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Custom CPN Shipyard K-Yachts 300-1 for sale in Italy for €13,000,000 (£11,189,052)

37 m
€13,000,000 (£11,189,052)
8.3 m
Draft Max
2.3 m
Engine Make
Draft Min
2.0 m
Engine Model
Hull Material
Engine Count
Boat Type
RB Ref
Denison Yacht Sales
Broker Name
Alex G. Clarke
Contact Name
Denison Yachting
001 954.763.3971
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About this Custom CPN Shipyard K-Yachts 300-1

HULL #3 of K-Yachts 300-1 is available with an early 2024 delivery. Sister ship to the award winning K-584 can be customized from the interior decor & layout, exterior deck spaces and styling.

K-YACHTS, the innovative range of motor yachts based on the same philosophy and design of K-584, created by Yachting Expertise after 30 years of building experience. Built in steel and aluminum to a design penned by A. Vallicelli & C. Yacht Design, the K-YACHTS sport a “masculine” exterior with “military flavor” and a red stylized “K” towards the bow.


HULL #3 is available with an early 2024 delivery. This is the sister ship to the award winning K-584 and Hull #3 can be customized by the individual client with everything from the interior decor & layout, exterior deck spaces and styling designed for the buyer.

This is an extremely capable expedition yacht featuring a full displacement steel hull with bulbous bow, aluminum superstructure, twin screw propulsion complimented by superior engineering assuring smooth, quiet, efficient cruising at any speed.

At an economical speed of 10 knots she has an impressive range of 6.000nm while only burning 75 l/h. Increase that speed to 12 knots and you still have a trans-Atlantic range of 3,600nm with a fuel consumption of 150 l/h which remains extremely efficient.

With accommodations for 10 guests + 5 crew this is a practical yacht that is easily managed and grants you access to almost every major port in the world with her length overall of 120ft.

Simplistic, rugged, capable and purposely built K-Yachts model 300-1 is but one model in an impressive line of explorer yachts. Whether you are looking for a larger or smaller expedition yacht with similar design elements please allow K-Yachts to present to you the full line of explorer yachts from 30-50m.

Yacht Overview



Get closer to any destination - Only 2,25 meters max draft at full load


Relax and enjoy cruising - Only 38-42 db of noise level and vibrations below 0.30 mm/s


Her incredibly low consumption allows a 6.000nm range - Only 75 liters per hour at 10,0 knots



Keep the outdoor areas clean, odorless and quiet

The machinery operates at their ideal temperature and crew can operate comfortably


Built in steel and aluminum to a design penned by A. Vallicelli & C. Yacht Design, K-584 sports a “masculine” exterior with “military flavor” and a red stylized “K” towards the bow.

To facilitate the yacht’s upcoming adventures, K-584 carries a 6-metre Tideman tender on her aft deck where a two-tonne HS-Marine crane takes care of launching and retrieving operations. The lower aft deck features a large swim platform with an adjacent fully equipped diving area designed for serious underwater expeditions.

Powered by 2 x MAN D2868 LE 425 engines delivering a top speed of 14.00 knots and a range of 6,000 nautical miles when cruising at 10 knots. Maximum comfort, with noise and vibrations at an incredible low level.

The entire upper deck is dedicated to the owner’s stateroom with a master cabin and a private outdoor terrace offering 360-degree views.

The smooth cruising of K-584 guarantees extremely high comfort for your precious time while relaxing onboard and enjoying your journey in total privacy.

Working closely with the Owners throughout the whole project, Architect Pierluigi Floris signed the “modern but cosy” interior, which can accommodate up to 10 guests across five cabins. 

Walking though the library and the cigar humidor to the gym and yoga area all the way to the VIP Cabin with a Furo bath. Port side directly connected to the crew area and the galley.

Three guest cabins with en-suite bathrooms and a very comfortable crew area amidship with direct access to the engine room and technical areas.

The engine room and the exploration room are directly connected to the crew area for easy access.


Year built 2024

Builder CPN Shipyard of Ancona (Italy)

Naval Architect Antonio Longobardi / Yachting Expertise

Exterior Design A.Vallicelli & C. - Yacht Design

Interior Decoration Architect Pierluigi Floris

Length overall 36.6 m (120’ 1”)

Moulded beam 7.6 m (24’ 11”)

Maximum beam 8.25 m (27’ 1”)

Draft 1.95 m (6’ 5”)

Maximum draft below keel 2.25 m (7’ 5”)

