Janmor 34CC for sale in Poland for €93,000 (£80,625)

10 m
€93,000 (£80,625)
3.2 m
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1.5 m
Fin Keel
Engine Make
Mitsubishi Sole
Hull Material
Engine Model
Mini 26 - 4 stroke 3 cylinder
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About this Janmor 34CC

This 2015 Janmor 34CC is a Design Category A Ocean center cockpit cruiser with eight berths in her elegant mahogny interior which benefits from three separate cabins and mess, galley, bathroom and navigation station and benefits from full standing height.

The central cockpit on this Janmor 34CC gives a high sense of security, which is particularly important when sailing not only with children and teenagers, but also with people of advanced age.

A large, flat aft deck is as a convenient place for recreation. The interior has been designed to serve as a family yacht, however, thanks to large water tanks, cabinets, lockers, swallows, and many sources of electricity, and the meeting of formal requirements, it may also fulfill the dreams of the ocean sailor. A large number of beds and booths allow an effective charter.

The Janmor 34CC was entirely computer-designed. The underwater part of the hull has been designed on the basis of a race yacht project, so the yacht has a high march speed. The deck has a sandwich structure which provides thermal, acoustic and mechanical insulation, and resistance to some minor damage. Both conceptual design and execution of the project were carried out by active and experienced sailors.

Poland is world's second largest manufacturer of sailing yachts. It is a location of a number of specialised shipbuilding companies. The hull was produced in Europe's largest shipyard and hull's producer Janmor. Mariner Yachts provided the joinery and Spider provided the installations, rigging, completion and commissioning. Her electrical installation was provided by Eljacht.

The project management of this boat's construction was by the famous Polish marine yachts designer, Krzysztof Mackowiak. Each stage of the construction was carried out under the supervision of the PRS and the PYA.

At the moment, the yacht is located in Gdansk, Poland. Possible changes and adaptations can be made in one of the two shipyards: Spider (where the boat was been completed) or Aquila Yachts - yacht designer shipyard. Gdansk has good flight connection with the rest of Europe. It is possible to arrange a meeting with the yacht designer in person.

Owners Comments

While sailing on many boats, I could not get over the fact that, in such an expensive investment, many people underestimate the importance of the quality of the installation: the way electronics are connected with low quality cables, improperly completed, hydraulic hoses of the lowest grade etc.

When this boat was being built I insisted on the best quality of cables, connections or terminals, because they determine the reliability of the whole boat.

The choice of the solution is often based on common sense; for example, a lower power thruster is used, because under hard conditions, neither thruster will be useful, yet in quiet port conditions, the lower power will do its work using less electrical power.

The boat is currently registered in the Polish Register of Yachts; it went through the trim and test run. It is in 100% new, running, efficient and proven; it also holds the certificate of seaworthiness.

The temporary name of the yacht is Hlin. It is a name of the Norse goddess, Freya, a bodyguard and a deity. There is a legend that says Hlin finds those people who cry and dries their tears by kissing.

Sailing performance. She listens to the helm and has a tight turning radius; maneuvering with engine is turning and obedient, no fishtail on the reverse. While on a wave, it is brave and reacts very fast. It was built as a family yacht, on which you can make a cruise around the world; it is free from any legal defects or financial obligations; I sell it because of my change of life plans.


Please request a copy of the data table which shows a comparison of the technical data and detailed equipment offered by this Janmor yacht to two boats of a similar size: Bavaria and Delphia.

It is worth remembering that mass-produced boats are either based on 5 years of charter use or are designed for standing in the harbour, because such a usage is quite common. We offer a yacht that was built for safe navigation, also for distant and long trips, as well as when retired. Therefore it has been built with great care and thoroughness.

Design Category A Ocean

Designed for extended voyages where conditions may exceed winds of Beaufort F8 and significant wave heights of 4m and above, and for which vessels must be largely self-sufficient.


The yacht has a central cockpit that guarantees a better sense of security, especially for children, teenagers, and sailors of advanced age.

The yacht has a VHF Radio Distress function, the Clipper Navtex receiver and basic safety equipment. An additional feature is the front bumper-tank. In case of the front collision, (e.g. with a container) when the hull is damaged, the yacht remains watertight, because the tank is sealed with closed foam and acts as the front bumper.

Currently there is no liferaft, however there is a mount in front of mast for Plastimo SOLAS 8-person liferaft (There is no sense to have it now while the validity period runs).
There is also no EPIRB however there is a place for it to mount.


Total capacity of fresh water is 830 litres in 3 stern tanks, 1 bow tank and boiler (750 litres, in tanks and 80 litres, in boiler).

The yacht is equipped with 250 litres, fuel tank.

The boat is suitable for ocean sailing.


Sole Diesel Mini 26 + Saildrive, economical Japanese Mitsubishi engine marinised by a Spanish company,

Engine runs VERY quietly for this type of yacht, it is almost silent. There is another 100kg under engine stand. And it is very well balanced.

Sole; water cooling with wet exhaust. There is an additional fault alarm in case the exhaust gas temperature is exceeded.

Saildrive provides not only a better sealing and fewer regurgitation when maneuvering at low speed, but also reduces vibration of the hull at work; there's a shifter and ergonomically ignition switch on the steering column.

Unlike many yachts a maintenance way-out for engine has been designed and bult in to this boat. The designer understands that will always be a time to replace and engine at some tme in the future.

The engine compartment is insulated and thermally suppressed; engine heat is used for heating the boiler, drying the dishes and oilskins.  The Wet Locker, with hangers is hot and dry, always wanted on any boat and generally lacking, even on biger boats.

