34 Coupe is designed for the new generation of boaters who want bold styling, an expansive interior layout, seaworthiness and Carver comfort. It offers outstanding performance and has all features in a compact package that’s easy to handle.

5. What is the specialty of C37 Coupe in the Carver range?
C37 Coupe - 37' 8"
The C37 Coupe makes it your true home-away-from-home. It is a yacht where cruising thrills meet on-water comfort and have an unmatched level of comfort. The C37 Coupe is more than a cruising yacht, it’s also a performer.

6. What is the specialty of C43 Coupe in the Carver range?
C43 Coupe - 42' 0"
The C43 Coupe has an expansive swim platform, abundant seating, a retractable electric glass sunroof, and an available retractable sunshade. Its unique vacuum-bagging technology reduces unnecessary weight and incorporates fiberglass stringers for better performance and structural integrity.

7. What is the specialty of C52 Coupe in the Carver range?
C52 Coupe - 51' 10"
The new C52 Coupe is raising the bar for luxury and cruising comfort with its full beam master stateroom with private head and separate shower, spacious forward guest stateroom and head plus large third stateroom.

8. What is the specialty of C36 Command Bridge in the Carver range?
C36 Command Bridge - 35' 6"
The C36 Command Bridge offers outstanding maneuverability and handling to her elegant living spaces. Its innovative design provides an exceptionally smooth, dry and stable ride. The twin inboard engines of C36 ensure that it will be a top performer with quiet, gentle manners at all speeds.

9. What is the specialty of C40 Command Bridge in the Carver range?
C40 Command Bridge - 39' 10"
The C40 Command Bridge will allow you to embrace the real spirit of adventure on the water, without compromising comfort or style. It boasts all the features that the cruising boaters desire.

10. What is the specialty of C52 Command Bridge in the Carver range?
C52 Command Bridge - 51' 10"
The new Carver 52 Command Bridge offers the most spacious layouts of any boat in its class. It is one of the most exciting new model introductions in Carver history.