Full load displacement 299 t

Gross tonnage 299 GT

Class RINA Charter Class, short range, DMS, UMS


Hull material Steel

Superstructure material Aluminum Alloy

Accommodation 10 Guests / 5 Crew


Economical speed 10 knots

Cruising speed 12 knots

Maximum speed 14.0 knots

Fuel Consumption/Range at 10 knots 75 l/h ; 6000 nm

Fuel Consumption/Range at 12 knots 150 l/h ; 3600 nm

Fuel Capacity 47500 lt

Fresh water capacity 9500 lt

Gray/Black water capacity 7500 lt

Main Engines 2x MAN D2868 LE425 rated at 588 KW

Main Generators 2x KOHLER 80EFOZDJ rated at 80 KW

Frequency Converter ASEA AC75-3-Q rated at 75 KVA

Noise levels at Owner’s Cabin 40 db(A) at anchor / 45 db(A) underway

Noise levels at Main Saloon 45 db(A) at anchor / 55 db(A) underway

Maximum vibration peak at cruising speed 1.00 mm/s

A Unique Story Of Teamwork Created K 584

C.P.N. S.r.l. was founded in 1999 and is a shipyard operator that designs and builds watercrafts since 2007, totally controlled by the Belardinelli family. High-quality production, mainly in the steel and aluminium, years of intense experience, and the trust they place in the mix between senior managers and young people are values that have always characterized C.P.N. within the shipbuilding industry and created its solid reputation. 

The experience of CPN team working at internationally renowned shipyards means that its young workforce is able to bring together high efficiency in shipbuilding with modern production techniques, while keeping a constant eye on future trends in ship construction and innovative methods.

Lean organization, direct control of workforce, accurate planning, attention to every design detail, and constant control over the production process have made C.P.N. S.r.l. into a dynamic, versatile, reliable, quality-oriented and fully accredited business.

With the leadership of Massimo Beladinelli and his daughter Cristiana their backlog of produced superyachts become second to none.

Yachting Expertise combines the knowledge, experience and passion for superyachts of Gianluca Fenucci and Antonio Longobardi who have been intensively operating in the yachting industry for the last three decades.

Their impressive track record is made by more than 50 semicustom and fully-custom superyacht projects successfully delivered, including several iconic superyachts such as Azzurra, Maracunda, Awal – Alwaeli, Sahab IV, Lady Anne, Numpthia, Mary- Jean II, Kolaha, ISA 470 and 120 series, PhilMi-PhilMx, Silver Wind, Forever One and OKTO.

Yachting Expertise supervised the project management, the naval architecture and the engineering of K-584.

Gianluca Fenucci, managing director of Yachting Expertise, said: “K-584 is a great and unique story of human relationship, ambition, professionalism, respect, intense teamwork and love for our work. Yachting Expertise had the responsibility to keep all these values well balanced and timely deliver a very innovative project that we trust will raise the bar to another level with her personality, elegance and amazing performance.

Brief Technical Details


The subject motor yacht will be designed with a semi displacement round bilge hull, plumped bow, with twin screw propeller and transom stern. The propulsion system shall be composed of two diesel engines, each driven by a fixed pitch propeller through a reduction gear and flexible coupling.

The Yacht shall be equipped with a twin spade rudder plant, one electric bow thruster and a not-retractable stabilizer fin system designed to provide active roll reduction both in underway and ‘at anchor’ condition.

The electric power required for ship service shall be generated by two diesel generators.

The Builder                            C.P.N.

Exterior Designer                   A. Vallicelli & C. Yacht Design

Interior Designer                    TBD

Naval Architecture                  Yachting Expertise

Classification Society             RINA

Flag                                      RED ENSIGN

The yacht shall have four decks, from here called:

• “A” Deck: Lower deck

• “B” Deck: Main deck

• “C” Deck: Upper deck

• “D” Deck: Sun deck


The complement of the vessel shall be in accordance with the GA Plan, as follows:

Owner's party

• N. 1 Owner's suite

• N. 4 Guest cabins

Ship's complement

• N. 1 Captain cabin with a double size bed

• N. 2 Crew's cabins with two beds each


Main dimensions:

- Length overall (at bow bulbous)       36.60m

- Length at water line.                         34.45m

- Breadth moulded                              7.60m

- Breadth max (at wing station)           8.25m

- Depth moulded                                  3.80m

- Gross tonnage                                   299gt

Full load displacement:

- Light displacement                             237t

- Fuel oil                                                39t

- Lube oil                                               1t     

- Fresh water tanks                               9.5t

- Crew/Passengers/Effects                    3t

- Provisions                                            3t

- Ship store (Owner’s Supply)                5t

- Other liquid (Sw,Bilge/Sludge)             1.5t

- Full load displacement                         299t

- Draft at full load (from B.L.)                 1.95m

- Draft at full load (below skeg)              2.25m

Trial displacement:

