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Largest Yacht in the World and Other Record-Breaking Vessels

In the world of superyachts, size really does matter. Recent years have seen boat builders designing larger and larger yachts to appeal to the increasing number of billionaires emerging throughout the world. As demand for large yachts has grown, designers have come up with numerous creative ways to make their superyachts stand apart from the crowd. So, what is the biggest mega yacht in the world, and what does it look like? Find the answers below. 


What Is the Biggest Yacht in the World?

Currently, the record for biggest private yacht in the world is held by Azzam, which is registered under the United Arab Emirates flag. Built by the Lürssen shipyard in Germany for Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nahyan of Abu Dhabi's royal family, the world's longest yacht measures a staggering 592 feet, 6 inches long and has a gross tonnage of 13136.0 GT. Azzam was delivered to the owner in October 2013 and has held the record for biggest yacht ever since. 


Azzam yacht

Photo credit: Lurssen.com


Building Azzam required one year of engineering and three years of construction, with more than 4,000 workers taking part in the process. It took more than 6 million man-hours to complete the project, with one report saying that had the boat been built by a single person, they would've needed to start building in 1737BC. The gigayacht is said to have cost more than US$500 million.


Engineer and principal designer Mubarak Saad al Ahbabi started with the bare concept of creating a vessel that could travel as fast as possible to the owner’s private island off the coast of Abu Dhabi. He then directed a team of designers and engineers in building what could possibly be the most complex superyacht ever. The result was a balanced and elegant yacht with good proportions and a long, lean shape.


The all-white superyacht is built with an aluminum superstructure, a steel hull, and a teak deck. Originally, designed to be smaller, optimizing the design to comfortably accommodate up to 36 guests and a crew of 80 caused the vessel to grow to its current length. The designers used detailed finite element analysis (FEA) to create the required longitudinal strength.


The challenging exterior design was created by Nauta Yacht Design to feature "balanced, modern architecture composed of straight lines and proportional volumes" according to co-founder Mario Pedol. The result is a sleek vessel with a long, sweeping bow and swept back stern, which makes it appear smaller than it actually is. The forward area is elongated with well-proportioned tiers moving up to the skydeck.


One of the most impressive things about Azzam's design is how fast the superyacht can travel. The yacht uses an innovative water-jet propulsion system that has two fixed jets and two directional jets powered by gas turbines that can propel the craft across the water at more than 30 knots. With its shallow draft, this gives Azzam the ability to operate at high speed in shallow waters. Azzam also has two conventional diesel engines for traveling longer distances and extending its range. On these engines, the vessel could cross the Atlantic Ocean without needing to refuel. 


Inside the Biggest Yacht in the World

There are not many people who know what's inside the biggest yacht in the world. Many of the details about the interior of Azzam remain undisclosed due to the owner’s penchant for privacy. What is known is that the interior style was created by French designer Christophe Leoni, who previously worked on some of the owner's palaces and other residences. Reports state that he brought a similar aesthetic to the interior design of Azzam, as heritage was of prime importance.


Lürssen describes the interior as "inspired by the Empire style of the early 19th century." One of the main style points was adding numerous wood furniture pieces intricately veneered with mother of pearl marquetry. The amount of mother of pearl on the furniture on board is estimated to equate to a year’s worth of worldwide production. The rest of the interior style remains a closely guarded secret.


One of the main features of the vessel is a 95-foot-long main salon in a relaxed French Empire style with no pillars to obstruct the views inside. The beams on the ceiling had to be 1 meter in width to support the design. The main salon is lined with full height windows for an expansive view outside. The glass for the windows was specially engineered in Italy to be fully stormproof and is over 7 centimeters thick. 


Ensuring that the noise and vibration levels are kept to a minimum when the yacht is traveling at full speed took a lot of work. The chandelier in the main salon was reportedly tested in every possible way to ensure it wouldn't tinkle while the boat was underway. Other on-board features include a gym, a pool, and a special golf training room where passengers can practice their swing.


Azzam interior

Photo credit: Megayachtsfan.com


Top Biggest Yachts in the World

Azzam is not the only mega yacht to make a name for itself in recent years. Azzam took the title from Roman Abramovich’s Eclipse, and its reign will end with the expected 2024 delivery of the research and expedition vessel REV, which is said to be slightly larger. To the question of who has the biggest yacht in the world, the answer is complicated because of the many different styles of yachts available. Lürssen already has 67 other superyachts in its lineup, and they are not the only builders making superyachts. Here are some of the other top biggest yachts in the world.


A+ – 147 meters (482.2 feet)

This yacht, an apparent favorite of actor Leonardo DiCaprio who has chartered it multiple times, was launched in 2012 with a gross tonnage of 12,532. Originally called the Topaz, it was designed to hold a total of 62 guests and a crew of 79 people. It is powered by twin Pielstick diesel engines, which allows it to reach a top speed of 25.5 knots, and features dual helicopter landing pads, deck hot tubs, a movie theater, a dance floor, a gym, and a swimming pool. Many of the details about the interior are private.