The water boiler is heated by internal element which heats whole boiler in minutes.

It is possible to mount additional outboard engine on the multifunction ladder.


Made by MAST company with its profile based on Italian production.


Mainsail with lazy-jack, foresail with furling, storm jig on stay. With this arrangement, the storm jig is closer to the yacht's center, and stays in more reliable and adequate place during a storm.


Hydraulic steering system, VETUS steering pump and actuator, HANSAFLEX pressure hoses with stainless steel fittings, Raymarine autopilot pump; Jeffa Rudder anti-lock steering column bearings; high quality oil JCB; secondary tiller. Steering system was made of high quality, professional hydraulic hoses, stainless steel tips and good oil. Actuators and pumps are bought from reputable companies.

The additional advantage is specialized Jeffa Rudder bearings that prevent tightening the bearings on the stronger side pressure (when overcoming wave). It is not only more comfortable for the helmsman, but it also helps to steer in harsh weather conditions and is more economical when sailing on autopilot.

Bow Thruster

VETUS bow thruster, comfortably controlled from the steering column, enables easier maneuvering in port.


DELTA Lewmar anchor, windlass with a mechanism to facilitate the automatic lowering / rasing of the anchor; windlass control possible both at the steering column and from the bow.


Ballast is made of steel jacket filled with scrap steel and grit ballast and cement. It has been protected with International V-Tar2 paint and Micron anti-fouling. Lower fin reduces drift, lowers the dead angle and further stabilizes the vertical fluctuations of the wave. There are zincs attached for added corrosion protection in the lower part of the back.


Submerged part of the hull was covered with anti-osmosis paint to increase the lifespan of the hull in the northern waters of Europe; additionally, it was secured with 5-year- lasting Micron anti-fouling.


A very strong and stable boat cradle for both slipway and winterizing, as well as transporting is included in the offer. I have a contact details of the shipping company which uses lowered log, and thus enables economical transport without a pilot.

Thru Hulls

All thru-hulls are original Marelon reinforced nylon, which is resistant to corrosion and mechanical damage, and is easy to service and maintain.

All Marelons are fair – not Chinese copys for sure.

Electrical System

Yacht's wiring was made of cables with increased resistance to marine conditions. All tight ends have been completed with shrink glue tubes or/and with clamped closed eyes. In addition, distribution boxes have been installed to enable exchange of the outside pieces of the electrical system.


Chartplotter Garmin with Bluechart maps, with a rapid assembly/disassembly on the steering column and the navigation table.

There is an MP3/CD/FM radio

There is a place at the navigation table with 20 USB sockets to charge all cells and tablets.

There is no TV (for some people an adventage)

Steering Column

It was specifically designed so that all devices are readily available, and ergonomically positioned. However, the column is not visually overwhelming. Steering wheel is suitable for either sitting or standing position.

The engine shifter is positioned in such a way, so that it is easy to maneuver in a standing position without any interference during navigation; jet and rudder control are easy and intuitive to anchor either while standing or sitting; water and fuel level indicators are most crucial during the fill-up so they are located on the column.

Engine ignition, control and exhaust temperature alarm, and the autopilot programmer are at the bottom. Compass is on the top along with depth and wind indicators. There's also an easily detachable chartplotter.

Power Source

The yacht is equipped with two batteries: one starter and one hotel, suitable for deeper discharges.

Batteries are charged from a variety of sources. Smart Charger from Sterling, taking power from the alternator, separates batteries, takes control of all charging scheme, while maintaining the five-level battery charging. Sterling 110/230VAC charger during stay in port, also allows the use of an emergency generator.

High-voltage system is isolated by transformer for internal security and the system is protected by an additional differential current fuse.

During sailing and longer layover, the system is recharged using a solar panel and wind generator, which complement each other. When it is not windy, it is usually sunny, and when it is not sunny, it is often windy. The yacht has RUTLAND wind generator built on with monocrystalline solar panel with a smart charger from both sources.


All lighting on yacht is power efficient LED. Internal and navigation lights (three sector sail, top anchor mast, engine lights, deck lighting on spreaders).


The toilet is equipped with a mechanical kingston (easy to maintain) and a sedentary shower (hygiene), a robust macerating pump, and a sink; there is room for 9 lockers for personal hygiene utensils, and 4 for detergents. 80l of hot water supply gives a great comfort when using both the bathroom and galley.

Outside Shower

With hot/cold water mixer on the transom stern.


Equipped with a stove with oven on gimbals PLASTIMO, refrigerator compressor WEBASTO, sink; suitable to keep cups, 220VAC socket for connecting an electric kettle in port; a convenient place for keeping waste; two large closets for food products and dishes.

A bulwark is made of extremely strong footers fixed with 4 screws on a larger basis, baskets, beads and fittings stainless steel 316L.

Lockers for dishes are above engine – warm and dry


The ability to remove the table at the time of shipping. Under the cockpit there is a nice wardrobe for suits. Berths are wide and comfortable, with a large number of room lockers.

Stern Cabins

Two double comfortable cabins with plenty of lockers and two large wardrobes provide a convenient arrangement.

Cabins are closed with sliding door which doesn't take much space. From the hallway, there is an access to the engine compartment, the technical part of the cockpit and the water and exhaust installation.


Double Berths6
Single Berths2
Length on Deck10.1 meters
DesignerKrzysztof Mackowiak
Drive Transmission DescriptionSail
Dry Weight6500 kilograms
Engine Horse Power24.65
Engine TypeInboard
Fuel Tanks Capacity250 liters
No of Heads1
Water Tanks Capacity830 liters


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