- Light displacement                               237t

- Fuel oil                                                  9.5t

- Lube oil                                                 1t

- Fresh water tanks                                 4.5t

- Crew/Passengers/Effects                      3t

- Provisions                                             1.5t

- Ship store (Owner’s Supply)                 5t

- Trial displacement                                 271.5t

Tank capacity:

- Fuel oil tanks                                        47,500 litres 

- Dirty oil tank                                          0,650 litres 

- New oil tank                                          0,800 litres 

- Fresh water tank                                   9,500 litres 

- Grey/Black water tanks                         7,500 litres 

- Sludge tank                                           0,900 litres 

- Bilge tank                                              2,200 litres 


The yacht shall be equipped with two resilient mounted diesel engines model MAN D2868 LE425 rated at 588 KW @ 2100 rpm, complying with applicable resolution on exhaust gas emission.


The yacht shall be equipped with two diesel generators model Kohler 80EFOZDJ by 80ekW 400 VAC 50 Hz at 1500 rpm; the generators shall be ready for automatic parallel and the diesel engine shall be in compliance with the applicable resolution on exhaust gas emission. Each of the main generators shall be capable to satisfy the ship necessities, under normal operation.


The yacht shall be designed for the following speed at trial displacement:

• maximum speed of 14.0 knots with Main Engine at 100% of MCR

• cruising speed of 12.0 knots with Main Engine at 50% of MCR

• economical speed of 10 knots

The range of the ship at the trial displacement shall be as follows:

• 3600 miles at cruising speed

• 6000 miles at economical speed


The following noise levels at anchor and cruising speed condition shall be not exceed:

Anchor condition

- External aft main and upper decks        60 db(A)

- Guest cabins                                          40 db(A)

- Crew cabins                                            50 db(A)

- Owner suite                                             40 db(A)

- Living rooms, saloon                               45 db(A)

- Wheelhouse                                            50 db(A)

Cruising speed

- External aft main and upper decks         70 db(A)

- Guest cabins                                           52 db(A)

- Crew cabins                                            58 db(A)

- Owner suite                                            45 db(A)

- Living rooms, saloon                               55 db(A)

- Wheelhouse                                            55 db(A)


The yacht, including its machinery, equipment and outfitting, will be constructed in accordance with the rules and regulations of Registro Italiano Navale for classification of charter yacht and in compliance with REG CODE Part.A.

The following class notation shall be assigned:


The hull form shall be of bilge round type with level keel, good dead rise, transom stern and plumped shape bow and bow bulbous. The hull shall be also fitted with a skeg having adequate strength for docking purposes. The hull shall be built in high tensile steel.


The structure above the main hull deck shall be of sea water resistant aluminium alloy construction and shall include external and internal deck casings and decks.


All preparation of surfaces and application of coating materials shall be made in accordance with product manufacturer’s recommendations instructions.

The hull top side and superstructure shall be faired and painted to Boero® or Awlgrip® system, with white top coat colour at Owner’s choice.


An Heinen & Hopman® air conditioning plant shall be realized with centralized units, suitable to provide the best efficiency for a vessel of this type. All living quarters and interior spaces shall be provided with fan-coil units that receive their fresh air through fresh air units. All sanitary spaces shall be provided with forced exhaust ventilation.

The air conditioning system shall be designed and installed with the purpose of providing the maximum comfort of the guests and crew through the control of: temperature, humidity, air purity and velocity.

The plant shall de designed to meet the following ambient conditions:

Summer Outside Inside

Temperature dry bulb 34°C max 21° ± 1°C

Relative humidity 85% max 55% ± 5%

Sea water temperature 32°C max


Temperature dry bulb -3°C min 20° ± 1°C

Relative Humidity 90% max 45% ± 5%

Sea water temperature 4°C min


The engine room shall be fitted with two supply fans with control switch locally and in the engine room. The system shall ensure that cool air is provided to the air inlets of all combustion machinery, to ensure that engines do not de-rate because of high inlet air temperature.

The heat load from the engine room will be eliminated by an internal cooling system. This system consist of four chilled water cooled cooling units, which are connected to the accommodation chilled water system.


Two electrically driven vertical anchor windlasses made by Opem Sistemi® complete with galvanised steel chain lifter and polished stainless steel warping head shall be provided.


Two electrically driven capstans made by Opem Sistemi® with under deck motors and gear case and with a polished stainless steel warping head shall be fitted on the aft deck, on each side, on properly re-enforced seats.


One set of electric driven non retractable type anti-rolling fins made by CMC MARINE® shall be provided. The fins construction shall be in steel and fiberglass.


