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This is how Rightboat will help you get through lock-down



This is how Rightboat will help you get through lock-down!


For most of us, the lockdown was just something that happened in the movies, but now, with over a third of the world in the lock-down, we are all trying to live our best lives within four walls. We have quickly adapted to a massive change in our lives, become amazing carers, sharers, and communicators.


For this, we should applaud ourselves, and by working together and looking after each other, we’ll soon be looking forward to a time when we can once again get out and explore this incredible world. Who doesn’t want to get down to the sea or river, feel the sand between their toes, or the wind in the hair?


So, whilst our feet are firmly on the ground, let’s put our head in the clouds and start thinking about the future and how amazing that will be.


The team at Rightboat has been working tirelessly to ensure we continue to list the latest boats and yachts for sale, from RIBS to fishing boats, superyachts to classic sailing yachts - we have it all.  Watch out for all the great new contacts coming your way too, from how-to guides, boat reviews, videos, and more, so stay tuned and we’ll fill your inboxes with joy and inspiration and help you get back on the water just as soon as we can.


We ask you to share the wealth of information we give, like, share, tweet and engage with us. The more we engage the better community we will create and the inspiration will follow!


We are here to get you one step closer to life on the water.


See you there!


The Rightboat Team.



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The Rightboat team

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