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The cutter rig sailing boat is a great boat to start sailing with. It has a flexible, easy to handle inboard rig, which is why many cruising sailors -are such a fan of it. Typically a cutter boat is a small, but in some cases, a medium-sized, watercraft yacht designed for speed rather than for capacity and traditionally a cutter sailing yacht is a small single-masted boat,

The cutter rig yacht will have two jibs, the foremost one usually a high-cut Yankee set on the forestay and the other a staysail set on an inner forestay.

There are two options of the cutter rig sailboat; the 'bowsprit version', where the Yankee is set on a bowsprit and the staysail attached to the bow, usually found on heavier displacement sailboats or the 'no bowsprit' type where the whole rig is contained inboard, with no bowsprit.

You also find this type of rig on Sloops, Ketch Boats, and Yawls too.

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