Topaz superyacht

Photo credit: Wikipedia


El Mahrousa - 145 meters (475.7 feet)

El Mahrousa first launched in 1865 and held the title of biggest yacht in the world for nearly a century. Built by Samuda Bros. of the United Kingdom, it was originally commissioned as the royal yacht for Egypt and was used to take three different Egyptian rulers into exile during its long life. Over the years, it has undergone extensive remodeling to keep up with the times, including having its original paddle wheel replaced with turbine engines in 1905, which was then replaced by diesel fuel system in 1919. It has been lengthened at least twice, first in the 1800s to extend the length by about 12 meters and again in 1905 to add another 5 meters of length.


Al Said – 155 meters (508.5 feet)

This vessel was once part of the squadron of royal yachts of Oman, but it was last sold to Qatar in 2022. It is a massive superyacht with room for 70 guests and a crew capacity of 150. It is one of the widest yachts with a beam of 24 meters, and it has a gross tonnage of 15,850. It is propelled by two diesel engines to a maximum speed of 25.2 knots. This boat is a true standout with a concert hall built for an entire 50-piece symphony along with a movie theater, a swimming pool, and other amenities you’d expect from a boat of this stature.


Al Said superyacht

Photo credit: Wikipedia


Blue – 160 meters (524.9 feet)

Built in Germany and sailing under the Cayman Islands flag, Blue is one of the newer yachts on the list. Launched in 2022, the boat has a top speed of just 20 knots, despite having four diesel-electric engines aboard. Blue was designed to accommodate 48 passengers in 24 guest cabins along with a crew of 80. It also comes equipped with many of the most popular superyacht amenities, like a helipad and a cutting-edge water treatment facility that can convert wastewater into drinking-quality water.


Dilbar – 156 meters (511.8 feet)

First launched in 2015, the Dilbar held the title of biggest yacht in the world by weight for years with a gross tonnage of 15,917. It was built with room for 40 passengers and over 80 crew members. This yacht has the largest swimming pool ever installed in a yacht, measuring half the length of an Olympic swimming pool and holding 47,500 gallons of water. The vessel also has helipads and a custom seven-passenger helicopter. It is powered by diesel-electric engines that help the boat reach a maximum speed of 22.5 knots.


Dilbar_Getty Images

Photo credit: Getty Images


Dubai – 162 meters (531.5 feet)

The Dubai, built by Platinum Yachts, was bought by the government of Dubai and used as a flagship for the city. It was the largest yacht in the world from 2006 until it was surpassed in 2009. It currently serves as a royal yacht for a sheik and features accommodations for 115, including the crew and staff. Its most notable features include a dining room capable of seating 90, a 10-meter swimming pool, a squash court, a movie theater, and a disco. It also has a pair of 10-meter motor boats, 24 water bikes, a submarine, and two "water toy" rooms for things like jet skis. It has a top speed is 26 knots, making it one of the faster mega yachts, and can travel 8,500 nautical miles without refueling.


Eclipse – 162 meters (531.5 feet)

The Eclipse holds the record for being the most expensive yacht in the world, as well as being the third largest. Valued at about US$1.5 billion after extensive upgrades, the Eclipse includes two helipads, a storage hangar for a third aircraft, and a 16-meter swimming pool that can be converted into a dance floor. It also has many technological advances, including bullet-proof glass and anti-paparazzi technology that makes it impossible to take digital photos. It has 18 guest cabins, along with accommodations for about 100 crew members, and travels at a top speed of 22 knots with its four diesel electric engines.


Eclipse yacht


Fulk al Salamah – 164 meters (538 feet)

This royal support vessel for Omanis used to foster relationships with other countries in a diplomatic capacity. Its interior holds an on-board museum filled with Omani art and photos but not a lot of superyacht amenities like hot tubs and pools because it is more of a functional vessel than a pleasure craft. Still, it has room for up to 40 guests and a crew of 100 and can reach a top speed of 16 knots with its diesel-electric engines.


Prince Abdulaziz – 147 meters (482.2 feet)

Once the yacht of the Saudi king, this yacht held the title for both the longest and the tallest yacht in the world for 22 years. Originally launched in 1984, it has gone through three significant renovations, in 1987, 1996, and 2005, to keep it up to date. The boat has room for 64 guests and a crew of at least 60. Two Pielstick diesel generator sets help the vessel reach a top speed of 22 knots. The yacht also features a movie theater, a mosque, and a hospital on board.


Prince Abdulaziz


At Rightboat, we are proud to provide the most up-to-date, accurate information about a wide variety of boat models, including some of the largest yachts available today. Here, you can find many details about any boat you are interested in, including build dates, size, notable features, and any amenities included in the design. Take a look at our listings and find the boat of your dreams today!


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Written By: Toi Williams

Toi grew up in coastal New England, Her parents had a second home on Newfound Lake, in New Hampshire. Because of this, Toi was able to enjoy boating at sea as well as in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire. Today, she regularly wakeboards and waterskis on her Malibu wake surfing boat. She also sailed at sea in Maine, and taken many trips to the Isles of Shoals.

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