A bow thruster unit shall be installed in a transverse tunnel in a suitable location in the stem forefoot.

The unit shall be manufactured by an electric motor of 52 kW, turning a twin fixed pitch screw propellers.


One Opem Sistemi® electro-hydraulic and assisted steering gear shall be provided to allow the rudders to be drive by two hydraulic actuator cylinders, connected to the tillers.

The two tillers shall be cross connected.

The emergency hydraulic steering by the hand pump is also foreseen.


One electro-hydraulic telescopic retractable stern gangway will be fitted, at transom starboard side under the main deck. The gangway should have at least a clear width of at least 600 mm between the handrails and a suitable length to be deployed of at least 2.4 meter over the stern platform. The gangway shall be of aluminium alloy construction with teak treads, lighting and grating complete with out-board rubber wheels and portable polished stainless steel  handrails. The gangway shall have tilting capabilities (approximately 15° both up and down) and a facility to support door bell cable.


The accommodation layout will be according with the general arrangement drawing. The interior of the vessel is based on the premise that the design shall be of a common and uniform style in detail and construction throughout all areas. The exception being the crew area, which shall be somewhat simpler, none the less, no lowering standards of construction, plumbing, lighting or finish shall be accepted. The Interior construction standard are refenced to Motor Yacht “K 584” built by C.P.N.

In the layout of the spaces and the various services, every possible advantage shall be taken of the available space and the various fittings are disposed and fitted in the most efficient manner. Fittings and items of equipment, which require ready access for operation or maintenance, shall be placed in positions so that access is secured without undue disturbance of other fittings in the immediate vicinity. Where it is necessary for maintenance of plant and concealed systems, secret detachable panels shall be installed.


All the exterior decks and stairs, excluding foredeck and sun deck, will be planked in natural teak having a finished thickness of 12 mm.

Teak shall be of first quality and it shall be well laid out with margin planks and the planking following the curve of the gunwale and checked into a king plank. The teak planks used shall be not less than 3.0 meters long and 60 mm wide.


The whole of the electrical installation shall be designed, installed and tested in accordance with the Classification Society requirements and shall be of a type proven satisfactory for marine use. The installation shall be splash proof in the interior and totally waterproof in the exterior areas. All cables shall be numbered and marked on a proper drawing.

The performance/rating of electrical equipment shall be determined on the basis of:

- Sea water temperature 32 °C

- Engine room ambient air temperature 45 °C

Consideration shall be given, in the selection of electrical/electronic equipment, to the ambient temperatures to be encountered when the yacht is not in use and without power. Care shall be taken with the selection and location of electrical equipment to ensure adequate protection against damage in service from water, steam, oil, humidity, vibration. Equipment should be arranged so as to facilitate easy access for maintenance.

The ship’s Electric Generating Plant (EGP) shall consist of:

  •  Two (2) diesel driven main generators Kohler 80EFOZDJ by 80 eKW
  •   24 VDC Emergency batteries
  •   One (1) Shore Power Converter by 75 KVA


The shore power shall run through a air cooled ASEA POWER® frequency converter of

75 KVA, installed in the engine room space, with the following main characteristics:

Model        AC75/3-Q

Power       75 KVA / 60 kW

Input         3 phase, 180/520 VAC, 50-60 Hz

Output      3 phase, 400 VAC – 50 Hz


An alarms, monitoring and control system shall be installed on board in accordance with Classification Society requirements and class notation. The system shall consist of:

• one main station in the crew mess, with 17” LCD monitor;

• one main station on the bridge, with 17” LCD monitor;

• one repeater panel in the storage area

The Monitoring and Control systems shall be designed to interface with most of the electrical devices onboard. The electrical signals are gathered and delivered to the main processor through a CAN bus network, then routed to the LCD displays connected by an Ethernet link, and then presented on the screen, in order to allow the user getting all the available information at a glance.

The user can also remotely operate the devices by means of the touch-screen integrated in the display units as far as allowed by the UMS notation.


Cruising Speed12 knots
DesignerA.Vallicelli & C. Yacht Design
Displacement(kgs)271248.24 kilograms
Drive Transmission DescriptionDirect
Engine Horse Power1600.0
Engine Year2023
Engine LocationStarboard
Engine TypeInboard
Fuel Tanks Capacity47500 liters
No of Heads6
Holding Tanks Capacity7500 liters
Hull TypeDisplacement
Max Speed Knots14
Water Tanks Capacity9500 liters


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Benetti Crystal 140 for sale in Croatia for €14,900,000 (£12,824,375)

BENETTI Crystal 140 for sale, Croatia

Length: 42 m
Year: 2015
£12,824,375Tax paid